A Short & Sweet Daily Mantra

This little morning mantra was delivered during a Reiki session. It offers a daily boost for anyone working in the healing arts, medicine, counseling, therapy, or any other profession in service to others. Best served with coffee or tea!

“For one more day, I offer my hands and heart as a perfect and true extension of God’s Love.  I do this gratefully and faithfully, setting aside every fear, releasing all doubt”.

[[Not looking for a mantra that uses the word “God”? You can instead say, “Universal Love” or “Unconditional Love”. Make it your own.]]

And that’s the crux of it. Personally, I may close out this particular mantra with the repetition, “I am, I am, I am”.


“For my highest & best, and for the highest & best of All. So it is.”

How to use this mantra:

Speak this mantra each morning to acknowledge you won’t be facing your day alone. (Not even close!)

When we affirm our connection with a higher power (aka Source, aka God), we accept our gifts while letting go of everything outside our control.

Sometimes as healers, we forget to consider our own needs. When you say this mantra, remember to feel that beautiful Love expanding inward…not just outward!

Take Care & God Bless,
– Brandon Novogradac
Earth Scientist, Holistic Cancer Coach, Reiki Master / Teacher

Five Reasons to Love Reiki

Five Reasons to Love Reiki

1) Relaxation

If there’s one thing everyone agrees on about Reiki, this is probably it:

We leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and renewed! Most people who hop off the table say something like, “Wow…I feel so peaceful”, or “This is the most relaxed I’ve felt in years”.

For some people, this deep relaxation alone seals the deal. There’s that movie quote, “You had me at hello“.

For others, relaxation is just the beginning.

2) Reduced Pain

Incredibly, Reiki reduces physical and emotional pain.

Crush your hand with a heavy object at work? Try Reiki, and you may be amazed (yes, speaking from personal experience here!).

And if you’re grappling with a sense of loss or despair you just can’t seem to shake? Good news there, too.

A triangle with sides labelled "physical", "emotional", and "spiritual".
We are physical, emotional, and energetic beings.

Every emotion we experience is tied to our energy system. By releasing energies of loss, hopelessness, sorrow, and regret, we can allow the expansion of Gratitude and other higher vibrational energies. When we combine Reiki with mindfulness (conscious exploration of our own mental processes), we can shift our emotional state toward Joy.

3) Expanded Self Awareness

Reiki gives us insight into our own thought processes, physical habits, and energetic patterns so we can:

  1. accept ourselves fully; or,
  2. choose to change.

It also helps us build faith by reminding us we’re all connected…to the loving source of all things.

You are never alone.

We are one.

In this way, our self-awareness, self-trust, and our faith are tied closely together.

Reiki is not a religion…phrases like “the Loving Source of all” is about as dogmatic as it gets! Notice how you can apply this phrase, “the Loving Source of all” to most- if not all- of the religions on the planet, and it fits. Reiki is religion-neutral. Yet at the same time, we can view it as a form of prayer or communion. Meanwhile, an atheist might view Reiki as similar to acupuncture without the needles; a purely physical, mechanistic phenomenon. And so be it! The truth is truly a matter of perspective.

4) Heightened Perspective

Just as Reiki helps us understand our selves, it also helps us relate to others. When we acknowledge one another’s motivations, limitations, talents, and virtues- when we focus on accepting ourselves and each other the way we are– we’re far less likely to judge people unfairly, become frustrated, or grow impatient.

This changes everything about our important relationships.

“Heightened perspective” also includes the way we perceive the events of our own lives (past, present, & future). Reiki enables us to take a wide view of the path we’ve chosen to travel. We learn to see things from a place of optimism, gratitude, faith, trust, and abundance.

This is one of many ways in which this practice expands our sense of Peace.

5) As a Source of Inspiration

Whether or not we’ve done energy work previously, there’s just something new and inspiring that comes with every experience of Reiki. It’s literally never the same thing twice.

Every session offers some new perspective, new direction, or a new way to approach old challenges. I challenge you to end a Reiki session without feeling very excited for whatever comes next!

Reiki reminds us that after each session has ended, that “same-old-life” we’ll be returning to- out there in the physical world- is actually exciting! It’s full of hope and opportunity and perfection. Full of purpose. Fulfillment. Love. Connection. Peace. It always was. It always will be. It just is.

Each of us is infinitely blessed in each and every moment to be a tiny part of this huge, miraculous jumble.

Take Care & God Bless,
(whatever that means to you in this moment!)

– Brandon Novogradac
Earth Scientist, Holistic Cancer Coach, Reiki Master / Teacher

If this sounds like the kind of shift in perspective you could learn to live with, head over to the Reiki page!

Imagine if Natural Cures Were Illegal!


Oh, wait! They ARE illegal!

Here in the USA, anyway.

And WHY are natural cures illegal?!

Because the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is run by the same individuals who have served or will serve on the boards of directors at huge pharmaceutical companies.

Those companies and individuals would have a much harder time making f*ckloads of money if YOU knew you could cure illness by using fruits or vegetables.

If a scientist discovers a natural cure here in the USA, yes, they CAN publish their study results in a scientific journal.

But that’s where it ends.

Let’s say the natural cure they find is based on grape seeds. Well, the GRAPE PRODUCERS are not allowed to tell you about any specific cure on the bags of grapes. They can only make vague general statements, like “grapes may support normal cellular function”. If they went into any practical level of detail, the FDA would make it a point to f*ck them sideways.

The TELEVISION STATIONS? Legally, they could air the grape seed story, but they will not. Why? Because a huge portion of their advertising revenue comes from NEW PHARMACEUTICALS. They’d lose money if they aired news stories about natural healing. So YOU are NOT going to hear about it on TV.

Same thing goes for major radio networks, and online “journalism”.

Social media? Nope. Big Tech is so intertwined with the pharmaceutical interests at this point that they may as well be one and the same.

In fact, they ARE one and the same.

Let’s look at Alphabet, the parent company of Google and YouTube. Alphabet also owns Verily Life Sciences, which has partnered with pharmaceutical giants such as GlaxoSmithKline. Do you think this might influence the algorithms they use to determine which health-related content is shown (or banned) on YouTube? Or on Google search results?

These folks have a vested interest- billions of dollars’ worth- in you NOT knowing how to heal naturally! They’d love for you to remain dependent on pharmaceuticals.

Natural cures can’t be patented. They’re generally low-cost to produce and purchase. In many cases, you could conceivably grow your own.

There’s just no money in natural cures.

Which is exactly why natural cures are illegal.

Whether natural cures work or not is a completely separate question, as far as the FDA is concerned. The FDA couldn’t care less if a grape seed has ever actually cured anyone…they simply don’t give a damn about that.

High profits are prioritized over your health (by your government and the drug cartel) every single day. Literally. This is not “conspiracy theory”. Nor is it hyperbole. Take a look for yourself over at the FDA’s website: this should tell you everything you need to know.

Do your own health research, and/or work with a guide. I’m here to help if you need it!

Take Care & God Bless,

– Brandon Novogradac
Career Scientist, Certified Holistic Cancer Coach, Reiki Master

COVID Vaccine Mandates Are Driven by Fear

We’re living in a paradox. The people who are fully vaccinated against COVID19 are the ones who fear catching the disease the most.

Meanwhile, the unvaccinated are roaming around without much apparent worry.

If you were one of the folks who rushed out to get an experimental COVID19 jab, here’s a sincere question: Did you expect (or at least hope) it would offer good protection against COVID? Wasn’t that the whole point of getting a vaccine to begin with?

And if the vaccine provides adequate protection, then how do we explain why so many fully-vaccinated individuals are now avoiding the unvaccinated, as though the unvaxxed are bloodthirsty vampires?

Here’s the explanation I hear on the news:

“Because if you are unvaccinated, you’re high-risk for COVID19, and you’re absolutely going to spread it to everyone around you”.

This is where the logic starts to do weird figure-eights.

Let’s suppose the above reasoning is correct: you’re more likely to get COVID from an unvaxxed individual.

Alright then. A hypothetical:

Let’s say you’re vaccinated, and you’ve received a case of COVID from a selfishly unjabbed person.

Is it possible to feel NO symptoms? Yes.

Is it possible to feel MILD symptoms? Yes.

Is it possible to get a SEVERE case? Yes.

Is it possible to DIE? Yes.

Well okay. That explains why the vaxxed are still afraid of the unvaxxed then, doesn’t it?

But then, why aren’t the vaxxed still afraid of the vaxxed?

Are they living in a false sense of security? Or a false sense of superiority, perhaps?

After all, if you believe the fully-vaccinated can get seriously ill or even die from the virus, then you must realize their viral load can be more than sufficient to transmit the virus.

Some readers at this point will be thinking “but the vaccinated get less sick, less often than the unvaccinated”. Apparently not significantly less, though, if the fully-vaxxed still need to fear COVID19. That’s just common sense. More on this later.

So does the vaccine protect you? Or not?

My question to the vaccinated is the same as it’s always been:

Are you protected, or aren’t you?

[I realize the true answer may be, “I’m 50% protected by the vaccine”. So, how much is 50% protection actually worth? That’s like a soldier wearing half their body armor and thinking, “good enough”! Half-protected is not a 1:1 substitute for fully-protected. You’re either damn-near fully protected, or you aren’t.]

So with that in mind:

If you ARE fully protected from the virus, it shouldn’t matter how many people you’re in a room with. It shouldn’t matter how many of them are currently carrying COVID, or how many of them have cloth facemasks on. It shouldn’t matter how many of the people in the room have been vaccinated. If you’re fully protected, why would you care?

And if you AREN’T fully protected by the vaccine, then maybe it’s time to get off your high horse, because you can still carry COVID (and get really sick and die from it, apparently). Which means you can obviously still transmit COVID. Which means you are still a threat to everyone around you.

Same as the unvaccinated.

And what does this mean about all those other fully-vaccinated people? It means they too are still a threat to you and everyone else in the room.

Same as the unvaccinated.

None of us are special. Sorry.

So why would you specifically avoid people who haven’t received the vaccine? If you still fear COVID that much, you obviously need to avoid everyone.

“But we know the risk associated with a fully vaccinated person is far, far lower than that of an unvaccinated person”.

Yeah, okay, I keep hearing that on the news, too. How much lower is the risk, though, really? Fifty percent vaccine efficacy seems to be the commonly accepted value these days. So instead of having a 99.9% chance to recover from the disease, now you’d have a 99.95% chance. Congratulations. I can do that with vitamins, sunlight, sleep, laughter, prayer, and exercise.

Speaking of which, have you noticed the deep silence from the media about maintaining healthy habits during a pandemic? Natural immunity is never discussed either. Makes sense, right?

Excuse the tangent. Let’s talk viral transmission:

Last summer, there were reports that the relative viral load between vaxxed and unvaxxed folks was similar upon exposure to COVID19 (this contradicts what has been reported by the mainstream news stations, unsurprisingly). If true, this suggests transmission rates are nearly indistinguishable between these two groups. Then there’s this claim that viral load is actually higher in the vaccinated. I hesitate to take any of this reporting (mainstream or not) at face-value. That phrase, “Trust the Science” is an inside joke among scientists.

What trends in transmission can we observe personally? I know people who tell me fully-vaccinated folks have been spreading the virus at their fully-vaccinated workplaces this winter.

Meanwhile, there are situations like this:

A few months ago, a fully-vaccinated person told me she was afraid to be near me (I was not fully-vaxxed). She was planning to visit her vaccinated friends the next day, and seemed to think she’d somehow grab COVID19 from me and vector it to those friends. But if a vaxxed person can transmit the disease to other vaxxed people, they obviously don’t need an unvaxxed person to start the cascade of transmission for them, do they? Think about it. They could just as easily catch COVID from any other random fully-vaccinated person on the planet, and continue the cascade that way.

This is just common sense.

Yet she decided to treat me differently (like I was a bloodthirsty vampire). I didn’t bother trying to debate.

None of this is logical at this point; it’s just pure hysteria. People are programmed to be in a state of fear, and they’ve stopped thinking.

Which brings us back to the issue of vaccine mandates.

Following from the logic above:

If vaccines ARE highly protective, then vaccinated individuals are NOT at significant risk (and unvaccinated individuals have accepted their risk by declining offers of vaccination) making mandates and vaccine passports largely unnecessary for everyone involved.

If vaccines ARE NOT highly protective (which seems to be the real-world scenario here) then if we’re being honest, we’d admit that vaccine mandates and passports are useless.

Finally, the elephant in the room:

The international drug cartel has the brains and education to understand all this, yet continues pushing their compulsory global vaccination wet-dreams, hard.

So there’s a choice to make.

You can let this frenzied, media-induced COVID19 hysteria sweep you along, aiding a global agenda which is obviously NOT rooted in public health- despite “health” being the stated goal. You would be supporting an undisclosed agenda, be it good or bad.

Or, you can start saying “No” to all these bullshit-artist tyrants who talk smooth, dress nice, and falsely claim to be the saviors of humankind.

Take Care & God Bless,

– Brandon Novogradac
Career Earth Scientist, Certified Holistic Cancer Coach, Reiki Master

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Blue Guns Only!

Picture a man named Marvin. He’s a bouncer at the Lucky Frog Club, in Yuppie City. It’s his job to keep the patrons & staff of the Lucky Frog safe. One of the ways he does this is to make sure nobody sneaks in with a red gun. Everybody knows red guns are dangerous.

“Dangerous as fuck”, as Marvin would tell you. “The only SAFE gun is a BLUE gun.”, he’d say.

If he were still with us, that is.

See, last night, Marvin was on duty again at the Frog. He stopped a lot of people from entering the building with red guns. No red gun ever escaped his notice. Lots of folks came in with blue guns, but of course Marvin knew blue guns were not a problem, because management had made that fact totally clear through repetitive programming during his training. “Red guns”, they’d said, “are far too dangerous to be allowed in public”.

Well, somehow, twelve people still got killed with bullets down at the Frog last night, and sadly, Marvin was among the victims.

So listen: In Marvin’s honor, Yuppie City is asking everyone to double down on their commitment to keep red guns out of establishments like the Lucky Frog. Your mantra needs to be: “BLUE GUNS ONLY.” This is life and death, so anything less is irrational and irresponsible. People who still carry red guns despite all the government warnings? They need to grow up, yesterday.

The Moral of the Story

…is probably best said using a table:

Table 1

Notice- if you haven’t already- that the defining safety characteristic of a thing has no bearing on whether or not it is allowed in the Lucky Frog.

Actually, let’s add another column to the above table. Maybe…just maybe…we can drive this point home for our brainwashed friends (like poor, dead Marvin):

Table 2

For those who don’t do tables well

let me put this into words:

If you and your friend can both carry COVID and spread it to other people, then why the hell is one of you allowed into a building while the other is not?

And if you don’t understand the reasoning behind vaccine passports, perhaps you should speak up now, because as a matter of fact there IS NO reasoning.

Well, wait.

There’s no reasoning grounded in improving public health, at least. Which leaves us to speculate, then, doesn’t it?

If the PURPOSE of vaccine passports is NOT public health, then what IS the purpose?

Control? Gradual depopulation? Both? Something else?

I don’t know. I’m just clear-eyed enough to know it sure as heck isn’t about my safety, or yours, or grandma’s, or anyone else’s.

What we have here is a bad case of Blue Guns Only. Ask Marvin how that worked out.

On a related note, I help people train themselves to maintain top-notch immune system function and still have fun once in a while. Hit me up if you need this service.

Take Care, God Bless.
Scientist, Private Cancer Consultant, Reiki Practitioner

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Natural Cancer Prevention

The Why (& How) of Natural Cancer Prevention

Webinar – November 17, 2021 @ 7pm EST

As you may already know, cancer is a metabolic disease.

In other words, the way cancer cells convert food into energy is broken. ….Very broken.

As we say, “cancer has a breathing problem”.

This applies to every type, stage, and location of cancer.

The good news- when we’re talking about prevention and treatment- is that we don’t need to focus on genetics. That can be a daunting task! Instead, we can shift the metabolic state of our body, helping the cancer either self-repair or self-destruct.

There are other ways to take advantage of the unique weaknesses of cancer cells. In stark contrast to the majority of current-day medical treatments for cancer (surgery, chemo, immunotherapy, radiation), most metabolic and nutritional techniques also contribute to the overall health of the entire body.

In this webinar, I will briefly explain how & why lifestyle changes are quite possibly the solution to the problem.

This is a free educational event. Please register at the events page.

I hope to see you there!

– Brandon
Scientist, Reiki Master, Certified Holistic Cancer Coach
email: brandon@pathlifecoaching.net

Some Good Rat Fence

An Allegory

Mice were getting into our potato cellar again. In fact, there were so many mice that season, our old cat Bitesy couldn’t keep up with them. Our neighbor said, “Why don’t you get another cat”? But we knew that wouldn’t work, because Mr. Furcifur at the lawncare store- whom everyone regarded as an expert when it came to mouse infestations- assured us what we actually needed was some good Rat Fence. Mr. Furcifur said that until we installed Rat Fence, we could rest assured this mouse problem of ours would only get worse.

I must tell you at this point that Mr. Furcifur wasn’t just any old lawn care expert. He had spent half a lifetime raising and studying mice. He knew them like his own children.

So of course it didn’t take us long at all to follow his advice. In two days’ time, a shiny new Rat Fence was installed all around our yard. Our youngest son finished the last step- applying a special, sticky poison coating- right before supper. We breathed easier that night, and indeed for the next week.

Sure, Bitesy still managed to catch a mouse a few days later, but we figured the Rat Fence probably had slowed the tiny thing down enough to give old Bitesy plenty of time to nab it.

And of course, the week after that, we noticed some nibbles in our potatoes. But the nibbles didn’t look as bad as they’d been before we got the Rat Fence. So we knew we’d made the right decision installing it.

Still, our goal was no mice at all. So after two weeks, we went back to Mr. Furcifur to ask what else we should do.

“Hmmmm….” he pondered for a moment with a frown. “Ah, yes. I forgot to tell you last time you visited my shop: Double up for Maximum Protection! It’s been two weeks, you say? Perfect timing, then…one more Rat Fence ought to do it”!

Sure enough, as we carted our second Rat Fence to the checkout counter, we noticed in the bottom right corner of the package it clearly stated,


(Of course, there was also the usual statement which said “Known to the State of California to cause permanent death in certain populations”. Mr. Furcifur explained it was undoubtedly referring to mouse populations. Thank God for Mr. Furcifur!)

It was easier to install the second row of fencing. We had already cleared vegetation and loosened earth for the first Rat Fence, so this new one slid in just fine. Those fences looked amazing! We slept our best sleep that night just knowing they were out in the yard, keeping us safe.

By this time, some other people in town had installed their own Rat Fences, too. We tried to tell our next-door neighbor about it, but as usual, he was convinced his cats would handle the mice. He said he also had “special containers” to protect his potatoes….whatever that meant! We asked Mr. Furcifur about that, who told us, “Mice are clever. They always outsmart lazy, stupid cats….and infiltrate flimsy old containers of all kinds”. We laughingly agreed, seeing how old Bitesy had only been catching some of the mice. It definitely seemed senseless to depend on containers when you could just as soon have some good Rat Fence.

Strangely enough, on the news that evening, they showed videos of mice getting into containers of all kinds. Truly horrifying!

A couple more weeks passed, and Bitesy was looking lazier than ever. We knew the cat must have been getting quite bored without many mice to chase!

I must say, though, as amazing as those Rat Fences were, we still noticed some nibbles in our potatoes. Not to worry though….we had an expert in town.

“Your neighbors….have they got Rat Fence?”, asked Mr. Furcifur when we once more sought his guidance. “Well, yes”, we said….”Some of them, anyway”. But we explained about the man next door with his stupid cats and crazy boxes.

“Ah, yes, I remember you saying about him. Irresponsible brute”.

“You see,” he continued, as he circled the checkout counter holding a strange device that looked like a small vacuum cleaner. The thing made a soft, continuous wesshhhhh sound. “These Rat Fences protect your yard….but of course, mice can still come from your neighbor’s yard…if they haven’t got Rat Fence”.

We exchanged silent, horrified glances at the obvious truth of this statement. How could we have been so blind?

“Yes…” he said, waving the odd device in our direction, “Your mouse problem will persist…and likely only worsen, so long as your neighbors do not install Rat Fence in their yards, too”.

“What is that thing?” I asked him.

“Oh what, this?” he replied, hoisting the device upward quickly. We could tell it was indeed drawing air, as it tugged invisibly at a loose strand of his long, curly hair. “It’s a Rat Sniffer….to ensure you have not brought any mice here with you”.

At that, we immediately became very worried. How careless we’d been! What if we’d carried mice into the lawncare shop?

A few tense, dreadful moments passed as Mr. Furcifur swept the device back and forth in our vicinity. Then, suddenly…

“Good”, he said, “Very good…they haven’t discovered how to hitch a ride yet”. We exhaled together, then laughed, but I suspect Mr. Furcifur could still see the worry on our faces. This was clearly far more serious than we’d been treating it.

Over the next month, we talked with our ignorant neighbor about getting Rat Fence. We told him everything that Mr. Furcifur had told us. We even gave him a Rat Fence brochure, so he could get the right facts, straight from the manufacturer. But he was always antagonistic, stubborn and suspicious, asking stupid questions about the holes in the Rat Fence, and what kind of poison it used, and the most annoying question of all: “How has it been working for you“?


“Rat Fence”, we would too-patiently explain, “only works when everyone has one, because if mice can get into your yard, they will eventually get from your yard into our yard”! Why was this so hard for him to understand? We had done our part. It wasn’t fair for him not to do his.

A week after old Bitesy died (from a mouse-borne illness, as we understand it) some executives from Rat Fence came to speak to our town council. Apparently, Mr. Furcifur had helped their company out in the past, so he pulled some strings to make the visit happen. They were quite knowledgeable, polite, and very patient, explaining the importance of everyone having Rat Fence. Finally, we were going to see the end of this mouse war! Our dumb neighbor would surely see the light. The solution was just so obvious.

Best yet, our town was going to get financial help to make it all possible.

Well, we vastly underestimated our neighbor’s stubbornness, selfishness, and stupidity. He said (in that know-it-all tone of his), “Well MY potatoes are fine”. Oh. My. God. He even had the audacity to explain how he had “stopped the mice” using cats and his dumb boxes. Whatever. We could see the truth: he was reaping the benefits of OUR Rat Fence, but didn’t want to do his part. Pathetic.

Not knowing what else to do, we petitioned the town council to fine people who didn’t have TWO Rat Fences in their yard. “There’s no more room for irresponsibility and baseless conspiracy theories”, we pleaded. Luckily, reason won the day. The council moved in our favor. They declared that anyone without Rat Fence would be required to wear a Rat Sniffer and never leave their house without a written one-hour permit from the fire chief.

Eventually, our neighbor violated the Mouse Control Ordinance, and was put to death by drowning, in accord with the new law. Good riddance.

The new neighbors? They are a dream come true! An answered prayer, really. They bake brownies, host cookouts, always wave hello, and they have two rows of Rat Fence in their yard.

And the mice? Ha! We don’t have mouse problems any more. Once in a while something (definitely not a mouse because that’s technically impossible according to the experts) seems to take a nibble at one of our potatoes….but we can rest easy now, knowing we’re all fully protected.

The End

– Brandon
Scientist, Cancer Consultant / Educator
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How We Know the Vaccine is a Huge Success!!


First of all, because “vaccination” doesn’t prevent COVID transmission;

…and it doesn’t prevent COVID infection;

…and it doesn’t prevent COVID death.

So far, so good, right?

Moving on:
Because severity of subsequent COVID-19 infection increases over time, post-injection, according to Pfizer study documentation….Yes, INcreases.

Because these COVID vaccines have been correlated with more deaths in just eight months than every other vaccine combined over the previous thirty years.

Studies have estimated (not proven) that the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) under-records events by a factor of ten to one-hundred. This lines up with the testimony of hospital workers who’ve been warning the public about gross under-reporting of vaccine adverse events. This is not new.

At the time of this writing, over 16,000 deaths have been correlated with COVID vaccines via the VAERS system. Roughly one-third to three-eighths of these deaths occurred in the USA; the balance of deaths occurred out-of-country. Remember: multiply by a factor of at least ten to estimate the actual number of deaths. This brings the actual worldwide death count between 160,000 and 1,600,000 in less than one year.

But still. If you watch cable news, you know this vaccine works so well and is so safe that until everyone has it, even those who are already fully vaccinated are still not safe at all.

Fear, much?

Yes. We know everything about this vaccine must be magical, because it sure as hell isn’t logical.

Who doesn’t love magic?


Because Fauci is awesome.

Because Fauci helped offshore U.S. funds for gain-of-function virus research at the Wuhan Lab.

…Because that type of research was illegal in the USA.

…Because that type of research might have been used to create bioweapons, and the risk to humanity was thought to outweigh any benefits.

…meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic is commonly believed to have begun in Wuhan.

Odd, that.

Fauci and others subsequently ghost-wrote a paper dismissing the lab leak theory. They suggested we should be blaming COVID-19 on a Chinese food market and a bat.

Coincidentally, bats and bat viruses were being studied at the Wuhan Lab, too.

Odd, that!

Fauci denied any knowledge of such research when he testified before US Congress; this may sound like perjury to you, because it is.

Because Fauci stands to gain financially from the vaccine, thanks to royalties on patents held by his employer, NIAID. These patents are apparently being used in the majority of the COVID-19 jabs.

Because Fauci is awesome.


Because organizations like the CDC, NIH, NIAID, and FDA are known for cozy relationships with the pharmaceutical industry. It is not unheard of for a bigwig to leave the FDA, only to be hired for a multi-million dollar salary by one of the great pharmaceutical giants. This is how we know everything is being done on the up-and-up. Yes, that’s sarcasm.

Oh, and because these organizations have been doing really fun, kinky and twisted stuff with data collection, characterization, and presentation in order to manipulate public perception. The CDC has been brilliant at this game.

The premier of New South Wales, Australia recently resigned amid allegations that she’d been taking bribe money from lobbyists in exchange for actively encouraging soul-crushing lockdowns on the people of that land.

Even deeper down the rabbit hole, the leaders of Haiti and Tanzania- who were both anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine- both died under arguably mysterious circumstances. Makes you wonder if it happened because they refused a similar bribe. But that’s just speculation…


Moderna has no track record at all; this is apparently their first vaccine.

Meanwhile Pfizer is literally the “most-sued” corporation on the planet. No, really! Look it up.  This includes damages from criminal lawsuits.

Vaccine manufacturers are not liable for any harm caused by their vaccine products.


Because the Lancet published a fake study to smear HCQ. This study used a huge amount of faked data to conclude that HCQ was a worthless and dangerous intervention for COVID-19. This had the effect of stopping a potentially helpful therapy, worldwide.

This is likely just one example, of many.


Because the WHO relied on this fraudulent Lancet study to shape global COVID policy.

Because the WHO didn’t change their policy recommendations, even after the fraudulent study was discovered by vigilant scientists and fully retracted by the Lancet.

annnnnd, Because the WHO is largely funded by Bill Gates’ charitable organizations.


Well, because Bill Gates said in a TED Talk how easy it would be to reduce world population “if we do a good job with health care and vaccines”.

Because it is rumored that Bill Gates comes from a family that values population reduction- aka eugenics- and was involved in the formation of Planned Parenthood.

(side note: I’m not saying global population reduction is a bad idea; I just wonder if we should find a better way than the time-tested approaches of stealthily poisoning, murdering, and sterilizing one another.)


Because the media runs a lot of pharmaceutical ads, so they’re under constant pressure to push “the proper narrative” which equates to “you’d better help us sell these drugs because we sign half your paychecks b**ches”.

Oh, and then there’s listener-supported National Public Radio (NPR). Pay attention to the charitable organizations funding their “programming”, and see who funds & runs those charitable organizations. You’ll start to see some familiar pharmaceutical-linked, global domination oriented faces. So yeah. NPR is essentially Fox News, with special flavoring added to entice the over-educated.


Oh, boy.

Because if you post anything like this on social media, you get fact-checked & shadow-banned,

Or banned outright.

You definitely get fact-checked and shadow-banned for mentioning the existence of science that runs counter-narrative.

In fact, these days we have a special term for actual science posted online by individuals who don’t agree with the mainstream news of the day: “disinformation”.

annnd because multiple leading experts in their field, including Robert Malone (the co-inventor of mRNA vaccine technology), have been banned from social media for speaking out against the experimental jabs.

So why not get yourself another experimental jab as soon as possible?

Only you can answer that question.

Take care & God Bless,

Brandon Novogradac
science consultant, holistic cancer coach, Reiki practitioner

The Key to Save Humanity

Why does humanity need saving?

Arguably there’s a long list, but it boils down to this: People are waiting for their “leaders” to do the right thing, believing that things will improve for the rest of us without any real effort or fundamental change on our part.

Meanwhile, power in society creeps nearer and nearer to the top of a hierarchical system.

You may remember a time when there were locally owned retail stores. Nowadays there are big-box chain stores selling nearly every imaginable item.

There used to be independent doctors scattered throughout our towns. Nowadays, most doctors seem to collect their paychecks from large, regional hospital systems.

I’m certain we could identify similar trends in law enforcement, education, media, telecommunications, and government.

Is this a bad thing? No, and yes. On one hand, the concentration of power- and the concurrent pooling of resources- increases efficiency. That’s great.

On the other hand, it means power is being removed from the commoner (folks like you and I) and transferred into the hands of those at the top of society. This wouldn’t a bad thing either, if those at the top were placing their own interests on an equal level with each other person’s interests. For anyone with eyes open, it’s clear we don’t live in a world where that’s the case. Politics in particular has become a pay-to-play system, full of revolving doors and agency capture.

This top-down power structure is NOT serving the masses. The masses are serving the top.

So then, what’s the key to saving humanity?

You just need to take back your power.

“….but how?”

First, by realizing that we have been subconsciously programmed to be mindless, soulless cogs in a hierarchical machine. Workers have bosses, and those bosses have bosses, and so on, all the way up the chain. This creates a top-down system in which each worker, for the sake of fitting in and going with the flow, learns to subjugate their own wisdom, ideas, preferences, and yes, even their conscience. People who serve this hierarchical power structure forget that ultimately they are accountable for their own choices and actions. They often feel compelled to act in the interests of the organization, even when they find their own actions morally objectionable.

As an extreme example of this system at work: Imagine grabbing an assault rifle, hopping onto a plane, travelling 4,000 miles, and murdering a total stranger in cold blood. Not something you do unless you are “just following orders”. Top-down orders often serve top-down interests, and modern war is a tool of international businessmen and businesswomen.

I can envision a world in which these actions may be justified; a world in which the people all the way up and down the entire power structure conduct themselves to the highest moral, ethical, and philosophical standards. But plainly that is not the case today. Sadly.

So how do we change all this?

(Easy. Grow some real balls.)

  1. Honor your own morality and reason- without hesitation or second thoughts
  2. Take personal responsibility for the consequences of your actions & inactions
  3. Do not give your support, strength, and energy to requests, demands, orders, or laws you find morally repugnant
  4. Treat everyone you meet like they’re a long lost friend
  5. Love and protect your neighbors

You either live in Fear, or you live in Love. If these sound like the overly optimistic words of some clueless, sissy little flower child, it’s time to wake the hell up. Fear runs off at the first sign of trouble. Love makes a stand, against all odds, never shrinking in the presence of false authority, bringing hope where there was none. If you want to be a warrior today on this Earth, you’d better be in Love.

The naysayers will point out my apparent irrationality at this point. “Brandon, there are something like eight billion people in this world. Can one man or woman hope to make a difference?

No. Don’t hope to make a difference.

Intend to be a difference.

People say, “Love always wins in the end”. That’s nice…but there’s more. As you do this, you’ll start noticing that yes, Love always wins…immediately.

We’re not talking about that huge victory later.
We’re talking about this huge victory now.

Recognize that each tiny improvement you make, both inward for yourself and outward for those around you, has a global- even infinite- effect.

So no, it doesn’t matter if all eight billion people are on board with Love today, or tomorrow, or next week. Love beats Fear. More accurately, Love simply raises the vibration until Fear loses all meaning. I picture this process in my mind like the sun peaking out while it’s still raining. The rain’s still there, but it becomes more beautiful.

Hold firm. Stand your ground. Don’t worry where you’re headed, just be true to yourself. Lead by example. Next time you find yourself weighing the cost of doing what is right, move forward in the fullness and strength of your faith.

You are never alone.

Take Care & God Bless!
– Brandon
Scientist, Holistic Health Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher

To Jab, or Not To Jab?

Ain’t it a bitch.

Today we’re all witnessing massive social pressure FOR and AGAINST these experimental COVID19 shots. Here’s why:

It’s possible to make an argument for the experimental jab. It’s also possible to make an argument against it. It really depends on how you look at the available data. It also depends on how much confidence you place in those who collect, organize, and report that data….and how you interpret the methods they’ve employed.

For what it’s worth, I’m a career scientist with experience solving problems involving multiple, massive, related data sets.

In my professional opinion, we just don’t have enough data on these shots to draw conclusions with a particularly high degree of confidence. Among other problems, there is a complete absence of long-term safety and efficacy data. We simply don’t know.

Thinking about getting the jab? Well, guess what: “Trusting the Science” will only get you so far. You’ll need to trust your gut on this one.

The truth is literally different for each of us. I trust that whatever you decide, it’s right for you.

Meanwhile, I’ve seen people on both sides of this issue standing firmly by their beliefs, only to be mocked, shamed, and feared by their “friends”, “family”, and “neighbors”. Maybe it’s time to re-examine what it means to be those things.

We can advise each other and share perspective, and in the end I know each of us will make our own best decision. Let’s agree in advance to respect one another.

Take Care & God Bless,
– Brandon
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