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June 2021 – – – Oh, boy, here’s a big one. Robert F Kennedy Jr. shares serious dirt on Dr. Anthony Fauci. (if you didn’t already know, Fauci is a criminal, plain and simple. You’ll only see the proof if you look for it, because the major news stations are bought off. And if you don’t understand THAT yet, well, so be it. Here’s your invitation to a new perspective.)

June 2021 – – – One pharmacist’s view of the COVID vaccine

June 2021 – – – Some stuff happened during the 2020 election. What stuff?

May 2021 – – – Thinking about getting the COVID19 “vaccine”? Watch at least the first 15 minutes of this video. Dr. Christiane Northrop interviewed by Mike Adams.

May 2021 – – – a brief VISUAL explanation of the Plandemic

Pairs well with: in-depth VERBAL explanation of the Plandemic

ANNND: Science. Murdered. AGAIN. Short video. Just insane.

May 2021 – – – A government official in Italy tells you what’s up – short video

May 2021 – – – So, this guy, Mike Yeadon, was a chief scientist at Pfizer. Not exactly anti-pharma. What does he want you to know about the COVID vax? Video here.

May 2021 – – – And while we’re on the topic of the vaccine, you may be interested in this video also.

May 2021 – – – A woman in Canada tries to wake up the Sheeple about COVID. She sheds light on the big picture behind all the fear-mongering.

April 2021 – – – This is a Tucker Carlson commentary on the Jan 6, 2021 capitol riot and the shooting of an unarmed veteran by capitol police. I can’t believe I’m posting a link to a Fox News video…

February 2021 – – – Kary Mullis, inventor of PCR. Short compilation video. Relevant to Dr. Fauci and COVID19 testing protocols. Want to hear more from Kary? Check this out, too.if you’re impatient, skip to the 1:30 minute mark.

January 2021 – – – Lt Gen T. McInerny in conversation about the US 2020 election:

Thomas McInerny Video

January 2021 – – – Is the COVID19 vaccine safe & effective? What’s not on the TV news?

a CNA describes her own vaccine reaction

Doctor Carrie Madej on Brighteon, explaining her perspective of COVID19.

This video is an interview of scientist Sucharit Bhakdi addressing COVID19, immunity, and the looming vaccine with Del Bigtree, investigative journalist.

January 2021 – – – An affidavit from Italy provides sworn testimony of ballot switching in US election:

Nations In Action web page Their site is continuously updated, so you may need to search a bit. I’m not 100% convinced this isn’t disinfo, but it IS yet another arrow pointing to the same target.

Side note: As a half-Italian, I approve of their website name: “Italy Did It”. At last, we’ll be famous for more than just meatballs!

December 2020: Some perspectives on US election.

This video outlines irregularities in the 2020 US election, then follows the money all the way to China. Personally, I still believe we need to look within – rather than blame other countries for our own faults. Corruption only happens within.

Old Lessons:

This video is about 911 and WTC7. A modern history lesson. Zero planes hit that building. It fell down quite neatly, all at once, as though it had been demolished. I’m old enough to remember the firefighters who told us they heard explosive charges. The official story has some obvious gaping holes- for anyone with half a brain. Oh well. Life goes on. Wars get fought. Many people die in support of a false narrative. Well, you know what? Fuck All That.

Speaking of which….Ever notice how nobody takes offense when you say “war”…but yet “fuck” is a swear word? Shows you where the priorities lay, doesn’t it?

Here’s a link to a very “out there” website that you SHOULD NOT TRUST BLINDLY. Verify everything for yourself. But damn, this one’s interesting:
911 conspiracy guide