Cancer Coaching

Just consider for a moment what comes to mind
when someone hears the phrase, “fighting cancer”:

– stress reduction
– detoxification
– practical lifestyle and wellness goals
– strategic meal planning
– holistic healing techniques
– functional and integrative medicine
– heightened self-awareness
– empowerment

nothing on that list comes to mind, right?
Stop and ponder that for a minute.

This may one of our biggest problems (probably right behind fear) when it comes to cancer. Trying to improve your health without using any of the tools listed above is like refusing to take a calculator to the particle physics exam, or wearing high heels to the marathon: you can still succeed, but you’re definitely doing it the hard way.

Holistic cancer coaches help people identify any major gaps in their approach to overcoming cancer.  Then, we create an action plan to close those gaps. The plan is modified over time as circumstances change.

Few things are more fulfilling than explaining to someone that there are in fact so many ways to approach cancer that the challenge becomes less a fear-fueled struggle, and more a matter of profound personal choice.

If you’d like to get started with a holistic coach, or just have a cancer-related question, feel welcome to contact me.

You’ll be working with:
– Certified Holistic Cancer Coach
– independent life coach
– career scientist

All cancer coaching currently offered free. Donations appreciated.

How is coaching different from medical services?

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