About Me…

I’m a simple, straightforward, down to earth guy, first and foremost. I’m also a life coach, Reiki practitioner, career scientist, hobby musician, cat & dog person, husband, and Pittsburgh native. Almost everything makes me laugh.

What put me on my current path?

I began researching cancer following the diagnosis of a family member in the fall of 2014. It quickly became clear that many people- across all professions– are misinformed on the subject. Due in part to misinformation, and also fear, cancer remains the #2 killer in the United States. Here are some common problems that people with cancer face. These are the issues that initially moved me to start a coaching & mentoring service.

Brandon Novogradac


The service I offer today to help people beat cancer is a blend of science consulting and intuitively-guided life coaching, balanced by the moment-to-moment needs of my clients.

Pure life coaching allows us to view our most complex problems with extreme clarity. Although my initial motivation in starting PATH was to help people overcome cancer, I am available for any problem that life coaching may solve (and that’s a long list)!

My interest in Reiki developed seemingly incidentally, then reminded me that there are no coincidences. This energy-healing tradition continues to surprise me in profound ways. I am always glad to share it with others.

To everyone sharing their own path with me: thank you!
Here we are.

Welcome again to PATH Life Coaching.

– Brandon