One More about the War

Hi Again,

I’m on a tangent from health-related matters, sort of, to talk about this whole Ukraine & Russia scenario. But maybe it’s not a tangent. There IS such thing as spiritual healing, and spiritual evolution. Through that lens, I suppose war IS on-topic for a website concerned with healing.

I chimed in with the following comments today under someone else’s Linkedin post, and figured I’d share it right here, too:

“Very few people here in the USA ever said a word against abuse of military power when the USA started wars (not too long ago). We like to pretend the USA is the only country on Earth without a corrupt government. It’s such a narrow, one-sided, dangerous, hypocritical philosophy. For those of us who have ALWAYS been anti-war, recognizing how it only serves the global elite, this is hard to watch. Again. As long as average men and women continue to take sides with willingness to do murder, we will repeat history. So no, it never matters who “the aggressor” is. It’s you. and you. and you. It’s all of us. Murdering on behalf of politicians and bankers. If you don’t see it yet, you are not ready to understand this post. Send food. Send love. Don’t ever send weapons.”

Take Care, God Bless!

-Brandon Novogradac
Earth Scientist, Coach, Reiki Dude

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