Nine Year Old Girl Arrested in NYC for Not Showing Her Papers

photo of girl being arrested
An open letter to Police, Military, and all other current & former Law Enforcement:

Lots of you are doing phenomenal work every single moment. Thank you.

Meanwhile, the NYPD apparently just arrested a nine year old girl (video link) for going to a museum without showing her papers. “Just following orders” and “just upholding the law” is no excuse at this pivotal time. Do you know what they called that sort of thing in Germany, 1939?

Well, they probably just called it “Good policing”.

Perhaps those of you who have connections in New York (and still have any balls at all; it’s an old expression) will put pressure on NYPD to end this madness before it spreads.

I’m not ignoring all the great work you do. I’m asking you to step up and LEAD one more time….if you haven’t tired of it already.

Silence is complicity.

Take Care & God Bless,
– Brandon Novogradac
Earth Scientist, Holistic Cancer Coach, Reiki Master

Oh, and if you don’t understand why this is immoral to the Nth degree, head over to my videos, articles, or even the notorious Workaround Page. Scroll down to find information on so-called “COVID vaccine” safety. If you’re too pressed for time, at least look at the first graph at this web page. Prepare yourself. It’s not pretty.

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