Note to Self:

Just a quick reminder to hold peace in your heart. You’re going to need it.

Humanity is going through a shift, and the intentions you set are going to have a huge impact.

You’ll be tempted to lose faith in the plan. Don’t.

Other reminders:
– love and protect your neighbor
– challenge yourself to rise above the chaos
– don’t worry where you’re heading; just know where you stand
– see those around you, in your sphere, and honor them

Be patient. Let go of ego attachments to success; these only create fear of failure.

There is no failure where we’re headed. Not in this moment, or any.

Enjoy the ride!

(just sharing in case any of this resonates with you. For me, this is a work in progress – stuff I really need to practice! I’ve posted it as a reminder on my desktop)
– Coach B

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