Response to COVID19 Needs a Reality Check

Over 1.2 million Americans die from heart disease and cancer (combined total) annually.

Why haven’t we shut down every fast food restaurant in the country?
Why haven’t we outlawed BBQ?
Why haven’t we made exercise mandatory?
Why haven’t we banned high-fructose corn syrup?

When it comes to the two leading killer diseases here in the USA, there are a lot of preventive actions we COULD enforce, but haven’t.


And we’re cool with those deaths. Our government is, anyway.

Yet, at the same time, our government is happily enforcing soul-crushing, business-destroying restrictions in response to COVID19. Our government is promoting terror in the name of fighting this virus.

A virus which might end one-third as many lives as cancer OR heart disease. Depending on how you count, which is debatable.

A virus which- because it’s just that- a virus– will likely naturally attenuate in both severity and lethality over time.

That’s before we even consider medical advances in COVID treatment. Some of these have been censored by the news and the medical journals, which are financially dominated by pharmaceutical interests.

(“Pharmaceutical interests” = the people who make money from a vaccine)


So. Why aren’t the 1.2 million deaths from cancer & heart disease provoking a similarly dramatic response?

The magnitude of governmental response to this virus obviously isn’t about the number of deaths. How do we justify the disproportionate response to COVID19 compared to these other diseases…which are obviously far more destructive?

Personally, I find that extremely difficult.

If you found a termite on your wall, would you smash down your entire house?
The entire neighborhood?
Just to “stay safe”?

Because this is exactly what we’ve done.

Support your local businesses, folks.

(and if you’d like to support MY business…treat yourself to a Holiday Distant Reiki session!)

Take Care & God Bless,
– B

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