About Me

Brandon Novogradac


How This All Began:

When all of this started, I was working as a soil scientist.

In 2014, my mother was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (MM). MM is a bone marrow cancer that affects blood cell production. It’s considered treatable yet incurable. The treatments at the time had a dismally low rate of success.

So I reviewed books, science journal articles, love letters to humanity left behind by oncologists of the 20th and 21st centuries, prominent medical center publications, government-funded websites, and “conspiracy theory” websites. I looked at everything.

I soon learned that there are hundreds of ways to naturally attack cancer- either directly (by attacking the cancer cells themselves), or indirectly (by supporting the body’s immunity, metabolism, and detoxification processes). Of course not everything you read or hear is true. It can be quite difficult to find reliable and actionable information on these topics, but it’s out there.

I suggested some of these tools to my mother, and even purchased supplies to get her started.

Unfortunately, my mother never chose to benefit from natural or alternative healing techniques.

The real tragedy? Most oncologists do not tell their patients about the incredible impact of diet, lifestyle, and natural or alternative healing, even though there is an overabundance of scientific and anecdotal evidence in support. This is particularly hard to watch when the conventional treatments are scientifically guaranteed to fail (which is more common than you might think). In these cases especially, you would have everything to gain by trying an unconventional approach.

So I figured, if THEY weren’t saying it, SOMEBODY should. I continued studying and started Path Life Coaching in 2019 at the encouragement of a few brave friends. Pre-lockdown of 2020, I was doing educational anti-cancer talks around town. It’s something I’ll do again when the timing feels right.

I’ve been blessed and honored to witness the difference holistic healing makes for people. It empowers them to be their own source of strength and joy. It reduces medical side effects. It speeds physical healing. It creates more energy in the body. It brings peace. On and on.

Somewhere in all of this I fell in love with Reiki. They say Reiki finds you when the time is right. So true. When you’re ready to take your next journey inward, treat yourself to a session.

Healing and personal growth happens on multiple levels: Body, Mind, and Soul. Strengthening one strengthens the others. The best success is achieved through balance.

Take a moment to enjoy the beautiful path you’re walking here. Notice the love around you right now.

Thanks for visiting!

– Brandon Novogradac, A Guide
Earth Scientist, Certified Holistic Cancer Coach, Reiki Dude