Holistic Coaching Specifics

During a one-hour session you will gain:
 – a deeper understanding of your situation
 – the clarity, calm, & confidence to move forward
 – a practical action plan

You’ll receive a follow-up email including:
– your action plan;
– links to useful information;
– contact info for any referrals;
– additional perspective

I also offer scientific review of medical treatment plans by gathering information about the treatments your doctor is proposing, then translating that information into plain English. Often, this is a great jumping-off point for coaching.

Continuous support. If you have an idea or concern between sessions, and want to talk about it, I’m here.

Confidentiality. Yes. It’s in our Coaching Agreement.

Remote sessions are available. Actually, most sessions are on Zoom. It works really well and we can’t beat the convenience. If you’d rather meet face-to-face, we can arrange that too. Assuming you’re nearby. Or somewhere tropical I’d like to visit.

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Remembering what it was like when my own family faced cancer, I provide my cancer coaching services on a donation basis.