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Treat your Higher Self…

What Reiki Is:

Intertwined with your physical body is an energetic body…you may call it the “spirit”, “soul”, or “higher self”. As you journey through life, remember you are not only experiencing every moment physically, but also spiritually.

Reiki is the art of gently releasing the heaviest energies you’ve been holding….whether those energies were the result of your own experience, or external energies you sponged from others.

When these energies are cleared, your energetic body returns to balance. For most people, the effect is noticeable and immediate.

Common Benefits:

– A sense of peace

– Reduced physical pain, inflammation, & tension

– Heightened awareness

– A fresh perspective on the important people and situations in your life

– Renewed faith

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Adult Direct – $95
Adult Remote – $105
Child – $55
Pet – $55

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