Cancer Genetics vs Lifestyle

A man with cancer was strongly encouraged by his oncologist to undergo genetic counseling. I sat in on the session. Early in the presentation, the genetic counselors displayed a pie chart. The chart showed something that may surprise you: close to 90% of human cancer is due to environmental factors. The other 12% has a genetic component.

The whole point of genetic counseling and testing was to see whether this man fell into that 12%. They said, “it’s a good thing for the rest of the family to know”. Sure.

Now if you think about it, here’s the weird thing:

These counselors- who were awesome, by the way- understood the vast majority of cancer cases involve a strong lifestyle / environmental component. Yet instead of strongly encouraging lifestyle, nutritional, or environmental counseling (which can benefit everyone– with or without cancer) the oncology team opted to spend everyone’s time, money, and effort focusing on the genetic approach.

They mentioned things people can do if they test positive for certain oncogene mutations. Things like lifelong Tamoxifen and radical mastectomies.

Not once did they think back to their own pie chart, and say, “I’ll be damned, maybe your family should also look at lifestyle, home, habits, diet, career, and hobbies, to see where you might be exposed to known carcinogens or cancer promoters, and talk with someone who can help you evaluate your overall toxic load…then reduce it”.

This is why God made cancer coaches. We think about this shit.

For more information, check out my informal & informative videos, or the Cancer Consulting page.

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Do you have a kick ass water filter in your home yet? (you should!!!)

Take Care & God Bless,
– Brandon

Curing vs Healing

What’s the difference between curing, treating, and healing? This is a common topic when we talk about health coaching.

The first two- curing and treating– are medical terms. Here in the USA, these words are protected by law. If you don’t have a license, you’re not allowed to use these words when you describe the services or products you offer.

What about healing?

Well, let’s say you fall and hurt your knee: do you go straight to the doctor? In cases of mild injury, the answer is usually “no”, right? Your knee will heal on its own. There’s no need for outside help.

And that’s the difference: Curing and treating are services (specifically, services performed by licensed professionals). Healing is a natural phenomenon.

So…What deeper insights can we take from this?

1) Cures and treatments can help your body heal

For example, surgery to remove a foreign object can allow a wound to heal. Setting a bone can help it fuse more quickly & properly than it would have otherwise.

2) No cure or treatment is complete without healing

For example, after a surgery, your body must mend incisions, replace blood, and rebuild other tissue. After a bone is set, it must regrow.

3) You can only heal yourself

This is one of the hardest lessons we learn as healers: No healer can actually heal anyone. Each person must heal themselves. Some of you may be thinking, “What about Jesus”? Yeah okay, maybe. But he cheats.

Even when doing Reiki, I’m not healing anyone (except perhaps myself). I’m just facilitating someone else’s natural healing process. They get out of it what they put into it. It’s a lot like having a fitness coach at the gym: very helpful, sure, but you only get stronger because you lift the weights.

4) Only the willing can be healed

This is the flip side of #3.

Healing can’t occur without a true desire and intention. If you know someone who is in the process of healing, give them the space to do it at their own pace, in their own way, and only if & when they’re ready.

Remember this, as well: there’s more to healing than our physical body. There’s mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. For someone near the end of their life, physical healing may not be their top priority. What appears to be physical wasting (or even death) to an observer may actually be a healing process for the one experiencing it.

To every medical professional who has ever lost a patient: you can choose whether to view that experience as a success or failure. Please trust that healing happened– for everyone involved- in the exact manner it was intended.

Wishing you the best along your own path.
– Brandon
life coach, science consultant, Reiki practitioner

Old Friend, Science, Dead of COVID-19

I’m going to share something about 2020 that deserves a second glance. If you don’t like Trump, forgive me, I’m going to quote him…it’s for a good cause. Remember, this isn’t about Trump. It’s about my friend, science, who was killed by coronavirus last year.

Edit: Trump had said that as we increase the testing, we’d see more COVID cases. I’d originally quoted a news source here- I think it was CNBC- but they’ve since taken down their story. No wait, here it is!

Remember that? Everyone had a good laugh at Trump’s expense. Some of us actually stopped to THINK about it though. I’ll explain.

Suppose there are 100 people in a room, and 10 of them have COVID:

Let’s watch what happens when we measure COVID cases using various sample sizes: 20-, 40-, then 80-person subsets.

First, let’s test 20 people in this group:

Case number = 2
[notice it’s still a 10% infection rate rate in the sample population. 2/20 = 1/10 = 10%]

Now let’s test 40 people in this same group:

40 people tested, 3 positive

Well wouldn’t you know- the case number jumped up to 3.
[interestingly, the infection rate in this sample population is 3 out of 40, or 7.5%]

Let’s test 80 people in this same group:

80 people tested, 8 positive

Now the total case number is 8.
[Infection rate is 8/80 = 1/10 = 10%]

Does the number of positive test results (cases) increase with the number of people tested?


Trump was correct.

There’s a positive linear relationship between the number of tests administered and the number of positive test results.

Granted, I’ve effectively modeled random sampling here. I tested arbitrarily from the left, and worked my way to the right, with cases randomly distributed, and no pre-screening. With real world pre-screening, you’d expect some selection bias. People who have symptoms are more likely to seek & receive testing than people without symptoms.

However, any selection bias would remain fairly consistent over time (despite being influenced by shifting administrative policies deciding which people and how many people receive testing). Without an in-depth analysis, I’m quite certain a positive linear relationship still holds true in the real world, across time. I admit this is an assumption.

more testing = more cases

Crazy talk? Nope. Just common sense. It’s only funny if you don’t think about it for a second. Which is funny, too.

Ah, but when the media told us to laugh, we laughed. People are trained to soak in information without taking time to consider it. The average plumber is a better scientist than most scientists, because a plumber learns to think for himself.

Doesn’t matter how much you know, if you don’t have an ounce of common sense! Which brings us back to fake journalism.

The American media has been consistently presenting case numbers as if it were a meaningful way to measure COVID.

Case numbers only has meaning when we compare it to:
a) the number of tests – this gives the positivity rate
b) the total population – this gives the infection rate

Of course, the reliability of the PCR test for diagnosis is dicey, which makes the whole discussion of case numbers and case rates dicey. Reliance on inappropriate test parameters has been yielding inappropriate results. You’re not going to hear this from the NIH, NIAID, FDA, CDC, or the WHO, because they have a financial stake in a successful ongoing fear campaign leading to drug and vaccine implementation. The inventor of the PCR test said you can use PCR to “find anything in just about anything”. See video here. Then there’s the matter of presumed cases, which I’ll leave to medical professionals for comment.

Now, the CNBC article I quoted above DOES get into the positivity rate a bit, which is nice. They of course dance around the issue and paint a slanted picture of doom & gloom. As CNBC stated in their article, “However, public health specialists have repeatedly said the data does not indicate that increased testing accounts for the recent surge in daily new cases.”

Recent surge? It’s a joke and a sham. Here’s why:

Have a look at the following graph from the CDC (FYI- you can access the current graph here). This is data CNBC would have had access to back in June (for the relevant time period), so let’s use it for the sake of discussion.

Notice the solid black line, which represents Percent Positive. It peaked at just over 22% in early April, 2020. Then it dropped hard for five or six weeks, taking us into June. At the time the CNBC article was written (June 23, 2020), it looks like Percent Positive may have climbed again by three or four percent. Of course, I recall the media painting a horrifying picture by saying things like “case rates are up by an incredible 150% in this second surge“.

While that’s a true statement, I can present the same data differently by saying, “Positive test results are up just slightly in June, from 7% to 10%”. We can affect people emotionally by presenting data certain ways. Please be conscious of this next time you listen to the news.


Dudes? What the hell happened to the Influenza-Like Illnesses (green line) during the winter of 2020-2021? No flu cases this winter? Really? Or is COVID the new word for influenza? I see why doctors and nurses have been blowing the whistle about changes to diagnostic criteria.

Percent Positives for COVID are down compared with last Spring, yet the combined total deaths from influenza, pneumonia, and COVID are similar to those during the first wave of COVID. Okay. Is it truly a more lethal strain of COVID causing this, or is it pneumonia?….or is it actually the flu which nobody seems to be diagnosing this year? There isn’t enough data here to say, since everything is lumped together. Changes in diagnostic criteria and hospital admission trends have been obfuscating reality. See this statement from the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons for perspective.

Truth, honesty, openness, and science have been herded into a dark corner and told to shut the hell up.

Science may be dead, abused, or taboo today. Help bring back science by thinking for yourself. We are each as smart as the brightest scientist, and almost as clever as the handiest plumber.

I’m not saying we have the big picture completely wrong….but we do place far too much trust in “authoritative sources”. It’s crazy.

Turn off the TV news, step back, and breathe. Then curl up with some raw data and find the truth for yourself!

Take Care & God Bless,

 – Brandon

How Strong is a Cancer Cell?

Years ago, I was working as a geoscientist with an environmental & engineering firm. The job involved a lot of travel. I was home one Sunday in November when my mother called to tell me she’d been diagnosed with multiple myeloma (MM). This is a cancer which affects the way blood cells are produced.

It took a while to get over the shock. At that point, I started researching. Not much else to do when you live in hotels.

The more I learned, the less afraid I became. Let me tell you why.

First off, cancer is NOT a genetic disease.

You aren’t doomed to inherit your mother’s breast cancer, your father’s prostate cancer, or your grandfather’s lung cancer. Have you heard about “epigenetics”? It’s the fancy way to say “lifestyle choices matter”.

Epigenetic research shows we can change the expression of certain genes- essentially switching them on or off- simply by changing our lifestyle habits. Here’s an article on the history of epigenetics, and another describing how genes may be switched on or off.

We aren’t doomed. Cancer is the result of the habits we inherit; not just the genes we inherit. Salads and exercise were historically recognized as good medicine. Now, with epigenetics, science is re-learning what our grandparents knew all along.

Secondly, thanks to the work of people like Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg, we know cancer cells have a breathing problem.

Cancer can’t produce energy as easily as a healthy cell. It’s actually far less efficient. Cancer requires way more fuel (food) to produce energy. So when we fast, we place more stress on cancer cells than on healthy cells.

Cancer is also largely dependent on sugar (and some amino acids) to survive. Meanwhile, healthy cells can derive energy from fats. Various anti-cancer diets rely on these principles.

Thirdly, as much as nobody loves the idea of using chemotherapy, consider how it works. It’s “cytotoxic therapy”. Poison. If cancer cells were stronger than healthy cells, would this work? No! The healthy cells would die first. But normally what we see is cancer cells dying preferentially to healthy cells. Same thing goes for radiation treatment, to a lesser extent.

Ever stop and think about that?

Cancer cells are the weakest cells around.

They’re easier to starve, easier to poison, easier to kill. Period.

Cancer is not a genetic disease (and even if it were, we do have control over our genetic expression).

Over the years, I’ve learned many ways to take advantage of cancer’s multiple weaknesses naturally. This is how I help my clients today.

I’ve learned “The Big C” isn’t as terrifying when folks know what they’re up against. So rest easy!

Take Care & God Bless,

– Brandon

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#1 Reason to Try a Coach


Important: Are you sitting on a dream?

Is there one thing you’d really like to be doing right now, but there are too many obstacles?

Does it seem like your most important goals are always on the back burner?  Endlessly waiting for the “right time”?

Feeling stuck?

What’s the whole point of coaching?

It’s to find your best way forward.


Feeling a little bit stuck is the #1 reason to be working with coach.

This is where coaching really shines. We’re not going from bad to okay, but from good…to gooder. Grammar, go to hell.


Here’s a basic example of how it works. You may want to answer these questions:


1. Name one big dream you have in life.

Got it in mind?

Focus on it.



2, What’s your next thought?


It’s usually some sort of obstacle.

Think about that single obstacle. (If you thought of multiple obstacles, pick one and focus on it.)


3. What exactly makes this an obstacle?

Think about it. How exactly is this obstacle getting in your way?

And after you answer that…consider the next questions:

What other resources are you aware of which can help offset this obstacle?

How can you implement these resources?

How might this not actually be a true obstacle?


[end of example]


Certain questions can provide immense clarity on a topic. Even if these weren’t the perfect questions for your scenario, you probably got some new ideas along the way.


Do you believe your big dreams are important?

Are you actively chasing them?

Because the big dreams are everything. They’re what we are sent here to accomplish.

So for God’s sake (perhaps literally), work with a coach! Dream faster. And have more fun doing it.

Click here to schedule a session – I’ll follow up with you on the details!

Take Care & God Bless,

– Brandon

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Why You would want a Cancer Coach?

When I tell people I’m a cancer coach, a common response is “Eh, WTF is that”?

So once in a while I create another video or post describing why folks might want to use a cancer coach. Every cancer patient should have one.

A few reasons:

Because some people take more time shopping for a new car than shopping for a cancer treatment.

Because there is a wide range of helpful tools for cancer patients…and many people have no idea where to find them.

Because the techniques we teach can be safely used for prevention.

Because, when you see hospital systems using the words integrative, or Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM), you should realize it’s not a checkbox. It’s not just yes we have this or no we don’t. It’s a sliding scale of services. You may notice in most hospital systems today, integrative care includes acupuncture, music or art therapy, yoga, and perhaps a few other supportive services. While this is definitely positive progress, most places are still only scratching the surface when it comes to CAM techniques that help eliminate cancer.

Because people are prescribed therapies (usually chemotherapy) which have been scientifically proven to NOT work for their type of cancer. Before I began cancer coaching, I spent a decade working as an earth sciences consultant. Some of our medical practices for cancer rely on junk science. Well branded, well marketed, junk science.

Because, in this sea of options, which can quickly become overwhelming, a coach helps simplify everything. I never tell a client what to do, but I do help them decide.

What do I mean by “sea of options”?

Let’s say you want to find an herbal supplement that works against cancer. There are thousands of herbals out there. How do you know which to choose? How do you decide which combination is best? How do you decide how much to take, and when? It takes a ton of research. As a newly diagnosed cancer patient, you may not have the luxury of time to learn all this on your own. A coach helps.

And that’s just supplements. What about nutritional approaches? Which is best for you?

What about alternative therapies, such as hyperbaric oxygen? What about lifestyle changes you can do at home, like juicing? It’s easy to drive yourself crazy. A coach helps you make a plan you’ll actually live with (and enjoy doing).

Because beating cancer doesn’t have to be difficult, or overwhelming, or anxiety-ridden, or painful. A coach helps you find relief…and even joy. We’re here to help you heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

And because a coach enables you to do all of this on your own terms. Confidence is key!

Why wouldn’t you want a cancer coach?

Take Care & God Bless!
– Brandon

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Our Newest Form of Voter Suppression: Opacity.

A Better Way Forward

My blog usually covers health and healing. I’m addressing this topic because there are some threats we can’t afford to dismiss.

If you voted in the 2020 US election, you probably did so with an expectation of fairness.

I did.

And now, along with tens of millions of men and women and of all people the My Pillow guy, I’m seeing evidence of election rigging on a massive scale (keep reading for the links). This perspective, right or wrong, makes me hesitant to participate in future elections.

Par for the course these days, when so many feel as though they have no voice.

If you’re thinking, “good, you loonies won’t be voting in 2022!”, I understand. Enjoy your victory today. But remember- this sword cuts both ways. There’s no guarantee it will favor your own position in the future. This is why fairness in elections is so important.

Our courts and legislatures- with help from the media- have failed to address many outstanding concerns including a sworn affidavit from the Italian courts, a detailed mathematical analysis by Senate hopeful Dr. Ayyadurai, apparent vote-switching caught on live news feeds (a candidate’s vote tally actually decreased in at least one instance), and the blocking of long-time poll observers from serving their role. Not a partisan observation, by the way. The list goes on.

We can all bury our heads in the sand along with any realistic expectation of self-governance. Or we can face this problem.

What I want next time is Transparency.

We need physical ballots, with physical records. Those records should have complete chain-of-custody & safeguarding procedures. We need physical local votes and counts, in the open, for all eyes to see. We need an open, shared database where those local results are compiled all the way up to the national level. Everyone should be able to see the math at every level.

And yes, we need robust voter identification. Here in Pennsylvania, the ID requirements to buy a bottle of red wine are more thorough than the requirements to vote. This invites fraud.

Help make this a work in progress.
Please offer your own thoughts, insights, and suggestions in the comments.

Take Care & God Bless,
(I still love this country….”Merikuh!”)

– Brandon

Mistletoe for Cancer

Mistletoe (Iscador) has been used in Germany for a long time as an adjuvant therapy for cancer. Over the years, I’ve read multiple studies that showed significant results (not just statistically significant; I’m talking about results that may actually be meaningful to the cancer patient). Do your own research, as usual. Here’s a search result page to get you started.

The reason for this brief post today is to share some good news: Mistletoe therapy is currently offered at the Riordian Clinic in Kansas. Check them out.

Thanks & God Bless,

– Brandon
earth scientist, cancer coach, Reiki practitioner

Five Basics of Natural Cancer Healing

This is not medical advice or medical information. This is information about the natural ability known as healing!


If you’ve been following my blog or videos, you already know I don’t rely solely on a “miracle cure”, whether conventional or natural. There are many ways to attack cancer, and they work best in concert.

So in this post, I’d like to outline five components of a complete holistic approach to beating cancer: nutrition, oxygenation, The Triangle, detoxification, and anti-cancer foods.

1. Nutrition

Cancer is a metabolic disease, rooted in mitochondrial dysfunction. For a great explanation, see this article from Dr. Mercola.

Proper nutrition is just like selecting the right fuel for your car.

Better Fuel –> Better Combustion –> Better Performance (less waste & more energy)

Diet alone can have a tremendous impact on cancer. This is the basis for Gerson Therapy and many other nutritional approaches.

We help avoid or eliminate cancer by reducing processed foods, commercial dairy, and meat.

We can also fight cancer by paying attention to WHEN we eat, and timing the use of certain nutritional supplements.

2. Oxygenation

Continuing with the analogy of fuel, remember: oxygen is necessary for proper combustion. A century ago, Otto Warburg noticed he could induce cancer metabolism in cells by depriving them of oxygen.

There are various ways to improve your oxygenation including exercise, hyperbaric oxygen, pulsed electromagnetic frequency therapy (pEMF), and eating more raw vegetables- I usually think of leafy greens and beets.

If you’re doing chemotherapy or radiation, you may want to use foods or supplements which improve blood cell counts. This will help you maintain normal energy levels during treatment, partly by keeping you oxygenated.

3. Emotional & Spiritual Healing

There are anecdotes of people who initially failed to improve during treatment, yet recovered fully after they had a sudden shift in mindset, or made a meaningful lifestyle change. How is this possible?

Well, “Stress leads to inflammation … and inflammation leads to disease“, as noted by the folks over at Nutritional Frontiers. Yes! Well said!

Three Connected Aspects of Being & Wellness

In the holistic view, healing happens in our Body, Mind, and Soul. All at once. Picture it like a balanced triangle. Everything we do to nurture one, nurtures the others. Grow the triangle.

I love walking in nature.
For me, it’s a physical, emotional, and spiritual experience.

You can ask yourself, “What empowers me on all three levels“?
Then GIFT yourself the time to do it!!

Put time for healing on your calendar, if that’s what it takes.

4. Detoxification

I realize this probably isn’t news to anyone reading this blog…but yeah.

Our bodies eliminate waste through urine, feces, breathing, and even through the skin. A complete holistic health plan assists these natural processes.

Remember, cancer burns fuel very poorly, creating excess waste (up to 20x more waste than healthy tissue)! If you have cancer, help your body clear the waste. Otherwise, it can build up and cause other problems.

About detox… It doesn’t have to come in the form of a coffee enema (although these can be extremely helpful). It can be as simple as drinking enough purified water to allow your body to flush unwanted materials. Exercise moves the lymph for waste removal. There’s a wide variety of alternative approaches for detox. Hit me up for ideas, or ask your local naturopath / health coach.

Detox is especially important when a cancer treatment is working well! As tumors die off, we should be helping the liver, lymph, pancreas, and kidneys as they remove or recycle cellular material.

Many conventional cancer therapies are toxic. It can be helpful to give your liver some extra love during cancer treatment. Avoid alcohol and processed sugar. Consider using the herb milk thistle or other substances to support liver function & repair.

Thinking back to the triangle above, you may realize there’s also a whole realm of emotional and spiritual detox. It’s often helpful to address the things buried deep within that may be eating at us. There are many ways to do this: meditation, reflection, conversation, therapy, prayer, etc. Personally, I love Reiki.

5. Anti-Cancer Foods and Supplements

Nature contains everything we need for survival & healing. At least one chemotherapy drug is modeled directly from a plant substance. Some people still insist there’s no way to use plants to heal.

I mention this because I see a lot of disinformation tactics used by medical corporations and even non-profit groups for cancer.

Bottom line: there are many well-documented natural substances with anti-cancer effects (to get a sense of this, do an internet search for the phrase “apoptosis ginger”).

Every one of us is different, enjoys different foods, and is willing- or unwilling- to make different lifestyle changes. No problem. I help people decide which of these approaches best fit their needs and preferences.

Why this matters to me:

Too many people who have cancer go through the motions of conventional treatment without any clue how to heal. For some of them, sure, it’s no big deal: conventional treatment will be enough, and they tolerate it well.

For others, conventional treatment takes a huge toll on their physical, social, and emotional well-being. Conventional treatment alone may NOT be enough to provide the outcome they hope for. In these cases, I find myself thinking, “if only they knew ALL their options”. These people obviously benefit from having a cancer coach.

And then there are people who fall somewhere in between. Those whose treatment is going well, but then again, the side effects are disruptive. Natural healing approaches can reduce or even eliminate the negative effects of conventional cancer therapy.

Finally, with national & global cancer rates as high as they are, we can always consider using these approaches preventatively….Take your pick!

Have a very good day,

– Brandon

Scientist, Reiki Healer, Certified Holistic Cancer Coach

available for coaching / Reiki / intuitive energy work, by appointment