Five Basics of Natural Cancer Healing

This is not medical advice or medical information. This is information about the natural ability known as healing!


If you’ve been following my blog or videos, you already know I don’t rely solely on a “miracle cure”, whether conventional or natural. There are many ways to attack cancer, and they work best in concert.

So in this post, I’d like to outline five components of a complete holistic approach to beating cancer: nutrition, oxygenation, The Triangle, detoxification, and anti-cancer foods.

1. Nutrition

Cancer is a metabolic disease, rooted in mitochondrial dysfunction. For a great explanation, see this article from Dr. Mercola.

Proper nutrition is just like selecting the right fuel for your car.

Better Fuel –> Better Combustion –> Better Performance (less waste & more energy)

Diet alone can have a tremendous impact on cancer. This is the basis for Gerson Therapy and many other nutritional approaches.

We help avoid or eliminate cancer by reducing processed foods, commercial dairy, and meat.

We can also fight cancer by paying attention to WHEN we eat, and timing the use of certain nutritional supplements.

2. Oxygenation

Continuing with the analogy of fuel, remember: oxygen is necessary for proper combustion. A century ago, Otto Warburg noticed he could induce cancer metabolism in cells by depriving them of oxygen.

There are various ways to improve your oxygenation including exercise, hyperbaric oxygen, pulsed electromagnetic frequency therapy (pEMF), and eating more raw vegetables- I usually think of leafy greens and beets.

If you’re doing chemotherapy or radiation, you may want to use foods or supplements which improve blood cell counts. This will help you maintain normal energy levels during treatment, partly by keeping you oxygenated.

3. Emotional & Spiritual Healing

There are anecdotes of people who initially failed to improve during treatment, yet recovered fully after they had a sudden shift in mindset, or made a meaningful lifestyle change. How is this possible?

Well, “Stress leads to inflammation … and inflammation leads to disease“, as noted by the folks over at Nutritional Frontiers. Yes! Well said!

Three Connected Aspects of Being & Wellness

In the holistic view, healing happens in our Body, Mind, and Soul. All at once. Picture it like a balanced triangle. Everything we do to nurture one, nurtures the others. Grow the triangle.

I love walking in nature.
For me, it’s a physical, emotional, and spiritual experience.

You can ask yourself, “What empowers me on all three levels“?
Then GIFT yourself the time to do it!!

Put time for healing on your calendar, if that’s what it takes.

4. Detoxification

I realize this probably isn’t news to anyone reading this blog…but yeah.

Our bodies eliminate waste through urine, feces, breathing, and even through the skin. A complete holistic health plan assists these natural processes.

Remember, cancer burns fuel very poorly, creating excess waste (up to 20x more waste than healthy tissue)! If you have cancer, help your body clear the waste. Otherwise, it can build up and cause other problems.

About detox… It doesn’t have to come in the form of a coffee enema (although these can be extremely helpful). It can be as simple as drinking enough purified water to allow your body to flush unwanted materials. Exercise moves the lymph for waste removal. There’s a wide variety of alternative approaches for detox. Hit me up for ideas, or ask your local naturopath / health coach.

Detox is especially important when a cancer treatment is working well! As tumors die off, we should be helping the liver, lymph, pancreas, and kidneys as they remove or recycle cellular material.

Many conventional cancer therapies are toxic. It can be helpful to give your liver some extra love during cancer treatment. Avoid alcohol and processed sugar. Consider using the herb milk thistle or other substances to support liver function & repair.

Thinking back to the triangle above, you may realize there’s also a whole realm of emotional and spiritual detox. It’s often helpful to address the things buried deep within that may be eating at us. There are many ways to do this: meditation, reflection, conversation, therapy, prayer, etc. Personally, I love Reiki.

5. Anti-Cancer Foods and Supplements

Nature contains everything we need for survival & healing. At least one chemotherapy drug is modeled directly from a plant substance. Some people still insist there’s no way to use plants to heal.

I mention this because I see a lot of disinformation tactics used by medical corporations and even non-profit groups for cancer.

Bottom line: there are many well-documented natural substances with anti-cancer effects (to get a sense of this, do an internet search for the phrase “apoptosis ginger”).

Every one of us is different, enjoys different foods, and is willing- or unwilling- to make different lifestyle changes. No problem. I help people decide which of these approaches best fit their needs and preferences.

Why this matters to me:

Too many people who have cancer go through the motions of conventional treatment without any clue how to heal. For some of them, sure, it’s no big deal: conventional treatment will be enough, and they tolerate it well.

For others, conventional treatment takes a huge toll on their physical, social, and emotional well-being. Conventional treatment alone may NOT be enough to provide the outcome they hope for. In these cases, I find myself thinking, “if only they knew ALL their options”. These people obviously benefit from having a cancer coach.

And then there are people who fall somewhere in between. Those whose treatment is going well, but then again, the side effects are disruptive. Natural healing approaches can reduce or even eliminate the negative effects of conventional cancer therapy.

Finally, with national & global cancer rates as high as they are, we can always consider using these approaches preventatively….Take your pick!

Have a very good day,

– Brandon

Scientist, Reiki Healer, Certified Holistic Cancer Coach

available for coaching / Reiki / intuitive energy work, by appointment

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