COVID Vaccine Mandates Are Driven by Fear

We’re living in a paradox. The people who are fully vaccinated against COVID19 are the ones who fear catching the disease the most.

Meanwhile, the unvaccinated are roaming around without much apparent worry.

If you were one of the folks who rushed out to get an experimental COVID19 jab, here’s a sincere question: Did you expect (or at least hope) it would offer good protection against COVID? Wasn’t that the whole point of getting a vaccine to begin with?

And if the vaccine provides adequate protection, then how do we explain why so many fully-vaccinated individuals are now avoiding the unvaccinated, as though the unvaxxed are bloodthirsty vampires?

Here’s the explanation I hear on the news:

“Because if you are unvaccinated, you’re high-risk for COVID19, and you’re absolutely going to spread it to everyone around you”.

This is where the logic starts to do weird figure-eights.

Let’s suppose the above reasoning is correct: you’re more likely to get COVID from an unvaxxed individual.

Alright then. A hypothetical:

Let’s say you’re vaccinated, and you’ve received a case of COVID from a selfishly unjabbed person.

Is it possible to feel NO symptoms? Yes.

Is it possible to feel MILD symptoms? Yes.

Is it possible to get a SEVERE case? Yes.

Is it possible to DIE? Yes.

Well okay. That explains why the vaxxed are still afraid of the unvaxxed then, doesn’t it?

But then, why aren’t the vaxxed still afraid of the vaxxed?

Are they living in a false sense of security? Or a false sense of superiority, perhaps?

After all, if you believe the fully-vaccinated can get seriously ill or even die from the virus, then you must realize their viral load can be more than sufficient to transmit the virus.

Some readers at this point will be thinking “but the vaccinated get less sick, less often than the unvaccinated”. Apparently not significantly less, though, if the fully-vaxxed still need to fear COVID19. That’s just common sense. More on this later.

So does the vaccine protect you? Or not?

My question to the vaccinated is the same as it’s always been:

Are you protected, or aren’t you?

[I realize the true answer may be, “I’m 50% protected by the vaccine”. So, how much is 50% protection actually worth? That’s like a soldier wearing half their body armor and thinking, “good enough”! Half-protected is not a 1:1 substitute for fully-protected. You’re either damn-near fully protected, or you aren’t.]

So with that in mind:

If you ARE fully protected from the virus, it shouldn’t matter how many people you’re in a room with. It shouldn’t matter how many of them are currently carrying COVID, or how many of them have cloth facemasks on. It shouldn’t matter how many of the people in the room have been vaccinated. If you’re fully protected, why would you care?

And if you AREN’T fully protected by the vaccine, then maybe it’s time to get off your high horse, because you can still carry COVID (and get really sick and die from it, apparently). Which means you can obviously still transmit COVID. Which means you are still a threat to everyone around you.

Same as the unvaccinated.

And what does this mean about all those other fully-vaccinated people? It means they too are still a threat to you and everyone else in the room.

Same as the unvaccinated.

None of us are special. Sorry.

So why would you specifically avoid people who haven’t received the vaccine? If you still fear COVID that much, you obviously need to avoid everyone.

“But we know the risk associated with a fully vaccinated person is far, far lower than that of an unvaccinated person”.

Yeah, okay, I keep hearing that on the news, too. How much lower is the risk, though, really? Fifty percent vaccine efficacy seems to be the commonly accepted value these days. So instead of having a 99.9% chance to recover from the disease, now you’d have a 99.95% chance. Congratulations. I can do that with vitamins, sunlight, sleep, laughter, prayer, and exercise.

Speaking of which, have you noticed the deep silence from the media about maintaining healthy habits during a pandemic? Natural immunity is never discussed either. Makes sense, right?

Excuse the tangent. Let’s talk viral transmission:

Last summer, there were reports that the relative viral load between vaxxed and unvaxxed folks was similar upon exposure to COVID19 (this contradicts what has been reported by the mainstream news stations, unsurprisingly). If true, this suggests transmission rates are nearly indistinguishable between these two groups. Then there’s this claim that viral load is actually higher in the vaccinated. I hesitate to take any of this reporting (mainstream or not) at face-value. That phrase, “Trust the Science” is an inside joke among scientists.

What trends in transmission can we observe personally? I know people who tell me fully-vaccinated folks have been spreading the virus at their fully-vaccinated workplaces this winter.

Meanwhile, there are situations like this:

A few months ago, a fully-vaccinated person told me she was afraid to be near me (I was not fully-vaxxed). She was planning to visit her vaccinated friends the next day, and seemed to think she’d somehow grab COVID19 from me and vector it to those friends. But if a vaxxed person can transmit the disease to other vaxxed people, they obviously don’t need an unvaxxed person to start the cascade of transmission for them, do they? Think about it. They could just as easily catch COVID from any other random fully-vaccinated person on the planet, and continue the cascade that way.

This is just common sense.

Yet she decided to treat me differently (like I was a bloodthirsty vampire). I didn’t bother trying to debate.

None of this is logical at this point; it’s just pure hysteria. People are programmed to be in a state of fear, and they’ve stopped thinking.

Which brings us back to the issue of vaccine mandates.

Following from the logic above:

If vaccines ARE highly protective, then vaccinated individuals are NOT at significant risk (and unvaccinated individuals have accepted their risk by declining offers of vaccination) making mandates and vaccine passports largely unnecessary for everyone involved.

If vaccines ARE NOT highly protective (which seems to be the real-world scenario here) then if we’re being honest, we’d admit that vaccine mandates and passports are useless.

Finally, the elephant in the room:

The international drug cartel has the brains and education to understand all this, yet continues pushing their compulsory global vaccination wet-dreams, hard.

So there’s a choice to make.

You can let this frenzied, media-induced COVID19 hysteria sweep you along, aiding a global agenda which is obviously NOT rooted in public health- despite “health” being the stated goal. You would be supporting an undisclosed agenda, be it good or bad.

Or, you can start saying “No” to all these bullshit-artist tyrants who talk smooth, dress nice, and falsely claim to be the saviors of humankind.

Take Care & God Bless,

– Brandon Novogradac
Career Earth Scientist, Certified Holistic Cancer Coach, Reiki Master

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