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Fact: There are natural and holistic healing techniques which can slow, stop, and even reverse cancer.

Some are based on diet & lifestyle change. Others, plant medicine. Others, natural detoxification. Others would be considered Integrative Medicine. And they can be used in concert. However, most of these techniques are completely ignored by the conventional medical industry, which focuses on radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, and immunotherapy. Medicine has its benefits. However, using only what’s being offered by the typical oncologist is like using only a hammer to build a house: You would be doing it the hard way.

A former president of the German Society of Oncology (one of my heroes in science) noted that many “weak-acting” natural approaches “have performed better than many a powerfully promoted chemotherapeutic agent”. For better or worse, I believe this is still true today.

I hope you will choose to balance medical techniques with a full complement of natural healing.

  • evaluate a wider range of options
  • choose effective solutions that fit your budget and lifestyle
  • decrease unwanted side effects from conventional therapies
  • reduce uncertainty, fear, and stress
  • ensure that you are literally fighting cancer in your sleep
  • start healing on every level (physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual)

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“The chemo nurse said that my immune system is good and not compromised at all! So….I have you to thank for your suggestions and guidance because I am convinced I would not be doing so well without your help.”

What is cancer, really?
FYI- Cancer is literally the weakest thing in your entire body.


$50 suggested donation

Includes the following:

  • one coaching session
  • an updated personal action plan
  • suggestions and referrals for other services as needed
  • ongoing communication to help you stay focused, encouraged, and confident

I do not turn anyone away for this service, because it is my passion and I can afford it. Pay only what you are comfortable paying.

The Specifics:

I help you quickly discover and choose the tools & healing techniques that will work best for you. As your needs change, so will your plan.

This is NOT a one-size-fits-all program, or a specific anti-cancer diet. There are some great ones out there, honestly, and who knows- maybe you’ll decide to use one! But what worked for one person doesn’t necessarily work for the next.

(So no, I’m not just another hemp oil salesman.)

After each session, you’ll receive a follow-up email with the major points we discussed.

You’ll have continuous support, and of course everything we discuss is confidential.

Available worldwide.

If you are dealing with “advanced” or “tricky” cancer, this is for you.

If you are dealing with “incurable” cancer, this is especially for you. Remember: what can’t be cured can often still be healed. Those two words mean very different things.

The moment you decide to become an active participant in your own healing, you are healing. It’s a choice.

Call 814-441-9876 to begin.

In the Pittsburgh Region?
You can book this service in-person at the Soul Spa

Why I Do This:

What feels like a lifetime ago I asked an oncologist, “What’s the mechanism of action of this chemo you’re prescribing”?

(My mother was his patient)

He replied, “We don’t know…nobody really knows”.

That was a defining moment for me.

The mechanism of action is listed on the official prescribing information for a drug. How did he not know? I wasn’t trying to catch this guy dressed up as a doctor in a “gotcha!” moment. I was just taking the opportunity to learn what I could from the expert.

In retrospect, “the expert” was too busy making money off of sick, desperate, and frightened patients to learn the basics about the tools he was using (or the disease he was treating for that matter). So I researched it myself, later.

It shouldn’t happen that way.

I want to convey the sense of hopelessness that is compounded by doctors who lack the empathy, intelligence and compassion required to give truthful answers to simple questions. With life-and-death consequences.

This is one of those tiny, huge things that stands in the way of a full, swift, and EASY recovery for many people facing cancer. On the positive side, there’s WELL-FOUNDED HOPE out there, but only if you know where to look….and that’s only going to happen if you are being advised by someone who A) knows, and B) cares. Or if you have the time and skill for some very swift, extremely accurate research. Even then, it’s nice to have help.

This… and a hundred other reasons… is why I’ll continue. There’s almost no market for it, partly because the entire health mismanagement system is stacked against it. But I’m here. To empower the disempowered.

I’ll be honored to help you find your best path.

– Brandon, Path Life Coaching
Career Scientist, Certified Holistic Cancer Coach, Reiki Master / Teacher