Reiki :

– changes our perspective
– calms and centers us
– helps us look within
– helps us look around
– teaches
– heals
– focuses
– deepens our spiritual connection
– gently moves us forward

In addition to the observable physical body, we also have an energy body with its own distinct systems and pathways. Reiki allows us to re-balance that energy body, sweeping away any blocks or destructive patterns. This has obvious effects on our physical experience.

A Reiki session is a peaceful yet profound experience. You will leave your Reiki session feeling refreshed, uplifted, and centered, ready to embrace the next moment with renewed joy and awe.

In a way, Reiki is similar to acupuncture, except there is no touching in a Reiki session. In fact, Reiki can be done over great distances (if you think that sort of thing is impossible, consider the fact that your cell phone works).

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