Conventional vs. Natural Healing: When to Do What

There’s an important choice often faced by cancer patients:

“Should I use any of ‘that natural stuff’“?

This is a great question to ask your doctor.

Or, it would be.

If a lot of doctors actually studied that natural stuff. As it stands, they’re prone to take a cautious, dismissive, or even negative stance. If you want to involve your doctor in these decisions, be prepared to help them learn new things. Some people are willing to do this; others are not. You may need to shop around for a doctor who has an open mind.

Here’s what we commonly hear from oncologists when asking about natural stuff:

“That might interfere with your chemotherapy. So don’t do it”.

Okay, yeah. In theory, anything can interfere with anything. But unless you have a definitive reason to believe it, you are just guessing! “Might interfere”, “could interfere”, and “may interfere” are all guesses. Please don’t guess.

I want to see some science. Especially if I’m banking my life on the decision.

Looking from a different angle

Some conventional treatments have a near-zero success rate.

For instance, when my mother was in treatment for multiple myeloma, the likelihood of success from her first conventional treatment was about 7 percent. And even then, she would’ve needed more treatment to remain alive.

For other people, the odds of being cured by conventional therapies are zero.

If a treatment never works, how cautious should we be about interfering with it? What’s the problem of interfering with zero?

This is a question each cancer patient might need to answer for themselves.

Personally, I wouldn’t hang my hopes on any cancer therapy with a zero percent success rate. I can do far better than that without setting foot in a doctor’s office.

But many people feel trapped. They don’t realize they have a choice.

Now- I can’t promise success using any natural approach. Partly because natural cures and treatments are illegal here in the USA. However, people have recovered from cancer using natural approaches alone.

If your conventional cancer therapy has a high degree of success, great! Stick with it, and consider adding some supportive techniques (like a gentle detox program or immune boosters).

On the other hand, if your conventional therapy is a scientifically-proven failure, please consider other options. What have you got to lose? There’s a better path. Trust you’ll find it.

Take Care & God Bless,
– Coach Brandon
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