What is a Reiki Session?

Let me first explain Reiki. It is two things:

The word “Reiki” refers to a universal energy, or life force. Everything is energy…and all energy carries awareness. Reiki is both energy and awareness. Some say Reiki is the Divine in all things. The Source of all creation. Call it God, if you prefer.

The word “Reiki” is also used to describe a system of tuning in to that universal awareness for the purpose of healing. Reiki can be used to reduce pain, increase relaxation, deepen spiritual connection, and other things. There are many ways of communing with the eternal; this is just one of them. Certain forms of prayer, meditation, and yoga also come to mind. Reiki is always done for the express purpose of healing. It’s a blend of acupuncture (without the needles), prayer, and meditation.

Alright. So let’s talk about a Reiki session…

The client relaxes either sitting or laying down. Some Reiki workers like to place crystals or gemstones in the space. Music is another option. It’s important that the practitioner and client are both comfortable and free from distraction.

The session is relaxing, and typically runs anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes. If someone is particularly energy-aware, they may notice subtle sensations. A good sign; usually the result of their own energy shifting into a new, better balance.

During the session, the practitioner positions and then moves their hands above or beside the client’s body without making any physical contact. Different Reiki practitioners use different techniques (clients receive the full benefit of Reiki regardless of how it is delivered).

Which brings us to the last thing I wanted to mention here: Distant Reiki.

Yep. Reiki can be channeled from any place, to any place, regardless of distance. The explanation is simple: Source Energy connects all things. (If the idea of unseen energy connecting people at any distance seems “out there”, maybe you should read this mind-blowing piece….)

To begin a Distant Reiki session, intentions are set via phone or via Zoom. After this, the client can just relax and hang out while the practitioner sends Reiki. Distant Reiki is convenient, and the client ends up with a written report. Sometimes it’s hard to remember everything from an in-person Reiki session, so getting that report can actually be a big plus.

When you’re ready to experience Reiki, reach out to a practitioner near you. We’re always glad to introduce people to this healing tradition! Or continue your Reiki journey by booking a session:

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Take care & God Bless,
– Brandon
Earth Scientist, Reiki Practitioner, Holistic Cancer Coach

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