About Me…

Brandon Novogradac


The Short Story: I’m a career science consultant, a life coach and Reiki practitioner. I consider myself a general life coach, specializing in holistic cancer coaching.

Life coaching is a technique to help each of us create our own path…whether we’re dealing with cancer, kids, coworkers, a calling, a dream, or whatever else life has thrown in our road.

The spark for Path Life Coaching came while my mother was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (MM). At that time, I began researching holistic approaches to MM; considered incurable by the conventional wisdom. I soon found myself sitting in oncology office visits with my family, asking questions, and getting incomplete, inaccurate answers from folks who probably should have known better. I knew deep down, at that point, that I would become a cancer coach.

To me, the art of Reiki is a journey of continuous discovery. I believe that ALL energy carries awareness. And our whole world- literally everything- is a continuous flow of energy. Reiki is a way of opening up to that energy and awareness.

If everything not fully explained by science suddenly vanished, what would remain?

In all we do, we rely on a balance of science (thinking) and heart-centered intuition (knowing).

Thanks for visiting. I look forward to working with you!

– Brandon