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Holistic Cancer Coaching & Consulting

There’s a lot of information out there about cancer. Some of it is great; some of it is misleading or plain wrong. You can’t rely solely on medical professionals to teach you everything you need to know- especially in the realm of natural and alternative healing (which most oncologists simply do not study, as they have other ways to fry this fish). As a result, it’s hard to come up to speed quickly on all your options.

Then there’s the problem of information overload. Friends, family & coworkers start appearing out of nowhere to offer well-meaning advice. It’s loving, but it can be overwhelming.

This leaves a lot of people with cancer trying to manage already hectic lives as they make quick, life-affecting decisions without enough support.

All of this can stand in the way of a successful journey through cancer.

This is why I started Path Life Coaching. To help you build a quiet space in the midst of chaos….then create your best path forward.

To get started either call or book a session using this link.

The Specifics:

I use a combination of mentoring & coaching to help you identify the healing techniques which work best for your specific circumstances. As your needs change, so does the plan.

I do not advise on medical matters; rather, I educate and empower people to make their best decisions. The service you receive from medical professionals becomes part of your complete plan for well-being. In other words, this is not “either-or.” This is: “Let’s take the best tools available and use them to perfection.”

After each session, you’ll receive a follow-up email with the major points discussed.

You’ll have my full and continuous support, and everything we discuss is confidential.

All of my services are available worldwide via Zoom.

I help people:
  • explore all of their options (medical & non-medical)
  • choose consciously & confidently
  • find effective solutions which align with their budget & lifestyle
  • learn how to reduce side effects from conventional therapies
  • eliminate uncertainty, fear, & stress
  • heal not only physically, but also emotionally & spiritually
  • take an active role in their own healing


$100 – cost of session includes the following:

  • one coaching session (face to face or via Zoom)
  • an updated or new personal action plan
  • suggestions and referrals for other services as needed
  • ongoing communication to help you stay focused, encouraged, and confident

“Who should use this service?”

When you are first diagnosed, concerned about recurrence, or at an important crossroads, that’s a very good time to have a coach.

If you are dealing with “advanced” or “tricky” cancer, this is for you.

If you are dealing with so-called “incurable” cancer, this is especially for you. Remember: what can’t be cured can often still be healed. These two words mean very different things.

When you are feeling uncertain, a session can help you easily choose a way forward.

“The chemo nurse said that my immune system is good and not compromised at all! So….I have you to thank for your suggestions and guidance because I am convinced I would not be doing so well without your help“.

– B.H.

I’ll be honored to help you find your best path. Here’s a little more about me and why I do this.

– Brandon, Path Life Coaching
Career Earth Scientist, Certified Holistic Cancer Coach, Practicing Reiki Master / Teacher