How We Know the Vaccine is a Huge Success!!

HOW WE KNOW THE COVID-19 EXPERIMENTAL VACCINES ARE A HUGE SUCCESS: First of all, because “vaccination” doesn’t prevent COVID transmission; …and it doesn’t prevent COVID infection; …and it doesn’t prevent COVID death. So far, so good, right? Moving on:Because severity of subsequent COVID-19 infection increases over time, post-injection, according to Pfizer study documentation….Yes, INcreases. BecauseContinue reading “How We Know the Vaccine is a Huge Success!!”

The Key to Save Humanity

Why does humanity need saving? Arguably there’s a long list, but it boils down to this: People are waiting for their “leaders” to do the right thing, believing that things will improve for the rest of us without any real effort or fundamental change on our part. Meanwhile, power in society creeps nearer and nearerContinue reading “The Key to Save Humanity”

To Jab, or Not To Jab?

Ain’t it a bitch. Today we’re all witnessing massive social pressure FOR and AGAINST these experimental COVID19 shots. Here’s why: It’s possible to make an argument for the experimental jab. It’s also possible to make an argument against it. It really depends on how you look at the available data. It also depends on howContinue reading “To Jab, or Not To Jab?”

How I Stop A Virus Quickly

Based on data, independent news, and stories from friends, family, and coworkers, it’s now obvious that the so-called vaccines don’t do much against COVID19. Hear me out. It’s fine. You’ll be fine. I don’t downplay the virus, but I’m not a screaming drama queen about it either. It can kill people, but cancer is stillContinue reading “How I Stop A Virus Quickly”

The Energetic Truths of War (praying for Afghanistan, again)

Many Americans today are aghast at the situation in Afghanistan. Our military seems to have exited with the least grace imaginable; I don’t know. I’m not going to pretend to understand the situation with particular clarity. I pray for everyone involved. Yes, including the Taliban. For you Christians, this is a “What would Jesus do?”Continue reading “The Energetic Truths of War (praying for Afghanistan, again)”

A Brief Discussion of Therapy, Coaching, and Reiki

Let’s say you’re in a rut, or feeling a bit stuck. How do you know whether therapy, coaching, or Reiki will benefit you? Let’s compare the three: Therapy can help you understand your own internal processes so you can rise above your current level of function and self-awareness. It’s a great way to change howContinue reading “A Brief Discussion of Therapy, Coaching, and Reiki”

A Short List of Things (About the Plandemic) You Disturbingly Can’t Post On Facebook

Here’s a list of some facts about COVID19 you either cannot post at all, or things that are soft-censored & down-ranked so hard that no amount of scrolling will ever reveal them to mortal eyes… 1) Any science which suggests we shouldn’t be 200% terrified of COVID19. 2) Any science which suggests coronavirus vaccines haveContinue reading “A Short List of Things (About the Plandemic) You Disturbingly Can’t Post On Facebook”

Experts v. Coaches

Sometimes you need an expert. Sometimes you need a coach. The difference? AN EXPERT helps you gather information about the wide world. A COACH helps you use that information- along with your own experience, knowledge, and wisdom- to move yourself forward. Sometimes it’s nice to have both. These days, there’s an expert lurking around everyContinue reading “Experts v. Coaches”