Cancer Coaching

A cancer diagnosis can be an onslaught. In the midst of it, coaching sessions create a space for people to process their thoughts, emotions, and ideas.

Beyond that, coaching is a great way to look at what you already know- possibly tying in additional information- to make your best possible plan.

And move forward.

This is about action.

Coaching will help you:

  • easily evaluate treatment options
  • increase the effectiveness of any treatment
  • minimize any side effects
  • naturally strengthen immunity
  • keep a positive mindset
  • fight cancer in your sleep- literally
  • heal on multiple levels (physical, emotional, and spiritual)

This 2008 science review emphasizes the effect of diet and lifestyle on cancer. Did you know, for instance, that fasting can have anti-cancer effects?

You probably have far more control over your own health than you (or your doctors) would believe. A cancer diagnosis doesn’t change this.

one of my personal favorites…American pho!

So…here’s something you might want to ask:

“What have I already done today to promote my health and happiness?”


“What’s one more thing I can easily do right now?”
(pssst…go do it!)

Health isn’t a destination. It’s a choice.

If you are willing to be present and active in your own healing
you will find success.

And a single coaching session can make a huge difference.

I’m a life coach, a career science consultant, and a Certified Holistic Cancer Coach with

I’m fully committed to your success. Having been there with my own family, I remember well how it feels.

If you’re ready, let’s start creating your best path forward.

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