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[Sticky] Forum Guidelines: Please read before posting!

Brandon Novogradac
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Welcome to the Path Life Coaching Forums!

Thanks for taking a minute to read (or at least skim) the guidelines below!


1) Forum Purpose

This forum exists to provide folks with a much-needed place to share facts, opinions, and ideas about health, happiness, and healing techniques.  Any relevant topic is appreciated. just remember this is an online forum...conduct yourself accordingly.  Moderators (aka mods) reserve the right to remove any content, for any reason, at any time.

We'll do our best to keep up with the needs of this forum as it grows.


2) General Guidelines:

  • Help keep the tone respectful
  • Polite, loving debate is encouraged
  • Profanity is discouraged- use it with discretion
  • Bigotry or abusive speech will get you banned
  • Do not spam

Posts that are primarily advertisement or "spammy", without providing good context to the discussion at-hand will be removed.  That said, feel free to share advice about your own services or third-party services, so long as it's relevant and in the spirit of helping other forum users!


3) Getting Started:

As a new member, your first few posts will need to be approved by a human mod.  We'll do our best to approve these posts quickly.  Also for those first few posts, you won't be able to include links or files.


4) Helpful Tips:

We recommend searching existing topics before creating a new thread or post.

Questions make great conversation starters (and thread starters)!


For technical assistance, check the forum FAQs.  If that doesn't solve it, email Brandon- brandon@pathlifecoaching.net and hopefully we'll figure it out!


Thank you for joining us...Enjoy the forum!!

- Brandon
Path Life Coaching

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