The Use of Enzymes to Attack Cancer

I’m taking a moment to share this simple strategy with anyone who has cancer. It’s an easy way to make most anti-cancer plans more effective.

Here are the key points:

  1. Enzymes are present in nearly all raw, unprocessed food. They play a vital role in our health by augmenting digestion, nutrient uptake, energy production, elimination of waste, and by keeping our entire body in balance.
  2. We can achieve a direct anti-cancer effect by using proteolytic enzymes to digest the dead cells and “junk proteins” that tend to build up within tumors.
  3. This strategy should NOT be used in conjunction with surgery, but can usually be done alongside chemo, radiation, or immunotherapy to increase their effectiveness.

If you’d like assistance improving your own plan to beat cancer, give me a call.

I’m also available to assist health consultants and medical professionals to develop better strategies for their own cancer clients. Everyone wins when we work together.

Your questions are always welcome.

– Brandon @ Path Life Coaching

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