Good Stuff

Celene’s Angels – A non-profit benefiting people here in Southwestern Pennsylvania. If you regularly donate to the Big Charities, consider donating on the local level. Our best work happens when neighbors help neighbors.

Inspiring Lives Yoga (online!) – These Yoga sessions are led by Chrissy- an experienced, peaceful, intuitive guide. She tunes in to the needs of the individuals present, sculpting the perfect flow every time.

Sacred. Centered. You. – Sacred sound immersion. If you haven’t met Lesa, or been to one of her events, hopefully you will soon.

SoundPill – Everything is vibration. Gerald uses voice patterns (vibration) to help people discover their unique path to wellness. He brings a mix of science, sensibility, and spirituality. It’s fascinating. Check out his website – and if you can, get on his schedule!

Visions Reiki and Soul Spa – The Soul Spa is my Reiki Home. Want to Raise Your Vibe? Look no further! Wendy and the entire team at Visions Reiki have you covered. I’ll be happy to share Reiki with you there, or get you set up with one of our other practitioners.

If you’re aware of a service that you’d like to see listed on this page, please contact me and I’ll gladly consider it. (814) 441-9876

– Brandon