Ready to create your best path forward?

When you need to experience rapid progress with your career, relationships, family, finances, retirement, education…or just about anything else life can possibly throw in your road, it’s time to experience life coaching!

This is not just a tool for those who are struggling. This is a tool that takes people from good to great, and great to epic.

Ever wonder why executives pay insane fees in exchange for life coaching services?

Want to find out?

Without the insane fees?

Let’s do it.

I utilize conventional life coaching techniques enhanced by Reiki-guided intuition to help you squeeze the most benefit out of each session.

Available worldwide via Zoom.

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If you select the four-session package, you only need to schedule the first session at this time.

$85 – single session
$300 – four sessions (recommended)
$40 – student rate

What is life coaching?

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You can now book in-person services with me at the Soul Spa:

Not quite sure whether coaching is what you’re looking for? I get it.
Reach me at (814) 441-9876 for an introductory call. We’ll know pretty quickly whether we’re a good match.