Our Newest Form of Voter Suppression: Opacity.

A Better Way Forward

My blog usually covers health and healing. I’m addressing this topic because there are some threats we can’t afford to dismiss.

If you voted in the 2020 US election, you probably did so with an expectation of fairness.

I did.

And now, along with tens of millions of men and women and of all people the My Pillow guy, I’m seeing evidence of election rigging on a massive scale (keep reading for the links). This perspective, right or wrong, makes me hesitant to participate in future elections.

Par for the course these days, when so many feel as though they have no voice.

If you’re thinking, “good, you loonies won’t be voting in 2022!”, I understand. Enjoy your victory today. But remember- this sword cuts both ways. There’s no guarantee it will favor your own position in the future. This is why fairness in elections is so important.

Our courts and legislatures- with help from the media- have failed to address many outstanding concerns including a sworn affidavit from the Italian courts, a detailed mathematical analysis by Senate hopeful Dr. Ayyadurai, apparent vote-switching caught on live news feeds (a candidate’s vote tally actually decreased in at least one instance), and the blocking of long-time poll observers from serving their role. Not a partisan observation, by the way. The list goes on.

We can all bury our heads in the sand along with any realistic expectation of self-governance. Or we can face this problem.

What I want next time is Transparency.

We need physical ballots, with physical records. Those records should have complete chain-of-custody & safeguarding procedures. We need physical local votes and counts, in the open, for all eyes to see. We need an open, shared database where those local results are compiled all the way up to the national level. Everyone should be able to see the math at every level.

And yes, we need robust voter identification. Here in Pennsylvania, the ID requirements to buy a bottle of red wine are more thorough than the requirements to vote. This invites fraud.

Help make this a work in progress.
Please offer your own thoughts, insights, and suggestions in the comments.

Take Care & God Bless,
(I still love this country….”Merikuh!”)

– Brandon

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