“Trust the Science”: An Informal Review of Official Pandemic Bullshit

This post is for everyone who noticed the sad irony of tired phrases like “Trust the Science” during the so-called pandemic.

(For what it’s worth, I’m a scientist…do you automatically trust me?)

Are you just going to believe everything I type from here on out?




Because here’s the deal: Scientists are a lot like everyone else, except we’re a tiny bit weirder than you are (unless you’re some sort of artist). There’s a limit to our knowledge. We have opinions. We make errors, omissions, and some of us claim to have answers we can’t possibly have. Some of us are honest, and others are total bullshit artists.

We’re human. ish.

I hope you enjoy this partial list of “the science” (the bullshit) produced during the age of COVID-19. It’s a sample of the crap you were supposed to trust, just because some well-dressed asshat said it on the news.

As you can see, I’m poorly dressed, with a seriously amateurish background, and yet I can still do “the science” better than many of your modern suit-wearing puppets.

Here we go.

Starting with the phrase, “safe & effective”.

Oh, man.

The phrase “safe & effective” was repeated so heavily that it was obviously just a marketing slogan. This phrase originated with globalist policy makers. So let’s just call it what it was: propaganda.

If a product were truly “safe & effective”, it would go without saying.

The repetition of this phrase, particularly before long-term vaccine safety trials could have possibly been completed, was a huge red flag for anyone paying attention.


I’ll never forget when we were just eight months into the COVID-19 vaccination rollout, and already these mRNA shots had been correlated with more deaths than every other vaccine combined over the previous 30 years. If it’s still online when you’re reading this post, check out the graphs & tables over at openVAERS. That should put to rest any notion that these shots are “safe” in relative terms.

That said, if you got one of these shots, don’t freak out. Your health depends on a variety of factors, and many of those factors are still completely within your control.


It depends on what you mean by “effective”. If you mean: “it works like any other vaccine, and it stops a disease”. Nope. We wish.

Does it reduce symptoms? Maybe. Maybe not. But so do certain vitamins and lifestyle habits which don’t carry the same degree of health risk as these COVID-19 shots.

The safety record is so awful for these shots that any discussion of effectiveness must be weighed against potential consequences.

My Vaccine Protects You

(My Bullshit Protects Your Bullshit)

I can put this myth to rest with one simple question:

If MY vaccine doesn’t even stop ME from getting a case of COVID-19, how in the fuck is MY vaccine going to protect YOU from getting a case of COVID-19?

Unnecessary Explanation:

1) If I’m sick with COVID, I can transmit it to someone else.


2) This vaccine doesn’t stop anyone from having COVID. Loads of people who took the vaccine are still getting COVID. It’s not a “rare breakthrough case” happening here & there. Turns out that was more bullshit, too.

4) Which means vaccinated folks are still able to pass COVID to the people around them.

5) So there is no appreciable benefit of the vaccine when it comes to “stopping the spread”. More bullshit, there.

Side note: Natural immunity is superior to vaccine-induced immunity, in diseases for which natural immunity is possible. I’m honestly not sure if immunity applies at all in this situation, because we’re dealing with a mutating coronavirus… or at least, that’s what they say we’re dealing with. Can’t even be 100% sure of that though.

My Mask Protects You

(Good Lord…)

Most of the masks people wore early in the plandemic were a total joke: Fabric coarse enough to drive a freight train through. Giant gaps between the mask and face, allowing air to freely pass out the sides.

And “boner noses”. We can all agree about that.

Point being, our masks weren’t going to stop viral transmission. They were a joke.

I’m not saying masks are 100% worthless, though. I actually believe they may help…just slightly….especially if someone’s coughing or sneezing.

That said, I’m a firm believer in personal responsibility. If MY mask actually stops a virus, I don’t give a damn what you’re doing with your face. It’s a beautiful thing. When I protect myself, your choices simply don’t affect me.

The problem is, we had a bunch of people who wanted to either A) be the helpless victim; or B) be the boss.

Oh, and we had a bunch of people who wanted to C) be both.

Those Type C people were the meanest & dumbest. Instead of finding a mask that actually stopped COVID (not easy, but 100% doable), or simply staying home, or taking other measures to protect themselves adequately, they just wanted to make sure to tell everyone else exactly what to do…whether or not it actually made sense. Total control freaks…authority fan-boys & authority fan-girls, parroting the phrase “trust the science”, yet obviously not terribly concerned with actual science, safety, health, or logic. More focused on winning arguments than on carefully considering options and just doing their personal best. Sad.

Side Note about Science

It’s worth noting that “the science” is rarely settled. Especially with something still being intensely studied, such as, oh, I don’t know, a “novel virus”…or an experimental “vaccine”.

So yeah….the phrase “Trust the Science” itself was a red flag.

Side Note about Reading the Room

My personal opinion here. Any time you’ve got politicians & bureaucrats from both sides of the political spectrum saying “look, just trust me on this”, your hackles should raise. That was your next clue, right there.

But Unvaccinated People are Spreading the Disease


So are vaccinated people.

Vaccinated people are still spreading COVID-19.

Vaccinated people are still spreading COVID-19.

Vaccinated people are still spreading COVID-19.


For that reason, this idea that “You ought to be especially terrified of UNvaccinated people” isn’t science. It isn’t safety. It’s just marketing. Propaganda. Fear Porn.

It’s divisive politics, in an era of divisive politics. Anyone surprised?

“Two Weeks to Flatten the Curve”

Ha. Ha. Ha.


Have you seen graphs showing COVID-19 case rates over time? It’s usually impossible to tell- just by looking at the graphs- at what point in time a “lockdown” or mask mandate was either implemented or lifted. According to these data, such measures don’t seem to have an appreciable effect on case rates.

In theory, yes, “two weeks to flatten the curve” made sense. In the real world, it doesn’t work that way.

Tom Woods has covered this topic beautifully over the past couple years. I suggest subscribing to his newsletter.

“It’s a Deadly Pandemic” (and We Need a Dramatic Response)


There may be a virus or disease called COVID-19. Sure.

It is lethal in some cases, and brutal in others. Yeah.

It may affect people of all ages in all conditions.

Yet it is nowhere near as dangerous as heart disease or cancer. There’s just no comparison.

So if we’re talking about a proportional response in line with the danger posed by a disease, explain to me the intensity of the response to COVID-19. Explain the hysteria. Why no hysteria about the actual leading causes of death around here?

Fear Porn, people.

It’s been a bunch of fucking fear porn.

I’m not saying the phenomenon known as COVID-19 is harmless. I listen to the nurses.

I am saying, if we were focused on saving as many lives as possible from all causes, our priorities would look different.

“Vaccine Hesitant”

This was a cute & dishonest way to imply that everyone who hadn’t yet taken a COVID-19 jab would eventually change their mind…perhaps when they saw how well it was going for everyone else.

I can’t speak for everyone else in the category, but I looked at the likely benefits and risks, and decided not to take the damn shot. Done. There was nothing “hesitant” about it.

Other Side Notes

I covered some of this as it was all unfolding. Here are some highlights:

Old Friend Science Dead of COVID-19

How We Know the Vaccine is a Huge Success (yeah, that’s sarcasm)

and the work of satire:

Some Good Rat Fence- an Allegory

“But…People who don’t Trust the Science are Dangerous Conspiracy Theorists”

(or backwards, selfish MAGA people from out in the sticks, right?)

Well, it turns out that what bureaucrats were calling “the science” all along was actually “the bullshit”.

“Trust the Bullshit”, they should have said. Would have been more honest.

It’s crazy how, during this whole debacle, much of what was initially viewed as “conspiracy theory about COVID-19” eventually became common knowledge.

In fairness, there’s a lot of COVID-19 conspiracy theory out there that hasn’t been proven true, and probably will never be, because well, it’s also bullshit.

It’s just sad when the official narrative- the voice we SHOULD be able to trust- is less truthful than many independent researchers, scientists, and doctors out here who are just trying to get to the bottom of things.

I’m happy to support you in your COVID-19 vaccination decision.

I wish you the best, whatever you’ve decided.

I’m not going to act as though your health decision is affecting me. Because in all likelihood, it isn’t.

It’s sad how much of an us versus them issue this has become. It’s by design.

Don’t Fall for the Bullshit, Next Time!

Easier said than done, because the bullshit artists are constantly upping their game.

Here’s a technique I’ve been using since 2001:

Any time you see a topic hitting the news full-bore…as in, 24/7 saturation of media coverage….let it be a red flag that either A) some not-entirely-truthful narrative is being pushed hard and fast; or B) it’s a distraction from whatever is truly important.

ESPECIALLY if whatever is being presented comes with a hefty dose of fear. Fear is a great motivator, and those who wish to control you wield it well.

Along those lines, it may also help to shift your inner-dialogue from:

“What must society / government / community do to make me feel safe?”


“What steps can I take to protect myself?”

This shift makes you far less susceptible to feeling like you’re powerless. Which makes you harder to frighten, harder to fool, and harder to coerce.

Bottom Line

The point of this post wasn’t to put anyone down for their stance on COVID, or for their health choices. The point here is, the next time someone appears on the news as a scientist, a doctor, or some “expert” of any kind, treat whatever they say as though the words came straight from the lips of your drunk, stumbling neighbor who’s wearing freshly pissed pants.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think.

Take Care & God Bless,
– Brandon Novogradac
owner at Path Life Coaching
Earth Scientist, Certified Cancer Coach, Reiki Master / Teacher

Considering Radiation Therapy for Cancer?

Here are some things you’ll want to consider.

The prospect of radiation therapy for cancer can be daunting and even frightening. Beyond the potential for short- and long-term health complications, there’s also a substantial time commitment involved. Radiation therapy is often administered across multiple sessions per week, for multiple weeks.

In any decision about health interventions, it’s important to weigh the benefits, risks, and costs (money, time, perhaps travel, and any other quality-of-life implications).

Benefits and Side Effects of Radiation Therapy

In theory, the goal of radiation therapy is to oxidize (aka “burn”) cancer cells, while doing the least possible damage to surrounding healthy tissue. The extent to which this can be accomplished depends HIGHLY on the location of the cancer, and the method of administering radiation.

I don’t want to re-invent or retype the wheel, so if you’d like to read more about radiation therapy techniques, benefits, and general drawbacks, please refer to the web page curated by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), here.

How to know if radiation therapy is right for you…

It’s one thing to understand the general benefits & risks of radiation. But how do you decide if it’s going to help YOU, specifically?

1) Trust Your Gut

First of all- and this may sound strange coming from a scientist- trust your gut. Most of us have a strong intuitive sense of what is going to be good for us. There’s a mind-body-spirit connection, and those who honor it tend to experience dramatic, even miraculous healing. I’ve seen friends and clients (and myself, I’ll be honest) ignore their intuition and pay the price, obviously not just when it comes to cancer.

2) Ask Your Doctor?

I phrased this with a question mark because- while you should ask a doctor for specific information about treatment- the information you’ll get from doctors is not always specific enough, especially when it comes to cancer treatments. This is partly because there’s not enough time for them to explain every last thing you’ll need to know. But it’s also because doctors don’t do all of your research for you.

The patients who do best are those who take time to bring themselves up to speed on treatments before agreeing to them.

3) Do Your Own Research

Some people may say, “No thanks, I’ll just trust my doctor- (s)he is the expert”.


The doctor IS an expert at prescribing medical interventions and adjusting the dose according to your changing health status. This does NOT mean the doctor knows how every medication works, or exactly how likely the therapy is to benefit you, or exactly how likely the therapy is to harm you.

If you want to know how well a therapy aligns with your health goals, then 99% of the time you will need to do some research. This is easier than you might think. It just takes time…so don’t let anyone pressure you into a hasty decision.

Potential sources of information include:

  • official prescribing information
  • medical & scientific journal articles and studies (search PubMed or Google Scholar)
  • anecdotal- Do you know any friends who have been through something similar? Ask them what they did & how it went.
4) Things to Consider

When you’re researching, here’s what you’re looking for:

  • What percentage of therapy recipients see measurable benefit?
  • How much benefit do they see?
  • How long does that benefit last?
  • How does the therapy compare with alternative therapies?
  • How does the therapy compare with doing nothing?
  • What are the typical side effects?
  • How common are the side effects?
  • How long do the side effects last?
  • How might the side effects be reduced or avoided?
  • What’s the out-of-pocket expense?

Keep in mind, you’re looking for information that is specific to your type of cancer, and specific to the radiation therapy being offered. The more accurate you are in your research, the better armed you’ll be to make your best decision.

Other Thoughts

Why do I advocate private research so much?

Because I’ve watched people undergo therapies which had very little chance (as in, near zero chance) of offering noticeable benefit, yet which also carried significant risks. I’ve seen people almost lose their lives from therapies which- in all likelihood- didn’t improve their health. In all of these cases, the therapies were prescribed by a doctor. In many cases, that doctor probably did not read the prescribing information or medical studies to anticipate how the treatment would affect that specific patient. It just doesn’t happen that way. Until this changes, patients need to educate themselves and/or find outside help.

A lot of the wisdom offered in this article applies not only to radiation, but also to chemotherapy, surgery, and medical interventions for diseases other than just cancer.

Hopefully this is enough to help you figure things out and move forward with confidence!

Coaching is a huge help when you’d like a hand getting through a particularly tough decision like this. Click here to learn more / book a private session.

Wishing you the best along life’s journey,

– Brandon Novogradac
Earth Scientist, Certified Holistic Cancer Coach, Intuitive Reiki Master/Teacher

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To the Incurable:

To the incurable:
Are you so sure?

What isn’t cured is often healed.

“Curing” is by definition limited to medical intervention.

If you have a cut, a cure in the form of stitches or glue may help, but healing ultimately does the actual mending.

Your body heals independently & naturally, by the grace of the divine and by your own will, with some help from Mother Earth.

So next time someone says “incurable”, you may want to gently correct them. This word isn’t anything but a limiting belief. It sounds scientific, definitive, authoritative, and final… but it’s not.

Ah. The power of belief is such that, if you believe it, it’s true for you.

So my first challenge is convincing the so-called “incurable” of another truth:

You are always healing.

Earth Scientist, Holistic Cancer Consultant, Reiki

One More about the War

Hi Again,

I’m on a tangent from health-related matters, sort of, to talk about this whole Ukraine & Russia scenario. But maybe it’s not a tangent. There IS such thing as spiritual healing, and spiritual evolution. Through that lens, I suppose war IS on-topic for a website concerned with healing.

I chimed in with the following comments today under someone else’s Linkedin post, and figured I’d share it right here, too:

“Very few people here in the USA ever said a word against abuse of military power when the USA started wars (not too long ago). We like to pretend the USA is the only country on Earth without a corrupt government. It’s such a narrow, one-sided, dangerous, hypocritical philosophy. For those of us who have ALWAYS been anti-war, recognizing how it only serves the global elite, this is hard to watch. Again. As long as average men and women continue to take sides with willingness to do murder, we will repeat history. So no, it never matters who “the aggressor” is. It’s you. and you. and you. It’s all of us. Murdering on behalf of politicians and bankers. If you don’t see it yet, you are not ready to understand this post. Send food. Send love. Don’t ever send weapons.”

Take Care, God Bless!

-Brandon Novogradac
Earth Scientist, Coach, Reiki Dude

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I’m Still Pro-Military (and still Anti-War)

As we sit on the edge of yet another armed conflict between nations, let’s express a seldom-spoken yet often felt Sense of Knowing.

Like most people, I happen to view military personnel as heroic because they’re “willing to die for their country”.

For as long as that continues to be our only belief, we’ll continue to tacitly and tragically accept and subconsciously encourage war- with all the death & trauma it entails.

So I also observe the historical evidence that military personnel are routinely coerced into murdering strangers to prop up international business interests. This is possibly the worst imaginable abuse of humankind’s willingness to serve a greater cause.

And so while I honor the sacrifice made by fighting forces worldwide, I do so by vehemently denouncing war as the last resort it truly ought to be.

And for the record, a lot of us were protesting war over twenty years ago, when the USA was the obvious aggressor. It’s eye-opening to see how many Americans- who were deadly silent about The Atrocity We Call War back then- are now suddenly very vocal against it, now that Russia is the apparent culprit. It sure is nice to hear your outcry now. Where the hell you been hiding? Can we count on you next time? Or is this just about popularity and going with the flow? Yeah, I’m calling you out, but only because deep down, I believe in you. Otherwise I wouldn’t waste my time.

Take Care & God Bless…the Ukes, the Russians, the Corrupt Politicians (may the light cleanse or clear as needed), and everything else, always.

– Brandon
Holistic Cancer Coach, Earth Scientist, Reiki Master
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Open Letter to People Pretending to be Anti-War (because it’s popular right now on social media)

Apparently, Russia has attacked many targets across Ukraine. That much seems to be true.

Once again the mainstream media has been caught misrepresenting reality.

See here, here, here, here, and here for a sampling.

It’s tough to know what’s actually going on when it comes to war or anything else- especially overseas- because the news is so full of shit. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of independent outlets are full of shit, too. It’s just that the mainstream media delivers its BS with such an air of credibility and coordination that their lies and omissions are arguably far more dangerous to society.

Regardless of the actual truth of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, a lot of people are expressing their sympathy for Ukrainians on social media this week.

That much is good to see.

Even on LinkedIn, where political commentary is typically sparse, there are every manner of “support Ukraine” posts floating around. Some people are sharing links to fundraising campaigns.

It’s wonderful to see people here in the USA expressing interest in Peace.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com
Strike while the iron’s hot, they say. So let’s do some soul searching:

Next time the USA invades a country, will the voices of Americans suing for peace in Ukraine today emerge again with the same heartfelt concern for those being attacked?

Or are we judging Russia against a standard we ourselves will forever refuse to uphold?

It’s hard to envision a world where the people who attack an effectively defenseless nation with nothing more than vague accusations serving as justification are the good guys…right?

You guys are talking the talk.

Moving forward, let’s walk the walk.

Take Care & God Bless,
– Brandon Novogradac
Earth Scientist, Certified Holistic Cancer Coach, Practicing Reiki Master

Nine Year Old Girl Arrested in NYC for Not Showing Her Papers

photo of girl being arrested
An open letter to Police, Military, and all other current & former Law Enforcement:

Lots of you are doing phenomenal work every single moment. Thank you.

Meanwhile, the NYPD apparently just arrested a nine year old girl (video link) for going to a museum without showing her papers. “Just following orders” and “just upholding the law” is no excuse at this pivotal time. Do you know what they called that sort of thing in Germany, 1939?

Well, they probably just called it “Good policing”.

Perhaps those of you who have connections in New York (and still have any balls at all; it’s an old expression) will put pressure on NYPD to end this madness before it spreads.

I’m not ignoring all the great work you do. I’m asking you to step up and LEAD one more time….if you haven’t tired of it already.

Silence is complicity.

Take Care & God Bless,
– Brandon Novogradac
Earth Scientist, Holistic Cancer Coach, Reiki Master

Oh, and if you don’t understand why this is immoral to the Nth degree, head over to my videos, articles, or even the notorious Workaround Page. Scroll down to find information on so-called “COVID vaccine” safety. If you’re too pressed for time, at least look at the first graph at this web page. Prepare yourself. It’s not pretty.

A Short & Sweet Daily Mantra

This little morning mantra was delivered during a Reiki session. It offers a daily boost for anyone working in the healing arts, medicine, counseling, therapy, or any other profession in service to others. Best served with coffee or tea!

“For one more day, I offer my hands and heart as a perfect and true extension of God’s Love.  I do this gratefully and faithfully, setting aside every fear, releasing all doubt”.

[[Not looking for a mantra that uses the word “God”? You can instead say, “Universal Love” or “Unconditional Love”. Make it your own.]]

And that’s the crux of it. Personally, I may close out this particular mantra with the repetition, “I am, I am, I am”.


“For my highest & best, and for the highest & best of All. So it is.”

How to use this mantra:

Speak this mantra each morning to acknowledge you won’t be facing your day alone. (Not even close!)

When we affirm our connection with a higher power (aka Source, aka God), we accept our gifts while letting go of everything outside our control.

Sometimes as healers, we forget to consider our own needs. When you say this mantra, remember to feel that beautiful Love expanding inward…not just outward!

Take Care & God Bless,
– Brandon Novogradac
Earth Scientist, Holistic Cancer Coach, Reiki Master / Teacher

Five Reasons to Love Reiki

Five Reasons to Love Reiki

1) Relaxation

If there’s one thing everyone agrees on about Reiki, this is probably it:

We leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and renewed! Most people who hop off the table say something like, “Wow…I feel so peaceful”, or “This is the most relaxed I’ve felt in years”.

For some people, this deep relaxation alone seals the deal. There’s that movie quote, “You had me at hello“.

For others, relaxation is just the beginning.

2) Reduced Pain

Incredibly, Reiki reduces physical and emotional pain.

Crush your hand with a heavy object at work? Try Reiki, and you may be amazed (yes, speaking from personal experience here!).

And if you’re grappling with a sense of loss or despair you just can’t seem to shake? Good news there, too.

A triangle with sides labelled "physical", "emotional", and "spiritual".
We are physical, emotional, and energetic beings.

Every emotion we experience is tied to our energy system. By releasing energies of loss, hopelessness, sorrow, and regret, we can allow the expansion of Gratitude and other higher vibrational energies. When we combine Reiki with mindfulness (conscious exploration of our own mental processes), we can shift our emotional state toward Joy.

3) Expanded Self Awareness

Reiki gives us insight into our own thought processes, physical habits, and energetic patterns so we can:

  1. accept ourselves fully; or,
  2. choose to change.

It also helps us build faith by reminding us we’re all connected…to the loving source of all things.

You are never alone.

We are one.

In this way, our self-awareness, self-trust, and our faith are tied closely together.

Reiki is not a religion…phrases like “the Loving Source of all” is about as dogmatic as it gets! Notice how you can apply this phrase, “the Loving Source of all” to most- if not all- of the religions on the planet, and it fits. Reiki is religion-neutral. Yet at the same time, we can view it as a form of prayer or communion. Meanwhile, an atheist might view Reiki as similar to acupuncture without the needles; a purely physical, mechanistic phenomenon. And so be it! The truth is truly a matter of perspective.

4) Heightened Perspective

Just as Reiki helps us understand our selves, it also helps us relate to others. When we acknowledge one another’s motivations, limitations, talents, and virtues- when we focus on accepting ourselves and each other the way we are– we’re far less likely to judge people unfairly, become frustrated, or grow impatient.

This changes everything about our important relationships.

“Heightened perspective” also includes the way we perceive the events of our own lives (past, present, & future). Reiki enables us to take a wide view of the path we’ve chosen to travel. We learn to see things from a place of optimism, gratitude, faith, trust, and abundance.

This is one of many ways in which this practice expands our sense of Peace.

5) As a Source of Inspiration

Whether or not we’ve done energy work previously, there’s just something new and inspiring that comes with every experience of Reiki. It’s literally never the same thing twice.

Every session offers some new perspective, new direction, or a new way to approach old challenges. I challenge you to end a Reiki session without feeling very excited for whatever comes next!

Reiki reminds us that after each session has ended, that “same-old-life” we’ll be returning to- out there in the physical world- is actually exciting! It’s full of hope and opportunity and perfection. Full of purpose. Fulfillment. Love. Connection. Peace. It always was. It always will be. It just is.

Each of us is infinitely blessed in each and every moment to be a tiny part of this huge, miraculous jumble.

Take Care & God Bless,
(whatever that means to you in this moment!)

– Brandon Novogradac
Earth Scientist, Holistic Cancer Coach, Reiki Master / Teacher

If this sounds like the kind of shift in perspective you could learn to live with, head over to the Reiki page!

Imagine if Natural Cures Were Illegal!


Oh, wait! They ARE illegal!

Here in the USA, anyway.

And WHY are natural cures illegal?!

Because the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is run by the same individuals who have served or will serve on the boards of directors at huge pharmaceutical companies.

Those companies and individuals would have a much harder time making f*ckloads of money if YOU knew you could cure illness by using fruits or vegetables.

If a scientist discovers a natural cure here in the USA, yes, they CAN publish their study results in a scientific journal.

But that’s where it ends.

Let’s say the natural cure they find is based on grape seeds. Well, the GRAPE PRODUCERS are not allowed to tell you about any specific cure on the bags of grapes. They can only make vague general statements, like “grapes may support normal cellular function”. If they went into any practical level of detail, the FDA would make it a point to f*ck them sideways.

The TELEVISION STATIONS? Legally, they could air the grape seed story, but they will not. Why? Because a huge portion of their advertising revenue comes from NEW PHARMACEUTICALS. They’d lose money if they aired news stories about natural healing. So YOU are NOT going to hear about it on TV.

Same thing goes for major radio networks, and online “journalism”.

Social media? Nope. Big Tech is so intertwined with the pharmaceutical interests at this point that they may as well be one and the same.

In fact, they ARE one and the same.

Let’s look at Alphabet, the parent company of Google and YouTube. Alphabet also owns Verily Life Sciences, which has partnered with pharmaceutical giants such as GlaxoSmithKline. Do you think this might influence the algorithms they use to determine which health-related content is shown (or banned) on YouTube? Or on Google search results?

These folks have a vested interest- billions of dollars’ worth- in you NOT knowing how to heal naturally! They’d love for you to remain dependent on pharmaceuticals.

Natural cures can’t be patented. They’re generally low-cost to produce and purchase. In many cases, you could conceivably grow your own.

There’s just no money in natural cures.

Which is exactly why natural cures are illegal.

Whether natural cures work or not is a completely separate question, as far as the FDA is concerned. The FDA couldn’t care less if a grape seed has ever actually cured anyone…they simply don’t give a damn about that.

High profits are prioritized over your health (by your government and the drug cartel) every single day. Literally. This is not “conspiracy theory”. Nor is it hyperbole. Take a look for yourself over at the FDA’s website: this should tell you everything you need to know.

Do your own health research, and/or work with a guide. I’m here to help if you need it!

Take Care & God Bless,

– Brandon Novogradac
Career Scientist, Certified Holistic Cancer Coach, Reiki Master