About Me…

I’m a scientist, hobby musician, animal person, and Pennsylvania native.

Why I started Path Life Coaching:

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I originally began researching cancer following the diagnosis of my mother. I found myself sitting in oncology office visits with my family, asking questions, and getting answers that were either incomplete or inaccurate. Due in part to misinformation, and also fear, cancer remains the #2 killer in the United States. This common lack of understanding is what ultimately moved me to start a coaching & mentoring service.

Brandon Novogradac


Cancer is a far less intimidating word when you understand two things:

– you have a significant degree of control over your own health.
– getting a cancer diagnosis doesn’t change that.

I originally viewed coaching as just another tool to help people overcome cancer. But then I realized: life coaching is actually a lot of fun, I enjoy doing it, and it can help with almost anything. It’s a great way to make “impossible” problems feel simple.

My interest and experience with Reiki developed seemingly incidentally. But practicing Reiki has reminded me: there ARE NO coincidences! I’m glad now to share it with others.

To every one of you sharing a part of your own path with me: thank you!
Here we are.

Welcome again to Path Life Coaching!

– Brandon