Are you REALLY an atheist?

I’m up late for no particular reason here again, and I’ve been wanting to put this out there for a while… but…are you really an atheist? Or an agnostic, for that matter? Are you sure?? REASON I ASK IS In our culture we define “God” using far too narrow a focus. IMHO. We confuse religionContinue reading “Are you REALLY an atheist?”

Five Ways to Take Back Your Power

1. Practice saying “No”. 2. Consciously devote your energy and time to things that fill you up. 3. Learn to separate your own emotions from the emotions of those around you. Don’t allow yourself to be swept up by fear or hype. Check in to ask “Is this truly how I feel?”. 4. Be yourContinue reading “Five Ways to Take Back Your Power”

“Trust the Science”: An Informal Review of Official Pandemic Bullshit

This post is for everyone who noticed the sad irony of tired phrases like “Trust the Science” during the so-called pandemic. (For what it’s worth, I’m a scientist…do you automatically trust me?) Are you just going to believe everything I type from here on out? No? Really? Good. Because here’s the deal: Scientists are aContinue reading ““Trust the Science”: An Informal Review of Official Pandemic Bullshit”

Considering Radiation Therapy for Cancer?

Here are some things you’ll want to consider. The prospect of radiation therapy for cancer can be daunting and even frightening. Beyond the potential for short- and long-term health complications, there’s also a substantial time commitment involved. Radiation therapy is often administered across multiple sessions per week, for multiple weeks. In any decision about healthContinue reading “Considering Radiation Therapy for Cancer?”

One More about the War

Hi Again, I’m on a tangent from health-related matters, sort of, to talk about this whole Ukraine & Russia scenario. But maybe it’s not a tangent. There IS such thing as spiritual healing, and spiritual evolution. Through that lens, I suppose war IS on-topic for a website concerned with healing. I chimed in with theContinue reading “One More about the War”

I’m Still Pro-Military (and still Anti-War)

As we sit on the edge of yet another armed conflict between nations, let’s express a seldom-spoken yet often felt Sense of Knowing. Like most people, I happen to view military personnel as heroic because they’re “willing to die for their country”. However:For as long as that continues to be our only belief, we’ll continueContinue reading “I’m Still Pro-Military (and still Anti-War)”

Open Letter to People Pretending to be Anti-War (because it’s popular right now on social media)

Apparently, Russia has attacked many targets across Ukraine. That much seems to be true. Once again the mainstream media has been caught misrepresenting reality. See here, here, here, here, and here for a sampling. It’s tough to know what’s actually going on when it comes to war or anything else- especially overseas- because the newsContinue reading “Open Letter to People Pretending to be Anti-War (because it’s popular right now on social media)”

Nine Year Old Girl Arrested in NYC for Not Showing Her Papers

An open letter to Police, Military, and all other current & former Law Enforcement: Lots of you are doing phenomenal work every single moment. Thank you. Meanwhile, the NYPD apparently just arrested a nine year old girl (video link) for going to a museum without showing her papers. “Just following orders” and “just upholding theContinue reading “Nine Year Old Girl Arrested in NYC for Not Showing Her Papers”

A Short & Sweet Daily Mantra

This little morning mantra was delivered during a Reiki session. It offers a daily boost for anyone working in the healing arts, medicine, counseling, therapy, or any other profession in service to others. Best served with coffee or tea! “For one more day, I offer my hands and heart as a perfect and true extensionContinue reading “A Short & Sweet Daily Mantra”