Censorship Global

Oh man! I almost feel like I’ve joined the ranks of elite independent journalists & Truthers. Almost. YouTube (YT) has sent me several notices over the past few months, saying they’d Age-Restricted my content. Let me explain why this matters. The videos they flagged all dealt with healing cancer naturally. Cancer is a huge money-makerContinue reading “Censorship Global”

COVID Vaccine Logic and the (un)Importance of Herd Immunity

Hi. My name’s Brandon, and I’m pro-vaccine freedom. You shouldn’t be afraid of me. here’s why: https://www.brighteon.com/baf75ef0-2714-4ec8-9692-aad9a21974b7 Please follow the link to view on Brighteon. This type of video doesn’t typically survive long on YouTube due to censorship. “Welcome to the New World.” Take care of your body and soul, and have a great day!