Stop Cooking Your Breasts? mammography vs thermography Well. It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month again, and the same old crowd is shouting from the rooftops about the importance of getting annual mammograms. It's a start, I guess. There's nothing quite like using radiation to detect cancer. Except maybe using a torch to check if something's fireproof...there will be some… Continue reading Stop Cooking Your Breasts?

Popular Nutrition Shakes and Cancer

If you've known anyone going through cancer treatment, there's a good chance they used nutrition shakes such as Ensure or Boost. These shakes are routinely recommended by oncology centers. They are unwittingly throwing fuel on the fire. The first step in beating cancer is Stop Feeding It. Video: From Sunday Mornings with Coach B,… Continue reading Popular Nutrition Shakes and Cancer

The Use of Enzymes to Attack Cancer

I'm taking a few minutes to share this simple strategy with anyone who has cancer. It's an easy way to make most anti-cancer plans more effective. Please watch the video (or listen to it sometime). Here are the key points: Enzymes are present in nearly all raw, unprocessed food. They play a vital role in… Continue reading The Use of Enzymes to Attack Cancer

Video: Healing Cancer Holistically, Part One

Evidence-based, well-founded hope. "Healing Cancer Holistically" is a talk I offer live around the Pittsburgh region. This is the first in a related video series. Topics in this video:- Introduction- What is holistic healing?- What is cancer, really?- Drivers of cancer Related Links / Info:Cancer Prevention | Beat CancerNCI "What is Cancer" page -… Continue reading Video: Healing Cancer Holistically, Part One

Choosing a Cancer Treatment?

Fear is often the first and highest hurdle standing in the way of healing. When somebody first receives a cancer diagnosis, they begin living through a mental and emotional blackout. Hampered by fear, helplessness, and hopelessness, they work through some very difficult decisions - usually with little information. All too often, someone is told they've… Continue reading Choosing a Cancer Treatment?

The Diet-Cancer Connection, Part One

If you're in the process of beating cancer, or just trying to avoid it (and are there any other categories, really?) this should interest you.  I'm going to ramble a bit about the diet-cancer connection. There is a well-established connection between sugar consumption and cancer (let's add cancer to the list with diabetes and heart… Continue reading The Diet-Cancer Connection, Part One