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Brandon Novogradac


Here’s the Story:

This all started when my mother was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (a bone marrow cancer that affects blood cell production). At the time, I knew some basics about holistic health and natural healing. I was not an expert by any stretch, and certainly not when it came to cancer. So I did what any scientist would do…I started researching. It’s amazing how much you can learn, and how quickly, when there’s a life on the line.

My research included review of books, science journal articles, love letters to humanity left behind by oncologists of the 20th and 21st centuries, prominent medical center publications, government-funded websites, and if I’m being honest, even “conspiracy theory” websites. I looked at everything.

I soon learned that there are indeed hundreds if not thousands of ways to naturally attack cancer- either directly (by attacking the cancer cells themselves), or indirectly (by supporting our body’s immunity and detoxification processes). It can be difficult to find reliable, “actionable” information on these topics, but it’s out there.

I suggested some of these tools to my mother at the time, and even purchased some supplies to get her started. But part of the problem with the cancer industry- as it stands today- is there’s an almost religious refusal by medical professionals to admit that lifestyle can affect disease processes like cancer, positively or negatively.

So unfortunately, my mother (being a nurse steeped in that culture) never chose to benefit from any natural or alternative healing techniques. And while I can’t say for certain they would have won that battle for her, I now know without a doubt these tools can make the journey easier and more successful for the vast majority of people who learn how to use them.

The real tragedy of all this? Most present-day oncologists do not tell their patients about the incredible impact of diet, lifestyle, and natural / alternative medicine on cancer, even though there is an overabundance of scientific and anecdotal evidence in support.

So I figured, if THEY weren’t saying it, SOMEBODY should.

Path Life Coaching is the silver lining from that experience. Today I help clients overcome cancer using our combined knowledge, intuition, and common sense.

I’m a pure life coach (which means I can coach nearly anyone on almost any topic) and I’m certified in holistic cancer coaching.

I’m also a career earth scientist, and still enjoy doing that work “in my spare time”.

Somewhere in all of this I stumbled across Reiki (a form of intuitive energy healing). They say Reiki finds you when the timing is right. This certainly felt true in my case. Reiki is in some ways the opposite of science. But for those of us with a foot firmly planted in each world, they aren’t mutually exclusive. If you’ve never experienced Reiki…wow…please treat yourself to a session!

So when I say, “Let’s use every tool available to solve this problem”, I mean it.

I’m also a hobby musician, animal person, and Pittsburgh native.

I look forward to meeting you!

Thanks for visiting,

– Brandon