A Short List of Things (About the Plandemic) You Disturbingly Can’t Post On Facebook

Here’s a list of some facts about COVID19 you either cannot post at all, or things that are soft-censored & down-ranked so hard that no amount of scrolling will ever reveal them to mortal eyes…

1) Any science which suggests we shouldn’t be 200% terrified of COVID19.

2) Any science which suggests coronavirus vaccines have historically been not only a tragic failure, but are probably outright dangerous. See antibody-dependent enhancement.

3) Links to counter-narrative, blacklisted websites which publish articles on the above topics.

4) Links to video-hosting websites that are known for counter-narrative, user-created content.

I feel the need to explain a little at this point, in case anyone is wondering why this is a problem. Just because something is counter-narrative doesn’t mean it’s wrong, bad, or dangerous. And even if it IS, we’re all adults, right? We can make our own informed decisions. It’s vital to have alternative perspectives to balance the official stance on any given topic. Especially these days, when the majority of news outlets are either controlled or owned by a small minority of super-wealthy stakeholders, it is critical to seek sources of diverging facts and opinions.

5) Anything critical of Dr. Fauci, the NIH, NIAID, CDC, WHO, and others (Fauci et al). These folks have been trumpeting catch phrases like “Trust the Science” since early 2020. They care- not one ounce- for anything resembling science. They’re more interested in marketing fear to an already terrified public.

6) Anything about the fact that Fauci et al ARE THE ONES WHO FUNDED GAIN-OF FUNCTION RESEARCH IN WUHAN, and who…

7) …funded studies on HCQ which were intentionally designed to fail (so obviously that it was quickly pointed out by many doctors and scientists who still have a conscience, and who have been censored “to protect the public”).

Okay, you get the point.

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It’s just been hard to watch the trainwreck of government policy, public perception, and official misinformation which has resulted here as my country, the USA, has developed one of the most effective propaganda machines ever witnessed in my lifetime, anywhere on Earth.

Oh, but the USA is not so special. Stories I see out of Ireland, Australia, and Canada paint a similar picture.

I remain hopeful.

After all, each time I toss a bit of verboten socio-scientific evidence into cyberspace, only to see it swept by Big Tech straight into Orwell’s Memory Hole….I can at least wonder how many of you are out there in that moment, doing exactly the same thing.

The question we face now:
How can truth-seekers and truth-tellers share our “fact-checked” “fake news” more effectively in this age of AI-driven censorship?

And that’s a legit question for anyone here. Feel free to chime in!

Take care & God Bless,
– Brandon
scientist, coach, Reiki master

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