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Reiki Wisdom

Brandon Novogradac
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Reiki practitioners and enthusiasts:

Let's share some of our favorite "Reiki quotes"...messages we've received from Reiki along the way.

For example, here's some Reiki wisdom for times when we look back with regret at the decisions we've made:

"Trust that you are exactly WHO you're meant to be.  And know you're exactly WHERE you're meant to be in the grand scheme of things. Everything you view as a personal failure or mistake, God (Source) views with Gratitude, saying 'thank you, good job!'."

More recently, the Reiki took this idea one a step further in the form of an analogy for one of my clients:

"Imagine a speck of blue paint, in a gorgeous painting of the sky, painted by a true master.  Should the speck of paint wonder, 'Am I the right shade of blue'?  The truth is, if that speck of paint weren't perfect for that place in the painting, the painter wouldn't have put it there".

(in other words. if you weren't the perfect person for the situation, God / Source wouldn't have placed you in it.)  <3

Reiki blows my mind on a constant basis, and I know I'm not alone!  I Look forward to your posts on this thread!

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