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Years ago, my mother was diagnosed with advanced multiple myeloma...

I soon learned there are many things each of us do to either speed up or slow down cancer growth in our own bodies. And our medical system was completely ignoring this.

I was stunned.

Ready to create your best path through any cancer-related challenge?

  • evaluate and select your best treatment plan
  • get better results
  • minimize side-effects
  • manage fear & stress
  • heal more naturally
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“The chemo nurse said that my immune system is good and not compromised at all! So….I have you to thank for your suggestions and guidance because I am convinced I would not be doing so well without your help.”

There are hundreds of tools available to help us heal!
Learn to use them.
Do you even know what you’re fighting?

“But will this actually benefit me?”

The short answer is “Yes, 100%”. Everyone who faces a serious cancer-related challenge should be working with a holistic coach. Period.

It may also help to take a quick look at the Basic Action Plan and other resources offered on this website.

Whatever you decide to do, I wish you success.


– Brandon Novogradac
Career Scientist, Certified Holistic Cancer Coach, Reiki master

Note: I do not help anyone “cure”, “treat”, “diagnose”, or “prevent” any disease. I do not offer any medical advice. I’m a private science consultant with knowledge of cancer, biology, and related healing techniques. It is healing which ultimately makes us well.

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