I suppose this page is a bit of lawful notice to everyone, but I’m going to speak from the heart here, too.

Here are a few words of caution regarding PATH Life Coaching, this web site, and anyone else offering you their services or advice in any capacity. If nothing else, please take from this the importance of educating yourself and not relying too heavily on others to make decisions for you. When you let other people make your decisions, you give away your power, and sometimes that includes the power to heal yourself.

When I coach people, sure, I can tell them what I know, feel, and think….but we need to figure out what THEY know, feel, and think in order to find their best path. The path in “Path Life Coaching” is not my own. It belongs to my clients, and it’s unique to each of them.

The information provided on this web site is not medical advice. It’s not offered with the intent to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The author of this web site claims to have absolutely zero medical knowledge, training, or license whatsoever.

Regarding medical licensing: We live in a time when the overbearing influence of profit motive on our medical and drug industry is openly discussed by concerned doctors and scientists.

Anyone with a serious health challenge- including cancer- may wish to seek help from a medical professional who is not only licensed, but also competent to address the issue(s) at hand.

Lastly, the medical definitions of “curing”, “treating”, and “preventing” are not synonymous with “healing”. Healing is an inherent natural ability we share. It is healing that ultimately makes us well.

I wish you the absolute best journey along your own healing path.

– Brandon