Metabolic Theory

Alright. Most people still think cancer is a genetic disease caused by a bunch of powerful, “mutant-zombie” cells which go totally berserk and can’t be stopped.  That’s a summary of the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) definition of cancer, which can be very frightening and disempowering for people facing cancer.

And the crazy thing is, it’s wrong. Hard to believe?

Cancer is called “krebs” in Germany, for good reason:
The Krebs Cycle is a key source of energy within our cells. In every cancer cell, the Krebs Cycle doesn’t function correctly; the cell is then forced to produce energy less efficiently (via fermentation). So the cancer cell uses more fuel, gets less energy, and produces more waste than its healthy counterparts. Cancer cells are weak!

Chromosome mutation is NOT the origin of every case of cancer. Far from it. Usually, some disruption of metabolism occurs first…which allows DNA damage to happen and persist.

The good news: All cancer (yes! every type & stage!) has this same metabolic problem
…which can be influenced or corrected by lifestyle factors
…which are yours to control!

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