Reminder: Use Vitamin D

Hey! No video today. But here’s a quick reminder to take enough vitamin D3. It may help prevent cancer and COVID. It’s simple, safe, and dirt cheap. With ample science in support.

5,000 IUs vitamin D3 per day is the common recommendation. (Yes, your body will use that amount in the winter!) That’s all you really need to know.

Read on for slight information overkill.

If you’re checking your blood levels of vitamin D, a good target is 70 ng/dL.

Lower blood levels of D3 are enough to support everyday bodily function, which is what most doctors are checking. This is why you hear “35 ng/dL is fine”. The thing is, higher levels of D3 have been demonstrated to actively fight disease.

Are you trying to just get by, or stay tip-top healthy? Plan and act accordingly, right?

Vitamin K2 enhances vitamin D3 absorption. Some companies manufacture capsules with both vitamins for this reason.

And here’s a tip I learned from a pro: At the first sign of an infection, spike vitamin D3 to help ward off sickness. I’ve personally had great results with this technique. In addition to vitamin D3, I usually take other supplements and a homeopathic remedy (particularly for flu-like illness). This is anecdotal. I’m not pretending to have on-paper-science behind this technique. It just works. Call or email for details.

And that’s it.

Stock up on non-perishable food, and have a great week!

– Coach B

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