Blue Guns Only!

Picture a man named Marvin. He’s a bouncer at the Lucky Frog Club, in Yuppie City. It’s his job to keep the patrons & staff of the Lucky Frog safe. One of the ways he does this is to make sure nobody sneaks in with a red gun. Everybody knows red guns are dangerous.

“Dangerous as fuck”, as Marvin would tell you. “The only SAFE gun is a BLUE gun.”, he’d say.

If he were still with us, that is.

See, last night, Marvin was on duty again at the Frog. He stopped a lot of people from entering the building with red guns. No red gun ever escaped his notice. Lots of folks came in with blue guns, but of course Marvin knew blue guns were not a problem, because management had made that fact totally clear through repetitive programming during his training. “Red guns”, they’d said, “are far too dangerous to be allowed in public”.

Well, somehow, twelve people still got killed with bullets down at the Frog last night, and sadly, Marvin was among the victims.

So listen: In Marvin’s honor, Yuppie City is asking everyone to double down on their commitment to keep red guns out of establishments like the Lucky Frog. Your mantra needs to be: “BLUE GUNS ONLY.” This is life and death, so anything less is irrational and irresponsible. People who still carry red guns despite all the government warnings? They need to grow up, yesterday.

The Moral of the Story

…is probably best said using a table:

Table 1

Notice- if you haven’t already- that the defining safety characteristic of a thing has no bearing on whether or not it is allowed in the Lucky Frog.

Actually, let’s add another column to the above table. Maybe…just maybe…we can drive this point home for our brainwashed friends (like poor, dead Marvin):

Table 2

For those who don’t do tables well

let me put this into words:

If you and your friend can both carry COVID and spread it to other people, then why the hell is one of you allowed into a building while the other is not?

And if you don’t understand the reasoning behind vaccine passports, perhaps you should speak up now, because as a matter of fact there IS NO reasoning.

Well, wait.

There’s no reasoning grounded in improving public health, at least. Which leaves us to speculate, then, doesn’t it?

If the PURPOSE of vaccine passports is NOT public health, then what IS the purpose?

Control? Gradual depopulation? Both? Something else?

I don’t know. I’m just clear-eyed enough to know it sure as heck isn’t about my safety, or yours, or grandma’s, or anyone else’s.

What we have here is a bad case of Blue Guns Only. Ask Marvin how that worked out.

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