Reminder: Use Vitamin D

Hey! No video today. But here’s a quick reminder to take enough vitamin D3. It may help prevent cancer and COVID. It’s simple, safe, and dirt cheap. With ample science in support. 5,000 IUs vitamin D3 per day is the common recommendation. (Yes, your body will use that amount in the winter!) That’s all youContinue reading “Reminder: Use Vitamin D”

Censorship Global

Oh man! I almost feel like I’ve joined the ranks of elite independent journalists & Truthers. Almost. YouTube (YT) has sent me several notices over the past few months, saying they’d Age-Restricted my content. Let me explain why this matters. The videos they flagged all dealt with healing cancer naturally. Cancer is a huge money-makerContinue reading “Censorship Global”

COVID Vaccine Logic and the (un)Importance of Herd Immunity

Hi. My name’s Brandon, and I’m pro-vaccine freedom. You shouldn’t be afraid of me. here’s why: Please follow the link to view on Brighteon. This type of video doesn’t typically survive long on YouTube due to censorship. “Welcome to the New World.” Take care of your body and soul, and have a great day!

We Know more than We Think (Hey Science! Meet the Soul)

I was fresh out of college. My coworkers and I were kicking off an environmental cleanup project at a small gas station in the North Hills of Pittsburgh. We were on site, discussing exactly where to drill some test bores. As you can imagine, it’s risky to drill holes at a typical gas station becauseContinue reading “We Know more than We Think (Hey Science! Meet the Soul)”

Stop Cooking Your Breasts?

Well. It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month again, and the same old crowd is shouting from the rooftops about the importance of getting annual mammograms. It’s a start, I guess. There’s nothing quite like using radiation to detect cancer. Except maybe using a torch to check if something’s fireproof…there will be some consequences. A lot ofContinue reading “Stop Cooking Your Breasts?”

Popular Nutrition Shakes and Cancer

If you’ve known anyone going through cancer treatment, there’s a good chance they used nutrition shakes such as Ensure or Boost. These shakes are routinely recommended by oncology centers. They are unwittingly throwing fuel on the fire. The first step in beating cancer is Stop Feeding It. See the video for too much information. IfContinue reading “Popular Nutrition Shakes and Cancer”