Cancer Genetics vs Lifestyle

A man with cancer was strongly encouraged by his oncologist to undergo genetic counseling. I sat in on the session. Early in the presentation, the genetic counselors displayed a pie chart. The chart showed something that may surprise you: close to 90% of human cancer is due to environmental factors. The other 12% has a genetic component.

The whole point of genetic counseling and testing was to see whether this man fell into that 12%. They said, “it’s a good thing for the rest of the family to know”. Sure.

Now if you think about it, here’s the weird thing:

These counselors- who were awesome, by the way- understood the vast majority of cancer cases involve a strong lifestyle / environmental component. Yet instead of strongly encouraging lifestyle, nutritional, or environmental counseling (which can benefit everyone– with or without cancer) the oncology team opted to spend everyone’s time, money, and effort focusing on the genetic approach.

They mentioned things people can do if they test positive for certain oncogene mutations. Things like lifelong Tamoxifen and radical mastectomies.

Not once did they think back to their own pie chart, and say, “I’ll be damned, maybe your family should also look at lifestyle, home, habits, diet, career, and hobbies, to see where you might be exposed to known carcinogens or cancer promoters, and talk with someone who can help you evaluate your overall toxic load…then reduce it”.

This is why God made cancer coaches. We think about this shit.

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