Five Ways to Take Back Your Power

1. Practice saying “No”.

2. Consciously devote your energy and time to things that fill you up.

3. Learn to separate your own emotions from the emotions of those around you. Don’t allow yourself to be swept up by fear or hype. Check in to ask “Is this truly how I feel?”.

4. Be your own advocate.

5. Speak your whole truth. What does this actually mean? “X is what I see, Y is how I feel, and Z is why it matters. I propose we ……”.

Expanding #1

Remember: saying “No” need not be final. “No” is often the start of setting terms acceptable to everyone involved. Think of it as “Yes….but only if we can agree on the details / conditions”.

Expanding #2

It may help to make a list of the things that matter most in your life. What are your priorities, truly?

Then, with that list in hand, pull up your calendar. If the thing that matters most to you is taking up the least of your time, it will be obvious. While you’re here, book time to do something you love. Treat this as sacred space on your schedule.

Expanding #3

You’d be surprised how many of people are walking, talking emotion sponges. Maybe you’re one of them.

We have a monthly “empath meeting” here in Pittsburgh, at the Soul Spa. We note there are two major types: Sponges, and Walls.

Sponges subconsciously absorb emotions from everyone around them. These people have a tough time in huge crowds or even at the grocery store. When a Sponge becomes consciously aware that this is happening, life usually becomes much easier for them.

Walls most likely began life as Sponges, but to stop themselves from being constantly overwhelmed, learned (at an early age usually) to subconsciously turn off their emotional connection. The wall they form can make it hard for them to show emotion, even though they are extremely deep and caring souls.

Are you a Sponge, a Wall, or do you alternate between the two? In any case, mindfulness exercises can help you rebalance your emotional awareness.

Expanding #4

Be your own advocate. There’s so much to this.

Many people will stand up for someone else, but lack the self-worth to stand up for themselves. If this describes you, releasing energetic blocks to the expansion of self-worth and self-love can be extremely effective.

I often tell people who have a hard time advocating for themselves: Picture yourself as your own agent, and see yourself in the third-person. Then negotiate on your own behalf. As though you are your own lawyer or talent manager.

Expanding #5

When you communicate your own truth, remember: you are showing others how to do the same for themselves. Some people are waiting for permission to start loving themselves. When you speak your truth and advocate relentlessly for yourself, this deepens self-respect and self-love within everyone in your sphere.

Feel free to share your thoughts here.

Take Care & God Bless,
– Brandon
Earth Scientist, Holistic Cancer Coach, Reiki Dude
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