Reiki :

Our body has a subtle energy system which influences our thoughts, emotions, and even our physical well-being.

Reiki balances this energy.

Some benefits:
– sense of calm
– clarity of focus
– reduced pain
– healing in relationships
– stronger spiritual connection

Receiving Reiki is peaceful and uplifting. I offer Distant Reiki or Direct Reiki, depending on your needs & location.

Distant Reiki is done by phone and takes approximately 30 minutes of your time. You’ll receive a written report with insights and suggestions to keep your energy system strong and balanced.

Direct Reiki is a refreshingly down-to-earth experience. Feel free to ask questions and converse as the Reiki balances your energies.

Yes, I offer Reiki for pets! Reiki is a great way to “ask” animals how they feel…and get some insight into how we can keep them comfortable and happy.

Please book by phone so I can match you with the best option – and answer any questions.

(814) 441-9876

$85 / session
$45 / pet Reiki
Available worldwide