#1 Reason to Try a Coach

Important: Are you sitting on a dream?

Is there one thing you’d really like to be doing right now, but there are too many obstacles?

Does it seem like your most important goals are always on the back burner?  Endlessly waiting for the “right time”?

Feeling stuck?

What’s the whole point of coaching?

It’s to find your best way forward.

Feeling a little bit stuck is the #1 reason to be working with coach.

This is where coaching really shines. We’re not going from bad to okay, but from good…to gooder. Grammar, go to hell.

Here’s a basic example of how it works. You may want to answer these questions:

1. Name one big dream you have in life.

Got it in mind?

Focus on it.


2, What’s your next thought?

It’s usually some sort of obstacle.

Think about that single obstacle. (If you thought of multiple obstacles, pick one and focus on it.)

3. What exactly makes this an obstacle?

Think about it. How exactly is this obstacle getting in your way?

And after you answer that…consider the next questions:

What other resources are you aware of which can help offset this obstacle?

How can you implement these resources?

How might this not actually be a true obstacle?

[end of example]

Certain questions can provide immense clarity on a topic. Even if these weren’t the perfect questions for your scenario, you probably got some new ideas along the way.

Do you believe your big dreams are important?

Are you actively chasing them?

Because the big dreams are everything. They’re what we are sent here to accomplish.

So for God’s sake (perhaps literally), work with a coach! Dream faster. And have more fun doing it.

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Take Care & God Bless,

– Brandon

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