A Short List of Things (About the Plandemic) You Disturbingly Can’t Post On Facebook

Here’s a list of some facts about COVID19 you either cannot post at all, or things that are soft-censored & down-ranked so hard that no amount of scrolling will ever reveal them to mortal eyes… 1) Any science which suggests we shouldn’t be 200% terrified of COVID19. 2) Any science which suggests coronavirus vaccines haveContinue reading “A Short List of Things (About the Plandemic) You Disturbingly Can’t Post On Facebook”

Experts v. Coaches

Sometimes you need an expert. Sometimes you need a coach. The difference? AN EXPERT helps you gather information about the wide world. A COACH helps you use that information- along with your own experience, knowledge, and wisdom- to move yourself forward. Sometimes it’s nice to have both. These days, there’s an expert lurking around everyContinue reading “Experts v. Coaches”

Cancer Genetics vs Lifestyle

A man with cancer was strongly encouraged by his oncologist to undergo genetic counseling. I sat in on the session. Early in the presentation, the genetic counselors displayed a pie chart. The chart showed something that may surprise you: close to 90% of human cancer is due to environmental factors. The other 12% has aContinue reading “Cancer Genetics vs Lifestyle”

Curing vs Healing

What’s the difference between curing, treating, and healing? This is a common topic when we talk about health coaching. The first two- curing and treating– are medical terms. Here in the USA, these words are protected by law. If you don’t have a license, you’re not allowed to use these words when you describe theContinue reading “Curing vs Healing”

Old Friend, Science, Dead of COVID-19

I’m going to share something about 2020 that deserves a second glance. If you don’t like Trump, forgive me, I’m going to quote him…it’s for a good cause. Remember, this isn’t about Trump. It’s about my friend, science, who was killed by coronavirus last year. Edit: Trump had said that as we increase the testing,Continue reading “Old Friend, Science, Dead of COVID-19”

#1 Reason to Try a Coach

  Important: Are you sitting on a dream? Is there one thing you’d really like to be doing right now, but there are too many obstacles? Does it seem like your most important goals are always on the back burner?  Endlessly waiting for the “right time”? Feeling stuck? What’s the whole point of coaching? It’sContinue reading “#1 Reason to Try a Coach”

Why You would want a Cancer Coach?

When I tell people I’m a cancer coach, a common response is “Eh, WTF is that”? So once in a while I create another video or post describing why folks might want to use a cancer coach. Every cancer patient should have one. A few reasons: Because some people take more time shopping for aContinue reading “Why You would want a Cancer Coach?”

Path is Home of the Fate Cookie!™

– Fortune cookie, step aside! – Try One: Fate Cookie psychic reading: – ask ONE specific question about your life – this is NOT auto-generated. Please allow time for your personal reading! – delivered via email ASAP Your personal reading includes: – A snapshot of your energy field: emotions, perspectives, or challenges – A replyContinue reading “Path is Home of the Fate Cookie!™”

Our Newest Form of Voter Suppression: Opacity.

A Better Way Forward My blog usually covers health and healing. I’m addressing this topic because there are some threats we can’t afford to dismiss. If you voted in the 2020 US election, you probably did so with an expectation of fairness. I did. And now, along with tens of millions of men and womenContinue reading “Our Newest Form of Voter Suppression: Opacity.”