A Short & Sweet Daily Mantra

This little morning mantra was delivered during a Reiki session. It offers a daily boost for anyone working in the healing arts, medicine, counseling, therapy, or any other profession in service to others. Best served with coffee or tea! “For one more day, I offer my hands and heart as a perfect and true extensionContinue reading “A Short & Sweet Daily Mantra”

Imagine if Natural Cures Were Illegal!

Oh, wait! They ARE illegal! Here in the USA, anyway. And WHY are natural cures illegal?! Because the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is run by the same individuals who have served or will serve on the boards of directors at huge pharmaceutical companies. Those companies and individuals would have a much harder timeContinue reading “Imagine if Natural Cures Were Illegal!”

COVID Vaccine Mandates Are Driven by Fear

Meanwhile, the unvaccinated are roaming around without much apparent worry. If you were one of the folks who rushed out to get an experimental COVID19 jab, here’s a sincere question: Did you expect (or at least hope) it would offer good protection against COVID? Wasn’t that the whole point of getting a vaccine to beginContinue reading “COVID Vaccine Mandates Are Driven by Fear”

How We Know the Vaccine is a Huge Success!!

HOW WE KNOW THE COVID-19 EXPERIMENTAL VACCINES ARE A HUGE SUCCESS: First of all, because “vaccination” doesn’t prevent COVID transmission; …and it doesn’t prevent COVID infection; …and it doesn’t prevent COVID death. So far, so good, right? Moving on:Because severity of subsequent COVID-19 infection increases over time, post-injection, according to Pfizer study documentation….Yes, INcreases. BecauseContinue reading “How We Know the Vaccine is a Huge Success!!”

The Key to Save Humanity

Why does humanity need saving? Arguably there’s a long list, but it boils down to this: People are waiting for their “leaders” to do the right thing, believing that things will improve for the rest of us without any real effort or fundamental change on our part. Meanwhile, power in society creeps nearer and nearerContinue reading “The Key to Save Humanity”

To Jab, or Not To Jab?

Ain’t it a bitch. Today we’re all witnessing massive social pressure FOR and AGAINST these experimental COVID19 shots. Here’s why: It’s possible to make an argument for the experimental jab. It’s also possible to make an argument against it. It really depends on how you look at the available data. It also depends on howContinue reading “To Jab, or Not To Jab?”

How I Stop A Virus Quickly

Based on data, independent news, and stories from friends, family, and coworkers, it’s now obvious that the so-called vaccines don’t do much against COVID19. Hear me out. It’s fine. You’ll be fine. I don’t downplay the virus, but I’m not a screaming drama queen about it either. It can kill people, but cancer is stillContinue reading “How I Stop A Virus Quickly”