To Jab, or Not To Jab?

Ain’t it a bitch.

Today we’re all witnessing massive social pressure FOR and AGAINST these experimental COVID19 shots. Here’s why:

It’s possible to make an argument for the experimental jab. It’s also possible to make an argument against it. It really depends on how you look at the available data. It also depends on how much confidence you place in those who collect, organize, and report that data….and how you interpret the methods they’ve employed.

For what it’s worth, I’m a career scientist with experience solving problems involving multiple, massive, related data sets.

In my professional opinion, we just don’t have enough data on these shots to draw conclusions with a particularly high degree of confidence. Among other problems, there is a complete absence of long-term safety and efficacy data. We simply don’t know.

Thinking about getting the jab? Well, guess what: “Trusting the Science” will only get you so far. You’ll need to trust your gut on this one.

The truth is literally different for each of us. I trust that whatever you decide, it’s right for you.

Meanwhile, I’ve seen people on both sides of this issue standing firmly by their beliefs, only to be mocked, shamed, and feared by their “friends”, “family”, and “neighbors”. Maybe it’s time to re-examine what it means to be those things.

We can advise each other and share perspective, and in the end I know each of us will make our own best decision. Let’s agree in advance to respect one another.

Take Care & God Bless,
– Brandon
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How I Stop A Virus Quickly

Based on data, independent news, and stories from friends, family, and coworkers, it’s now obvious that the so-called vaccines don’t do much against COVID19.

Hear me out. It’s fine. You’ll be fine.

I don’t downplay the virus, but I’m not a screaming drama queen about it either. It can kill people, but cancer is still in the lead. Let’s keep our wits about us.

For anyone still highly concerned about coronavirus…

As I’ve been saying this whole time:



Well I’m not sure what a medical professional would suggest. Nor do I care. Most of them have no clue how to support the body’s natural healing process. “Curing” and “Treating” are different from healing….more on that here.

It’s funny too, how there’s been near-total silence in the media about keeping natural immunity strong. The media IS effectively owned by drug companies, but still. You’d think during a pandemic there’d be some token discussion of health.


Here’s how I personally heal from viral infections. This is what I did a few weeks ago when I had a headache, fever, and chills. I had these flu-like symptoms for about three days, followed by a day or two of tiredness. Not bad.

This isn’t technically advice. I don’t plan to get sued by the FDA or AMA for helping other people find ways to stay well.

Just sharing information.

Take it or leave it!

Vitamin D

At least one study suggests that adequate vitamin D3 levels help mitigate the cytokine storm associated with COVID19. Apparently, this vitamin can help balance our immune response.

I usually take 5,000 IUs of vitamin D3 per day as a preventative when I think I haven’t had enough sunlight to produce it naturally. I live in Pittsburgh, so this happens OFTEN.

If you’re not sure how much vitamin D3 to take, the best thing to do is get your blood checked and work with a healthcare practitioner to achieve balance. If you want more info on that, drop me a line.

Side note: I usually suggest a blood level of 70ng/dL or higher if you’re fighting cancer.

A few years ago, a local naturopathic doctor said she spikes her vitamin D3 intake at the first sign of an infection. I’ve adopted my own version of her strategy and it seems to work well.

When I start feeling sick, I take roughly 50,000 IUs of vitamin D3 each day for two days. Then I go back to my normal dose.


Lysine, according to Linus Pauling and others, has anti-viral properties. It’s useful against herpes, for example. I take 500-1,000 mg per day when fighting illness.

Vitamin C

This pairs well with lysine.

The standard recommendation for an active infection is to take vitamin C “to bowel tolerance”. Meaning, take enough that you notice your stools loosening.

I took about 10 grams per day, spread out, and probably could have pushed it higher. I used a combination of Ester C capsules and a dissolvable drink mix to help stay hydrated.

Incidentally, if you’re ever in real trouble with any systemic infection- viral, bacterial, or sepsis- it may be a good idea to demand high-dose intravenous vitamin C. The Riordan Clinic has ample information about the benefits and use of IV vitamin C.

Quercetin and Zinc

I took a gram of quercetin and 30 mg zinc each day, and for a week after I felt symptoms subside. I did this just in case I was dealing with COVID19.

Honestly? I took quercetin mostly on the recommendation of others. It has anti-inflammatory properties, and MAY have distinct benefits against COVID19. I have not read the science on this one, personally.

A quick internet search suggests quercetin may have anti-viral effects of its own, and may work synergistically with vitamin C.

It’s cheap.

So am I.

Why not.



This is a homeopathic remedy. Hence the weird-ass name.


This is a great homeopathic to reduce flu-like symptoms. If you keep it on-hand, and take it as soon as you notice symptoms, it can be absolutely game-changing.

If you don’t catch symptoms early, it probably won’t help much, in my own experience.

Stock up on this remedy in advance. Follow the package directions when you need it.


Our body uses heat to denature (aka destroy) viral proteins.

So what?

Unless you have a truly dangerous, life-threatening fever, I humbly suggest NOT interfering with your body’s natural defense mechanism. This means NOT taking any fever reducing drugs.

Full disclosure: on the third day of that endless headache, I finally caved in and took 400mg ibuprofen. I needed a friggin’ break!! The fever had cleared by then, anyway.

When I have a fever and chills, I usually bundle up in a few blankets whenever I go to sleep. I try to help a fever, not hinder it.

We had a warm sunny day here while I was sick, so I sat in my truck that afternoon to get the effects of a sauna. Elevating body temperature is healing and detoxifying.


Drink water. Stay hydrated. Enough said.


There’s a lot of talk about COVID19 causing blood clots (same thing with the COVID “vaccines” by the way, because the spike protein is apparently the part of the virus which stimulates blood vessel damage and/or clotting).


I’m sure the medical profession has ways to deal with blood clots, but in the natural health world, my go-to is proteolytic enzymes.

I took nattokinase each evening on an empty stomach while I felt sick, and for a few days after. Again, this was a “just-in-case-it’s-COVID” thing.

General Tips

Here are some things that are generally health-promoting and immune-boosting:

  • get enough sleep (I’d been screwing this up, which is exactly how I got sick this time)
  • get enough exercise
  • laugh
  • get sunlight
  • eat whole foods instead of over-processed junk foods
  • find ways to minimize stress

If you struggle with any of these things, honestly, don’t sweat it. It’s not worth the extra stress.

If you feel like you need to shore up your defenses more proactively, you’re welcome to hit me up for a lifestyle consultation or Reiki session. No pressure.

Take Care & God Bless,

– Brandon
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The Energetic Truths of War (praying for Afghanistan, again)

Many Americans today are aghast at the situation in Afghanistan. Our military seems to have exited with the least grace imaginable; I don’t know. I’m not going to pretend to understand the situation with particular clarity. I pray for everyone involved. Yes, including the Taliban. For you Christians, this is a “What would Jesus do?” moment. I’m always honored to pray at your side.

Let’s also reflect and unveil something that as a civilization we can’t seem to grasp:

Force begets force
Pain begets pain
mistrust begets mistrust
anger begets anger
misdirection begets confusion
struggle begets struggle
oppression begets opposition

See the pattern…

This all boils down to one energetic truth:

All energy given is returned.

In some traditions, they even say, “All energy is returned 1,000-fold”. They are not wrong. Maybe a bit dramatic; they’re emphasizing an important point.

This is an energetic truth because We are One. Everything you do for another creature, you have also done for yourself. If you ever had the chance to abide in the presence of Source, you already know this as truth.

The tools of armed conflict include Threat, Intimidation, Force, Death, and Deceit.

And so, as a People and as a nation, assuming our actual objectives are:


Then it’s time again to reflect. Our actions need to consistently match the vibrations of these ideals, or we will never achieve them. Never. Not for ourselves or anyone else.

I was going to end this post here, but one more observation is coming into my awareness now. I hear this message:

Everything stated above is particularly credible and powerful when the wisdom is wielded consciously by the side with “the upper hand”. Meaning, if YOU are the one who can decide whether the path to peace will be armed conflict or otherwise, then you need to eat your pride and choose LOVE. If you have the option to use force, the decision to act with restraint has massive impact. It’s invisible…it’s like wind; nobody sees the wind, some can feel it, often without thinking, “ah, the wind again”. So the decision to use restraint is like becoming the wind. Some will say you are doing nothing, because they can’t see you act. But the gentle, constant pull will draw other people, stirring their hearts.

In the present case of armed conflict, of war for resources, of war for control, the ultimate result will be a top-down power structure reliant on force and fear with little regard to the collective beauty and wisdom of the people it contains. Because it was birthed of force and fear using mechanisms of top-down control. It is very unlikely- nearly impossible- for a truly representative government to arise in these conditions. Because the force, the fear, and the top-down control mechanisms are self-preserving, also like the wind, in ways that can’t be seen.

As far as the Americans and allies in Afghanistan now, we need to remember that those in service to ideals are there by choice. This may be hard to understand or accept, but if –IF– they have committed themselves to the expansion of Peace, Love, and Understanding, of Togetherness, of Community, then these energies will be returned in some form. If they’ve been a blessing to those around them, that blessing will be returned by those around them now in a time of urgency and uncertainty. Have faith in humanity. Have faith in God.

And pray.

take care & God Bless,
– Brandon
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A Brief Discussion of Therapy, Coaching, and Reiki

Let’s say you’re in a rut, or feeling a bit stuck. How do you know whether therapy, coaching, or Reiki will benefit you?

Let’s compare the three:

Therapy can help you understand your own internal processes so you can rise above your current level of function and self-awareness. It’s a great way to change how you interact with the world in general. And “interact with the world” includes internal dialogue, aka “self-talk”.

Coaching is more goal-oriented. It will help you maximize your strengths, minimize your weaknesses, and take full advantage of external resources, all for the purpose of building momentum and overcoming specific, measurable challenges.

There is some overlap between therapy and coaching, with similarities in technique. A therapist can use coaching as a tool to help their clients raise self-awareness.

Enter Reiki. While therapy and coaching operate on the mental and physical levels, Reiki operates on the spiritual level. Reiki helps you release counter-productive, “heavier” energies. These energies may be the product of your own life experience and past choices, but you’re just as likely to be carrying external energies you’ve picked up along the way from the people around you. These energies can manifest physically in the form of limiting beliefs, stress, unwanted emotions, habits, or even pain and illness. By releasing all energetic vibrations which don’t support love, contentment, and happiness, Reiki allows higher vibrations which do support love, contentment and happiness to expand.

Healing always happens on multiple levels!

With all this in mind, how do you decide which of these approaches is for you?

First of all, consider your current challenge(s). Are they non-specific, or specific? Because the less specific, less well defined your challenges are, the more you should be thinking “therapy”. Coaching is a great tool for well-defined goals. While it can handle fuzzy problems, it’s usually not the best tool in those cases.

If you feel like the biggest problem in your life is iDRAMA!, confusion, or overwhelming emotions…or, if you can identify with statements like, “I’m a train wreck”, “I am in constant anxiety”, or “I feel like I have no control”, then again, you may want to start with a good therapist. “Good therapist” means someone you feel comfortable, content, confident, and safe with.

If you find yourself reaching for a dream, or facing a very specific challenge (like landing a better job), that’s when it’s time to work with a coach. If you know what you want, but aren’t 100% confident of what your next step should be, it’s coach time.

Whether you decide to work with a therapist or a coach (or neither!), consider trying a few Reiki sessions. You may just need to rebalance your energy so it’s working for you, not against you. If you feel like you have bad luck, or you’re at odds with the Universe, a Reiki session will get that gunked-up energy flowing in your favor again.

When you’re ready to take the plunge into therapy, coaching, and/or Reiki, I hope this article helps you find exactly what you’re seeking!

Take care & God Bless,
– Brandon
soil scientist, pure life coach, certified holistic cancer coach, & Reiki master

A Short List of Things (About the Plandemic) You Disturbingly Can’t Post On Facebook

Here’s a list of some facts about COVID19 you either cannot post at all, or things that are soft-censored & down-ranked so hard that no amount of scrolling will ever reveal them to mortal eyes…

1) Any science which suggests we shouldn’t be 200% terrified of COVID19.

2) Any science which suggests coronavirus vaccines have historically been not only a tragic failure, but are probably outright dangerous. See antibody-dependent enhancement.

3) Links to counter-narrative, blacklisted websites which publish articles on the above topics.

4) Links to video-hosting websites that are known for counter-narrative, user-created content.

I feel the need to explain a little at this point, in case anyone is wondering why this is a problem. Just because something is counter-narrative doesn’t mean it’s wrong, bad, or dangerous. And even if it IS, we’re all adults, right? We can make our own informed decisions. It’s vital to have alternative perspectives to balance the official stance on any given topic. Especially these days, when the majority of news outlets are either controlled or owned by a small minority of super-wealthy stakeholders, it is critical to seek sources of diverging facts and opinions.

5) Anything critical of Dr. Fauci, the NIH, NIAID, CDC, WHO, and others (Fauci et al). These folks have been trumpeting catch phrases like “Trust the Science” since early 2020. They care- not one ounce- for anything resembling science. They’re more interested in marketing fear to an already terrified public.

6) Anything about the fact that Fauci et al ARE THE ONES WHO FUNDED GAIN-OF FUNCTION RESEARCH IN WUHAN, and who…

7) …funded studies on HCQ which were intentionally designed to fail (so obviously that it was quickly pointed out by many doctors and scientists who still have a conscience, and who have been censored “to protect the public”).

Okay, you get the point.

(Support my work and your health by checking out my product recommendations!)

It’s just been hard to watch the trainwreck of government policy, public perception, and official misinformation which has resulted here as my country, the USA, has developed one of the most effective propaganda machines ever witnessed in my lifetime, anywhere on Earth.

Oh, but the USA is not so special. Stories I see out of Ireland, Australia, and Canada paint a similar picture.

I remain hopeful.

After all, each time I toss a bit of verboten socio-scientific evidence into cyberspace, only to see it swept by Big Tech straight into Orwell’s Memory Hole….I can at least wonder how many of you are out there in that moment, doing exactly the same thing.

The question we face now:
How can truth-seekers and truth-tellers share our “fact-checked” “fake news” more effectively in this age of AI-driven censorship?

And that’s a legit question for anyone here. Feel free to chime in!

Take care & God Bless,
– Brandon
scientist, coach, Reiki master

Experts v. Coaches

Sometimes you need an expert.

Sometimes you need a coach.

The difference?

AN EXPERT helps you gather information about the wide world.

A COACH helps you use that information- along with your own experience, knowledge, and wisdom- to move yourself forward.

Sometimes it’s nice to have both.

These days, there’s an expert lurking around every corner. It’s a blessing and a curse. Access to information is phenomenal (scary) in the internet age. It’s easy to learn new things quickly. But do you ever think to yourself, “What I actually NEED MOST right now is a little bit of quiet from all this friggin’ noise, so I can evaluate my own thoughts”? That’s when it’s time to call in a coach.

I help people rise above their own chaos, and the chaos of the outside world, to make their most important decisions from a place of clarity and Peace.

interesting side note: “the chaos of the outside world” usually includes our closest friends and family members. Why? Their loving voices are the hardest to tune out. We share our space & energy with them. Another blessing & curse.

There comes a point in any decision making process when seeking additional information becomes excessive and even counter-productive. This is when you know it’s time to stop seeking experts and start seeking a coach.

How do you know when you’re at that point? I suspect it’s a bit different for each of us. When I shift from information gathering into planning & execution, that’s usually when I consider involving a coach. Of course, there have also been times when I wanted a coach for the information-gathering phase…to help me decide what information I should be gathering in the first place.

It’s never too soon or too late to work with a coach. Wherever you are, we go from there.

I hope this all makes sense so far!

By the way:
I’m a coach, and I still work with other coaches when I want the extra help. We’re blessed to have each other. Next time you’re dragging your feet on an important decision, or hesitating to chase your dreams, call one of us!

This too:
Every time I write about coaching, I feel like I should remind the world…it’s FUN. At least, IT IS WHEN I DO IT. I have a (terrible or terrific) sense of humor that I bring to each and every session. Coaching is inherently cool and fascinating, because we get to engage our imaginations as we journey together.

There’s no way in hell I’d BE a coach or USE a coach if this weren’t all true.

Moral of today’s story:
Remember, next time you start banging your head off the wall of information overload, grab a coach…we’ll do it with you!

(Never bang your head alone again.)

Take Care & God Bless,
– Brandon

Cancer Genetics vs Lifestyle

A man with cancer was strongly encouraged by his oncologist to undergo genetic counseling. I sat in on the session. Early in the presentation, the genetic counselors displayed a pie chart. The chart showed something that may surprise you: close to 90% of human cancer is due to environmental factors. The other 12% has a genetic component.

The whole point of genetic counseling and testing was to see whether this man fell into that 12%. They said, “it’s a good thing for the rest of the family to know”. Sure.

Now if you think about it, here’s the weird thing:

These counselors- who were awesome, by the way- understood the vast majority of cancer cases involve a strong lifestyle / environmental component. Yet instead of strongly encouraging lifestyle, nutritional, or environmental counseling (which can benefit everyone– with or without cancer) the oncology team opted to spend everyone’s time, money, and effort focusing on the genetic approach.

They mentioned things people can do if they test positive for certain oncogene mutations. Things like lifelong Tamoxifen and radical mastectomies.

Not once did they think back to their own pie chart, and say, “I’ll be damned, maybe your family should also look at lifestyle, home, habits, diet, career, and hobbies, to see where you might be exposed to known carcinogens or cancer promoters, and talk with someone who can help you evaluate your overall toxic load…then reduce it”.

This is why God made cancer coaches. We think about this shit.

For more information, check out my informal & informative videos, or the Cancer Consulting page.

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Cancer Consulting

Do you have a kick ass water filter in your home yet? (you should!!!)

Take Care & God Bless,
– Brandon

Curing vs Healing

What’s the difference between curing, treating, and healing? This is a common topic when we talk about health coaching.

The first two- curing and treating– are medical terms. Here in the USA, these words are protected by law. If you don’t have a license, you’re not allowed to use these words when you describe the services or products you offer.

What about healing?

Well, let’s say you fall and hurt your knee: do you go straight to the doctor? In cases of mild injury, the answer is usually “no”, right? Your knee will heal on its own. There’s no need for outside help.

And that’s the difference: Curing and treating are services (specifically, services performed by licensed professionals). Healing is a natural phenomenon.

So…What deeper insights can we take from this?

1) Cures and treatments can help your body heal

For example, surgery to remove a foreign object can allow a wound to heal. Setting a bone can help it fuse more quickly & properly than it would have otherwise.

2) No cure or treatment is complete without healing

For example, after a surgery, your body must mend incisions, replace blood, and rebuild other tissue. After a bone is set, it must regrow.

3) You can only heal yourself

This is one of the hardest lessons we learn as healers: No healer can actually heal anyone. Each person must heal themselves. Some of you may be thinking, “What about Jesus”? Yeah okay, maybe. But he cheats.

Even when doing Reiki, I’m not healing anyone (except perhaps myself). I’m just facilitating someone else’s natural healing process. They get out of it what they put into it. It’s a lot like having a fitness coach at the gym: very helpful, sure, but you only get stronger because you lift the weights.

4) Only the willing can be healed

This is the flip side of #3.

Healing can’t occur without a true desire and intention. If you know someone who is in the process of healing, give them the space to do it at their own pace, in their own way, and only if & when they’re ready.

Remember this, as well: there’s more to healing than our physical body. There’s mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. For someone near the end of their life, physical healing may not be their top priority. What appears to be physical wasting (or even death) to an observer may actually be a healing process for the one experiencing it.

To every medical professional who has ever lost a patient: you can choose whether to view that experience as a success or failure. Please trust that healing happened– for everyone involved- in the exact manner it was intended.

Wishing you the best along your own path.
– Brandon
life coach, science consultant, Reiki practitioner

Old Friend, Science, Dead of COVID-19

I’m going to share something about 2020 that deserves a second glance. If you don’t like Trump, forgive me, I’m going to quote him…it’s for a good cause. Remember, this isn’t about Trump. It’s about my friend, science, who was killed by coronavirus last year.

Edit: Trump had said that as we increase the testing, we’d see more COVID cases. I’d originally quoted a news source here- I think it was CNBC- but they’ve since taken down their story. No wait, here it is!

Remember that? Everyone had a good laugh at Trump’s expense. Some of us actually stopped to THINK about it though. I’ll explain.

Suppose there are 100 people in a room, and 10 of them have COVID:

Let’s watch what happens when we measure COVID cases using various sample sizes: 20-, 40-, then 80-person subsets.

First, let’s test 20 people in this group:

Case number = 2
[notice it’s still a 10% infection rate rate in the sample population. 2/20 = 1/10 = 10%]

Now let’s test 40 people in this same group:

40 people tested, 3 positive

Well wouldn’t you know- the case number jumped up to 3.
[interestingly, the infection rate in this sample population is 3 out of 40, or 7.5%]

Let’s test 80 people in this same group:

80 people tested, 8 positive

Now the total case number is 8.
[Infection rate is 8/80 = 1/10 = 10%]

Does the number of positive test results (cases) increase with the number of people tested?


Trump was correct.

There’s a positive linear relationship between the number of tests administered and the number of positive test results.

Granted, I’ve effectively modeled random sampling here. I tested arbitrarily from the left, and worked my way to the right, with cases randomly distributed, and no pre-screening. With real world pre-screening, you’d expect some selection bias. People who have symptoms are more likely to seek & receive testing than people without symptoms.

However, any selection bias would remain fairly consistent over time (despite being influenced by shifting administrative policies deciding which people and how many people receive testing). Without an in-depth analysis, I’m quite certain a positive linear relationship still holds true in the real world, across time. I admit this is an assumption.

more testing = more cases

Crazy talk? Nope. Just common sense. It’s only funny if you don’t think about it for a second. Which is funny, too.

Ah, but when the media told us to laugh, we laughed. People are trained to soak in information without taking time to consider it. The average plumber is a better scientist than most scientists, because a plumber learns to think for himself.

Doesn’t matter how much you know, if you don’t have an ounce of common sense! Which brings us back to fake journalism.

The American media has been consistently presenting case numbers as if it were a meaningful way to measure COVID.

Case numbers only has meaning when we compare it to:
a) the number of tests – this gives the positivity rate
b) the total population – this gives the infection rate

Of course, the reliability of the PCR test for diagnosis is dicey, which makes the whole discussion of case numbers and case rates dicey. Reliance on inappropriate test parameters has been yielding inappropriate results. You’re not going to hear this from the NIH, NIAID, FDA, CDC, or the WHO, because they have a financial stake in a successful ongoing fear campaign leading to drug and vaccine implementation. The inventor of the PCR test said you can use PCR to “find anything in just about anything”. See video here. Then there’s the matter of presumed cases, which I’ll leave to medical professionals for comment.

Now, the CNBC article I quoted above DOES get into the positivity rate a bit, which is nice. They of course dance around the issue and paint a slanted picture of doom & gloom. As CNBC stated in their article, “However, public health specialists have repeatedly said the data does not indicate that increased testing accounts for the recent surge in daily new cases.”

Recent surge? It’s a joke and a sham. Here’s why:

Have a look at the following graph from the CDC (FYI- you can access the current graph here). This is data CNBC would have had access to back in June (for the relevant time period), so let’s use it for the sake of discussion.

Notice the solid black line, which represents Percent Positive. It peaked at just over 22% in early April, 2020. Then it dropped hard for five or six weeks, taking us into June. At the time the CNBC article was written (June 23, 2020), it looks like Percent Positive may have climbed again by three or four percent. Of course, I recall the media painting a horrifying picture by saying things like “case rates are up by an incredible 150% in this second surge“.

While that’s a true statement, I can present the same data differently by saying, “Positive test results are up just slightly in June, from 7% to 10%”. We can affect people emotionally by presenting data certain ways. Please be conscious of this next time you listen to the news.


Dudes? What the hell happened to the Influenza-Like Illnesses (green line) during the winter of 2020-2021? No flu cases this winter? Really? Or is COVID the new word for influenza? I see why doctors and nurses have been blowing the whistle about changes to diagnostic criteria.

Percent Positives for COVID are down compared with last Spring, yet the combined total deaths from influenza, pneumonia, and COVID are similar to those during the first wave of COVID. Okay. Is it truly a more lethal strain of COVID causing this, or is it pneumonia?….or is it actually the flu which nobody seems to be diagnosing this year? There isn’t enough data here to say, since everything is lumped together. Changes in diagnostic criteria and hospital admission trends have been obfuscating reality. See this statement from the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons for perspective.

Truth, honesty, openness, and science have been herded into a dark corner and told to shut the hell up.

Science may be dead, abused, or taboo today. Help bring back science by thinking for yourself. We are each as smart as the brightest scientist, and almost as clever as the handiest plumber.

I’m not saying we have the big picture completely wrong….but we do place far too much trust in “authoritative sources”. It’s crazy.

Turn off the TV news, step back, and breathe. Then curl up with some raw data and find the truth for yourself!

Take Care & God Bless,

 – Brandon