When describing what a cancer diagnosis feels like, people often say something like, “I had to sit down; it felt like I’d been hit by a train”. News of cancer is often accompanied by a sense of looming despair and deep-seated fear. This is one of the most profound yet overlooked challenges presented by cancer.

Fortunately, we can choose to confront cancer from a place of calm awareness and understanding.

And the best time to shift our perspective is before we get a cancer diagnosis. PATH workshops cover key topics including:
cancer theory in plain English
– improving your body’s natural ability to heal
– the benefits and pitfalls of medical oncology as it stands today
– how to proactively react when you or a loved one is facing cancer

By attending a PATH workshop, you will gain practical knowledge of cancer. This will enable you to make better decisions for your own health.

Please keep an eye out here for upcoming events. If you’d like to host a workshop, please contact me.

Holistic Cancer Coaching