Cancer Coaching

I help my clients identify any gaps in their personal approach to healing.

Then working together, we create a plan to close those gaps.

Coaching can help you:

  • evaluate and select a medical treatment plan
  • increase the effectiveness of that plan
  • minimize side-effects
  • naturally strengthen your immune system
  • embrace a positive mindset
  • work past any major doubts or fears
  • feel less stressed
  • heal on an energetic and spiritual level
  • boost your body’s many natural defenses
  • evaluate and select alternative or integrative treatments
  • or best yet…avoid getting a diagnosis in the first place!

It’s great to have a coach when you are:

  • newly diagnosed
  • seeking information
  • dealing with advanced or metastatic cancer
  • interested in a more complete approach to healing
  • considering whether to avoid or accept conventional treatment
  • experiencing adverse effects of treatment
  • facing any major decision

Still don’t think you want a cancer coach…?

This 2008 science review indicates that 90 percent of cancer deaths could be avoided through diet and lifestyle modification. That should be great news, except here we are, ten years later, and the importance of diet and lifestyle modification is still vastly underappreciated by most people- including most of the medical field.

If you’re curious to learn exactly how holistic coaching works, would like to schedule, or just want to ask a question, contact me. Or continue forward by reading some Holistic Coaching Specifics.

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