“Trust the Science”: An Informal Review of Official Pandemic Bullshit

This post is for everyone who noticed the sad irony of tired phrases like “Trust the Science” during the so-called pandemic.

(For what it’s worth, I’m a scientist…do you automatically trust me?)

Are you just going to believe everything I type from here on out?




Because here’s the deal: Scientists are a lot like everyone else, except we’re a tiny bit weirder than you are (unless you’re some sort of artist). There’s a limit to our knowledge. We have opinions. We make errors, omissions, and some of us claim to have answers we can’t possibly have. Some of us are honest, and others are total bullshit artists.

We’re human. ish.

I hope you enjoy this partial list of “the science” (the bullshit) produced during the age of COVID-19. It’s a sample of the crap you were supposed to trust, just because some well-dressed asshat said it on the news.

As you can see, I’m poorly dressed, with a seriously amateurish background, and yet I can still do “the science” better than many of your modern suit-wearing puppets.

Here we go.

Starting with the phrase, “safe & effective”.

Oh, man.

The phrase “safe & effective” was repeated so heavily that it was obviously just a marketing slogan. This phrase originated with globalist policy makers. So let’s just call it what it was: propaganda.

If a product were truly “safe & effective”, it would go without saying.

The repetition of this phrase, particularly before long-term vaccine safety trials could have possibly been completed, was a huge red flag for anyone paying attention.


I’ll never forget when we were just eight months into the COVID-19 vaccination rollout, and already these mRNA shots had been correlated with more deaths than every other vaccine combined over the previous 30 years. If it’s still online when you’re reading this post, check out the graphs & tables over at openVAERS. That should put to rest any notion that these shots are “safe” in relative terms.

That said, if you got one of these shots, don’t freak out. Your health depends on a variety of factors, and many of those factors are still completely within your control.


It depends on what you mean by “effective”. If you mean: “it works like any other vaccine, and it stops a disease”. Nope. We wish.

Does it reduce symptoms? Maybe. Maybe not. But so do certain vitamins and lifestyle habits which don’t carry the same degree of health risk as these COVID-19 shots.

The safety record is so awful for these shots that any discussion of effectiveness must be weighed against potential consequences.

My Vaccine Protects You

(My Bullshit Protects Your Bullshit)

I can put this myth to rest with one simple question:

If MY vaccine doesn’t even stop ME from getting a case of COVID-19, how in the fuck is MY vaccine going to protect YOU from getting a case of COVID-19?

Unnecessary Explanation:

1) If I’m sick with COVID, I can transmit it to someone else.


2) This vaccine doesn’t stop anyone from having COVID. Loads of people who took the vaccine are still getting COVID. It’s not a “rare breakthrough case” happening here & there. Turns out that was more bullshit, too.

4) Which means vaccinated folks are still able to pass COVID to the people around them.

5) So there is no appreciable benefit of the vaccine when it comes to “stopping the spread”. More bullshit, there.

Side note: Natural immunity is superior to vaccine-induced immunity, in diseases for which natural immunity is possible. I’m honestly not sure if immunity applies at all in this situation, because we’re dealing with a mutating coronavirus… or at least, that’s what they say we’re dealing with. Can’t even be 100% sure of that though.

My Mask Protects You

(Good Lord…)

Most of the masks people wore early in the plandemic were a total joke: Fabric coarse enough to drive a freight train through. Giant gaps between the mask and face, allowing air to freely pass out the sides.

And “boner noses”. We can all agree about that.

Point being, our masks weren’t going to stop viral transmission. They were a joke.

I’m not saying masks are 100% worthless, though. I actually believe they may help…just slightly….especially if someone’s coughing or sneezing.

That said, I’m a firm believer in personal responsibility. If MY mask actually stops a virus, I don’t give a damn what you’re doing with your face. It’s a beautiful thing. When I protect myself, your choices simply don’t affect me.

The problem is, we had a bunch of people who wanted to either A) be the helpless victim; or B) be the boss.

Oh, and we had a bunch of people who wanted to C) be both.

Those Type C people were the meanest & dumbest. Instead of finding a mask that actually stopped COVID (not easy, but 100% doable), or simply staying home, or taking other measures to protect themselves adequately, they just wanted to make sure to tell everyone else exactly what to do…whether or not it actually made sense. Total control freaks…authority fan-boys & authority fan-girls, parroting the phrase “trust the science”, yet obviously not terribly concerned with actual science, safety, health, or logic. More focused on winning arguments than on carefully considering options and just doing their personal best. Sad.

Side Note about Science

It’s worth noting that “the science” is rarely settled. Especially with something still being intensely studied, such as, oh, I don’t know, a “novel virus”…or an experimental “vaccine”.

So yeah….the phrase “Trust the Science” itself was a red flag.

Side Note about Reading the Room

My personal opinion here. Any time you’ve got politicians & bureaucrats from both sides of the political spectrum saying “look, just trust me on this”, your hackles should raise. That was your next clue, right there.

But Unvaccinated People are Spreading the Disease


So are vaccinated people.

Vaccinated people are still spreading COVID-19.

Vaccinated people are still spreading COVID-19.

Vaccinated people are still spreading COVID-19.


For that reason, this idea that “You ought to be especially terrified of UNvaccinated people” isn’t science. It isn’t safety. It’s just marketing. Propaganda. Fear Porn.

It’s divisive politics, in an era of divisive politics. Anyone surprised?

“Two Weeks to Flatten the Curve”

Ha. Ha. Ha.


Have you seen graphs showing COVID-19 case rates over time? It’s usually impossible to tell- just by looking at the graphs- at what point in time a “lockdown” or mask mandate was either implemented or lifted. According to these data, such measures don’t seem to have an appreciable effect on case rates.

In theory, yes, “two weeks to flatten the curve” made sense. In the real world, it doesn’t work that way.

Tom Woods has covered this topic beautifully over the past couple years. I suggest subscribing to his newsletter.

“It’s a Deadly Pandemic” (and We Need a Dramatic Response)


There may be a virus or disease called COVID-19. Sure.

It is lethal in some cases, and brutal in others. Yeah.

It may affect people of all ages in all conditions.

Yet it is nowhere near as dangerous as heart disease or cancer. There’s just no comparison.

So if we’re talking about a proportional response in line with the danger posed by a disease, explain to me the intensity of the response to COVID-19. Explain the hysteria. Why no hysteria about the actual leading causes of death around here?

Fear Porn, people.

It’s been a bunch of fucking fear porn.

I’m not saying the phenomenon known as COVID-19 is harmless. I listen to the nurses.

I am saying, if we were focused on saving as many lives as possible from all causes, our priorities would look different.

“Vaccine Hesitant”

This was a cute & dishonest way to imply that everyone who hadn’t yet taken a COVID-19 jab would eventually change their mind…perhaps when they saw how well it was going for everyone else.

I can’t speak for everyone else in the category, but I looked at the likely benefits and risks, and decided not to take the damn shot. Done. There was nothing “hesitant” about it.

Other Side Notes

I covered some of this as it was all unfolding. Here are some highlights:

Old Friend Science Dead of COVID-19

How We Know the Vaccine is a Huge Success (yeah, that’s sarcasm)

and the work of satire:

Some Good Rat Fence- an Allegory

“But…People who don’t Trust the Science are Dangerous Conspiracy Theorists”

(or backwards, selfish MAGA people from out in the sticks, right?)

Well, it turns out that what bureaucrats were calling “the science” all along was actually “the bullshit”.

“Trust the Bullshit”, they should have said. Would have been more honest.

It’s crazy how, during this whole debacle, much of what was initially viewed as “conspiracy theory about COVID-19” eventually became common knowledge.

In fairness, there’s a lot of COVID-19 conspiracy theory out there that hasn’t been proven true, and probably will never be, because well, it’s also bullshit.

It’s just sad when the official narrative- the voice we SHOULD be able to trust- is less truthful than many independent researchers, scientists, and doctors out here who are just trying to get to the bottom of things.

I’m happy to support you in your COVID-19 vaccination decision.

I wish you the best, whatever you’ve decided.

I’m not going to act as though your health decision is affecting me. Because in all likelihood, it isn’t.

It’s sad how much of an us versus them issue this has become. It’s by design.

Don’t Fall for the Bullshit, Next Time!

Easier said than done, because the bullshit artists are constantly upping their game.

Here’s a technique I’ve been using since 2001:

Any time you see a topic hitting the news full-bore…as in, 24/7 saturation of media coverage….let it be a red flag that either A) some not-entirely-truthful narrative is being pushed hard and fast; or B) it’s a distraction from whatever is truly important.

ESPECIALLY if whatever is being presented comes with a hefty dose of fear. Fear is a great motivator, and those who wish to control you wield it well.

Along those lines, it may also help to shift your inner-dialogue from:

“What must society / government / community do to make me feel safe?”


“What steps can I take to protect myself?”

This shift makes you far less susceptible to feeling like you’re powerless. Which makes you harder to frighten, harder to fool, and harder to coerce.

Bottom Line

The point of this post wasn’t to put anyone down for their stance on COVID, or for their health choices. The point here is, the next time someone appears on the news as a scientist, a doctor, or some “expert” of any kind, treat whatever they say as though the words came straight from the lips of your drunk, stumbling neighbor who’s wearing freshly pissed pants.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think.

Take Care & God Bless,
– Brandon Novogradac
owner at Path Life Coaching
Earth Scientist, Certified Cancer Coach, Reiki Master / Teacher

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