Small Teams Workshop

Whether your team is successful or struggling (or both), there’s always room for improvement. The question is: what’s holding you back?

The Small Teams Workshop is for any team that encounters occasional kinks, glitches, slow-downs, or even total breakdowns. We’ll walk you through a system to discover why these things happen.

Then we’ll help you create practical solutions that actually work.

The Small Teams Workshop is a group exercise that works on several unique levels:

  1. Team members are invited to voice frustrations
  2. Gripes become goals
  3. Each participant walks away with a higher perspective
  4. Each participant walks away with a plan

Unlike other team building activities, this one leaves you with a blueprint for success.

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The Process

The process is nothing fancy; just a basic system that works. The exact flow is a little different every time. We usually begin with a guided team conversation to set objectives, and end with a wrap-up discussion.

And in between? Whatever it takes! We use a combination of breakout groups and one-on-one sessions to discover the team’s best way forward.

We can also provide follow-up insights to assist your team’s progress.

Pricing / Scheduling

Available upon request.

Additional Info

Number of Participants:

The Small Teams Workshop is highly effective for teams of 3 to 11 members. If you have a larger group, we’ll help you break into smaller teams when you schedule.

Important Note:

We recommend reserving an entire day for this workshop. Participants usually have free time between workshop activities.

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This is an event that’s vastly different- but vastly relevant- every single time. Your team will shape its own journey.