Cancer Resources

If you’re dealing with cancer right now, please get a coach right now. Even one session will make a much bigger difference than anything else I can recommend.

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With that said, here are some other ideas:

If you haven’t seen Part 1 of Healing Cancer, this is a decent overview

Oncology Visit Questions. This is a printable list of questions you can take to your next oncology visit. e-store Books, booklets, and other tools distributed by
Very practical stuff.

Policy Lab A guide & matching service for nearly every imaginable clinical trial (NOT just for cancer). I’m impressed. In their words:
“We have a complete guide on resources for clinical trials. An efficient clinical trial helps to get essential drugs to market, and our guide walks through the process and answers some of the more commonly asked questions.”

National Cancer Institute The National Cancer Institute (NCI) provides information about various types of cancer & conventional treatments. Be advised, the conventional definition of cancer is fundamentally flawed, as I explain in this video and this video.

Check back soon. I’ll be updating this list regularly!

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