The Energetic Truths of War (praying for Afghanistan, again)

Many Americans today are aghast at the situation in Afghanistan. Our military seems to have exited with the least grace imaginable; I don’t know. I’m not going to pretend to understand the situation with particular clarity. I pray for everyone involved. Yes, including the Taliban. For you Christians, this is a “What would Jesus do?” moment. I’m always honored to pray at your side.

Let’s also reflect and unveil something that as a civilization we can’t seem to grasp:

Force begets force
Pain begets pain
mistrust begets mistrust
anger begets anger
misdirection begets confusion
struggle begets struggle
oppression begets opposition

See the pattern…

This all boils down to one energetic truth:

All energy given is returned.

In some traditions, they even say, “All energy is returned 1,000-fold”. They are not wrong. Maybe a bit dramatic; they’re emphasizing an important point.

This is an energetic truth because We are One. Everything you do for another creature, you have also done for yourself. If you ever had the chance to abide in the presence of Source, you already know this as truth.

The tools of armed conflict include Threat, Intimidation, Force, Death, and Deceit.

And so, as a People and as a nation, assuming our actual objectives are:


Then it’s time again to reflect. Our actions need to consistently match the vibrations of these ideals, or we will never achieve them. Never. Not for ourselves or anyone else.

I was going to end this post here, but one more observation is coming into my awareness now. I hear this message:

Everything stated above is particularly credible and powerful when the wisdom is wielded consciously by the side with “the upper hand”. Meaning, if YOU are the one who can decide whether the path to peace will be armed conflict or otherwise, then you need to eat your pride and choose LOVE. If you have the option to use force, the decision to act with restraint has massive impact. It’s invisible…it’s like wind; nobody sees the wind, some can feel it, often without thinking, “ah, the wind again”. So the decision to use restraint is like becoming the wind. Some will say you are doing nothing, because they can’t see you act. But the gentle, constant pull will draw other people, stirring their hearts.

In the present case of armed conflict, of war for resources, of war for control, the ultimate result will be a top-down power structure reliant on force and fear with little regard to the collective beauty and wisdom of the people it contains. Because it was birthed of force and fear using mechanisms of top-down control. It is very unlikely- nearly impossible- for a truly representative government to arise in these conditions. Because the force, the fear, and the top-down control mechanisms are self-preserving, also like the wind, in ways that can’t be seen.

As far as the Americans and allies in Afghanistan now, we need to remember that those in service to ideals are there by choice. This may be hard to understand or accept, but if –IF– they have committed themselves to the expansion of Peace, Love, and Understanding, of Togetherness, of Community, then these energies will be returned in some form. If they’ve been a blessing to those around them, that blessing will be returned by those around them now in a time of urgency and uncertainty. Have faith in humanity. Have faith in God.

And pray.

take care & God Bless,
– Brandon
soil scientist, pure life coach, certified holistic cancer coach, Reiki master

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