What usually comes to mind when someone hears the phrase, “fighting cancer“?

– practical lifestyle and wellness plans
– stress reduction
– detoxification
– strategic meal planning
– holistic healing
– functional medicine
– heightened self-awareness
– personal empowerment

Unfortunately, many people wouldn’t dream of a single thing on this list.

Working to improve your health without these tools is like refusing to take a calculator to the physics exam, or wearing high heels to the marathon: you can still succeed, but you’re definitely doing it the hard way.

Why pull your punches?

My goal is to help you identify any gaps- great or small- in your current approach to overcoming cancer.  Then together, we create a plan to close those gaps. We modify the plan over time as circumstances change.

No matter where you are on this road, working with a holistic coach tips the scales in your favor. Each challenge you face becomes less a fear-fueled struggle, and more a matter of profound personal choice.

If you’re curious to learn how cancer coaching works, or just want to ask any cancer-related question, you’re very welcome to contact me.

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with cancer, you’ve probably noticed this phenomenon: Everyone and their talking pet goat comes out of the woodwork to offer their own well-meaning advice! This can be a good thing, and this can be completely overwhelming! So, when you coach with me, one of my first priorities is to help you sift through all that loving noise to find out what truly resonates with you. You are the world’s leading expert on you. Let’s use that fact to your advantage.

You’ll be working with:
– a career science consultant
– an independent life coach
– a Certified Holistic Cancer Coach

Newly diagnosed?

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