The Key to Save Humanity

Why does humanity need saving?

Arguably there’s a long list, but it boils down to this: People are waiting for their “leaders” to do the right thing, believing that things will improve for the rest of us without any real effort or fundamental change on our part.

Meanwhile, power in society creeps nearer and nearer to the top of a hierarchical system.

You may remember a time when there were locally owned retail stores. Nowadays there are big-box chain stores selling nearly every imaginable item.

There used to be independent doctors scattered throughout our towns. Nowadays, most doctors seem to collect their paychecks from large, regional hospital systems.

I’m certain we could identify similar trends in law enforcement, education, media, telecommunications, and government.

Is this a bad thing? No, and yes. On one hand, the concentration of power- and the concurrent pooling of resources- increases efficiency. That’s great.

On the other hand, it means power is being removed from the commoner (folks like you and I) and transferred into the hands of those at the top of society. This wouldn’t a bad thing either, if those at the top were placing their own interests on an equal level with each other person’s interests. For anyone with eyes open, it’s clear we don’t live in a world where that’s the case. Politics in particular has become a pay-to-play system, full of revolving doors and agency capture.

This top-down power structure is NOT serving the masses. The masses are serving the top.

So then, what’s the key to saving humanity?

You just need to take back your power.

“….but how?”

First, by realizing that we have been subconsciously programmed to be mindless, soulless cogs in a hierarchical machine. Workers have bosses, and those bosses have bosses, and so on, all the way up the chain. This creates a top-down system in which each worker, for the sake of fitting in and going with the flow, learns to subjugate their own wisdom, ideas, preferences, and yes, even their conscience. People who serve this hierarchical power structure forget that ultimately they are accountable for their own choices and actions. They often feel compelled to act in the interests of the organization, even when they find their own actions morally objectionable.

As an extreme example of this system at work: Imagine grabbing an assault rifle, hopping onto a plane, travelling 4,000 miles, and murdering a total stranger in cold blood. Not something you do unless you are “just following orders”. Top-down orders often serve top-down interests, and modern war is a tool of international businessmen and businesswomen.

I can envision a world in which these actions may be justified; a world in which the people all the way up and down the entire power structure conduct themselves to the highest moral, ethical, and philosophical standards. But plainly that is not the case today. Sadly.

So how do we change all this?

(Easy. Grow some real balls.)

  1. Honor your own morality and reason- without hesitation or second thoughts
  2. Take personal responsibility for the consequences of your actions & inactions
  3. Do not give your support, strength, and energy to requests, demands, orders, or laws you find morally repugnant
  4. Treat everyone you meet like they’re a long lost friend
  5. Love and protect your neighbors

You either live in Fear, or you live in Love. If these sound like the overly optimistic words of some clueless, sissy little flower child, it’s time to wake the hell up. Fear runs off at the first sign of trouble. Love makes a stand, against all odds, never shrinking in the presence of false authority, bringing hope where there was none. If you want to be a warrior today on this Earth, you’d better be in Love.

The naysayers will point out my apparent irrationality at this point. “Brandon, there are something like eight billion people in this world. Can one man or woman hope to make a difference?

No. Don’t hope to make a difference.

Intend to be a difference.

People say, “Love always wins in the end”. That’s nice…but there’s more. As you do this, you’ll start noticing that yes, Love always wins…immediately.

We’re not talking about that huge victory later.
We’re talking about this huge victory now.

Recognize that each tiny improvement you make, both inward for yourself and outward for those around you, has a global- even infinite- effect.

So no, it doesn’t matter if all eight billion people are on board with Love today, or tomorrow, or next week. Love beats Fear. More accurately, Love simply raises the vibration until Fear loses all meaning. I picture this process in my mind like the sun peaking out while it’s still raining. The rain’s still there, but it becomes more beautiful.

Hold firm. Stand your ground. Don’t worry where you’re headed, just be true to yourself. Lead by example. Next time you find yourself weighing the cost of doing what is right, move forward in the fullness and strength of your faith.

You are never alone.

Take Care & God Bless!
– Brandon
Scientist, Holistic Health Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher

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