Stop Cooking Your Breasts?

mammography vs thermography

Well. It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month again, and the same old crowd is shouting from the rooftops about the importance of getting annual mammograms. It’s a start, I guess. There’s nothing quite like using radiation to detect cancer. Except maybe using a torch to check if something’s fireproof…there will be some consequences. A lot of very smart women do it anyway because they don’t know they have any good alternative.

So here’s the good news: Mammograms are outdated technology. This year, if you’re screening for breast cancer, consider instead getting a thermogram.

As always, do your own homework and decide what’s best in your specific situation. I firmly believe we’ll be a lot better off when more women switch to thermography.

If you love breasts, and the amazing women who carry them around, please pass it on!

Take care & God Bless.

– Brandon

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