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Oh man! I almost feel like I’ve joined the ranks of elite independent journalists & Truthers.


YouTube (YT) has sent me several notices over the past few months, saying they’d Age-Restricted my content. Let me explain why this matters.

The videos they flagged all dealt with healing cancer naturally. Cancer is a huge money-maker for the powers-that-be.

And guess what? The folks who own YouTube are simply protecting their own profits. YouTube is a child company of Alphabet, which also owns Verily Life Sciences, a pharma / biotech company.

Surprised? I didn’t think so.

It isn’t enough that natural cures are illegal in the United States. Now, global corporations with obvious conflict of interest are censoring our access to information about healing.

I embed most of my YT videos into web pages & blogs like this one. The Age-Restriction flag interferes with the functionality of these embedded videos, greatly reducing the odds anyone watches my content. Embedding was the primary reason I used YouTube.

Used. Past tense. There is only one video on my YT channel now: a short welcome video for the Path Life Coaching homepage. When I find a way to replace it, I will.

Edit May 2021: Done. I’m exclusively on Brighteon.

Because here’s the thing:
Rather than deal with constant headaches, constant appeals, and nearly arbitrary flagging (which isn’t really arbitrary- it’s systematic) I’ll simply take my business elsewhere.

If you value free speech, consider joining me!

Subscribe to the Path Life Coaching channel on Brighteon.

See you there!
– Coach B

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