I’m Still Pro-Military (and still Anti-War)

As we sit on the edge of yet another armed conflict between nations, let’s express a seldom-spoken yet often felt Sense of Knowing.

Like most people, I happen to view military personnel as heroic because they’re “willing to die for their country”.

For as long as that continues to be our only belief, we’ll continue to tacitly and tragically accept and subconsciously encourage war- with all the death & trauma it entails.

So I also observe the historical evidence that military personnel are routinely coerced into murdering strangers to prop up international business interests. This is possibly the worst imaginable abuse of humankind’s willingness to serve a greater cause.

And so while I honor the sacrifice made by fighting forces worldwide, I do so by vehemently denouncing war as the last resort it truly ought to be.

And for the record, a lot of us were protesting war over twenty years ago, when the USA was the obvious aggressor. It’s eye-opening to see how many Americans- who were deadly silent about The Atrocity We Call War back then- are now suddenly very vocal against it, now that Russia is the apparent culprit. It sure is nice to hear your outcry now. Where the hell you been hiding? Can we count on you next time? Or is this just about popularity and going with the flow? Yeah, I’m calling you out, but only because deep down, I believe in you. Otherwise I wouldn’t waste my time.

Take Care & God Bless…the Ukes, the Russians, the Corrupt Politicians (may the light cleanse or clear as needed), and everything else, always.

– Brandon
Holistic Cancer Coach, Earth Scientist, Reiki Master
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