Response to COVID19 Needs a Reality Check

Over 1.2 million Americans die from heart disease and cancer (combined total) annually.So...Why haven't we shut down every fast food restaurant in the country?Why haven't we outlawed BBQ?Why haven't we made exercise mandatory?Why haven't we banned high-fructose corn syrup? When it comes to the two leading killer diseases here in the USA, there are a… Continue reading Response to COVID19 Needs a Reality Check

Conventional vs. Natural Healing: When to Do What

There's an important choice often faced by cancer patients: "Should I use any of 'that natural stuff'"? This is a great question to ask your doctor. Or, it would be. If a lot of doctors actually studied that natural stuff. As it stands, they're prone to take a cautious, dismissive, or even negative stance. If… Continue reading Conventional vs. Natural Healing: When to Do What

Reminder: Use Vitamin D

Hey! No video today. But here's a quick reminder to take enough vitamin D3. It may help prevent cancer and COVID. It's simple, safe, and dirt cheap. With ample science in support. 5,000 IUs vitamin D3 per day is the common recommendation. (Yes, your body will use that amount in the winter!) That's all you… Continue reading Reminder: Use Vitamin D

Censorship Global

Oh man! I almost feel like I've joined the ranks of elite independent journalists & Truthers. Almost. YouTube (YT) has sent me several notices over the past few months, saying they'd Age-Restricted my content. Let me explain why this matters. The videos they flagged all dealt with healing cancer naturally. Cancer is a huge money-maker… Continue reading Censorship Global