Meet the Coach!


I’m a scientist, Reiki practitioner, life coach, hobby musician, cat & dog person, and Pittsburgh native.

I first began researching cancer following the diagnosis of a family member, years ago. It quickly became clear that many people- across all professions– are misinformed on the subject. Due in part to misinformation and fear, cancer remains the #2 killer in the United States.

Brandon Novogradac


Here are some problems I identified along my own journey.

Over the years, my concern about the issues surrounding cancer has widened and deepened. I am a Certified Holistic Cancer Coach through the Center for Advancement of Cancer Education.

The service I offer today is a blend of science consulting and intuitively-guided life coaching, balanced by the moment-to-moment needs of my clients. Pure life coaching allows people to look at their own seemingly impossible problems with extreme clarity. It’s useful for cancer-related challenges, and really, for just about anything else under the sun.

My interest in Reiki developed somewhat incidentally, then reminded me that there are no coincidences. This energy-healing tradition continues to surprise me in profound ways. I am glad to share it with others.

To everyone sharing their own path with me: thank you.
Here we are. Welcome to PATH Life Coaching!