Meet the Coach!

Brandon Novogradac
PATH Life Coaching



I’m a scientist, hobby musician, cat & dog person, Reiki practitioner, life coach, and Pittsburgh native.

I began extensively researching cancer about five years ago, immediately following the diagnosis of a family member. It quickly became clear that many people are poorly informed on the subject. Due in part to misinformation and lack of knowledge, cancer remains the #2 killer in the United States. Among the problems we face…

This is what ultimately drove me to start PATH Life Coaching. As a science consultant, I solve complex problems involving multiple interrelated sets of data. I have observed a consistent lack of this level of problem solving within the cancer industry. There is an apparent refusal to look where the evidence points, or to consider any train of thought which threatens the current dogma. I believe the medical system will be slow to change, so patients in this setting should assume more responsibility, keep their eyes open, learn, and above all, think for themselves.

Yes. This can feel absolutely overwhelming, especially when someone is first diagnosed. I know.

Over the years, my concern about the issues surrounding cancer has widened and deepened. I’m a Certified Holistic Cancer Coach through the Center for Advancement of Cancer Education.

I recommend the Center’s website as a source of practical information. Of course, if you or someone you love is facing cancer, I also highly recommend working with one of the Center’s coaches…you’ll be amazed at the level of help and support you receive. If you’re here in the Pittsburgh region, or just have a question, you can contact me. Or you may want to find a certified coach closer to home using the Center’s directory.

The service I offer at PATH is a spontaneous blend of science consulting and life coaching, guided by the needs of the moment. Life coaching allows people to look at their own seemingly impossible problems with extreme clarity. It’s useful not only for cancer-related challenges, but for just about anything under the sun. I acknowledge and thank Chuck Gohn for his excellent teaching on this technique.

My interest in Reiki developed somewhat incidentally, then reminded me that there are no coincidences (thank you to Wendy Borne, owner of Visions Reiki). This energy-healing tradition continues to surprise me in profound ways. I am glad to now be sharing it with others.

To everyone sharing their own path with me: thank you.
Here we are. Welcome to PATH Life Coaching!