To the Incurable:

To the incurable:
Are you so sure?

What isn’t cured is often healed.

“Curing” is by definition limited to medical intervention.

If you have a cut, a cure in the form of stitches or glue may help, but healing ultimately does the actual mending.

Your body heals independently & naturally, by the grace of the divine and by your own will, with some help from Mother Earth.

So next time someone says “incurable”, you may want to gently correct them. This word isn’t anything but a limiting belief. It sounds scientific, definitive, authoritative, and final… but it’s not.

Ah. The power of belief is such that, if you believe it, it’s true for you.

So my first challenge is convincing the so-called “incurable” of another truth:

You are always healing.

Earth Scientist, Holistic Cancer Consultant, Reiki

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