Life Coaching

Advising, teaching, and mentoring can be helpful…especially if you have a great advisor, teacher, or mentor who is always right (okay, those of you who are saying, “like my husband” or “like my wife” right now can go wipe off your noses). The rest of us feel like we’re already getting too much advice.

This is what makes life coaching refreshing: It’s a simple, unique process of drawing out information that a person already knows, enabling them to see it in a new light, then helping them reassemble it coherently. It’s a form of cooperative, creative problem solving. It’s fun.

(I’m biased.)

Oh, and it consistently produces meaningful, clearly-defined results. If you’re into that sort of thing.

Life coaching isn’t just for people with shattered lives or in difficult situations. It can be. But where coaching really shines is in helping people move themselves from “I’m fine” to “I’m good” to “THIS IS @$#%ING AWESOME”.

Do you have a thousand great ideas? One big problem?
Are infinite possibilities brewing…yet you feel stuck?
Are you ready to effortlessly discover your best path forward?

Let’s Do It!