Path is Home of the Fate Cookie!™

– Fortune cookie, step aside! –

Try One:


Fate Cookie psychic reading:

– ask ONE specific question about your life

– this is NOT auto-generated. Please allow time for your personal reading!

– delivered via email ASAP

Your personal reading includes:

– A snapshot of your energy field: emotions, perspectives, or challenges

– A reply to one question

– Intensity Score: a unique measurement of your psychic aura

– Lucky numbers, of course!


official Fate Cookie page

People who like Fate Cookies also enjoy:

 – full readings

 – remote Chakra Balancing…expand the positive within.

 – remote Reiki sessions. Enjoy a reading & Chakra Balancing, all in one! Your Reiki session includes a detailed report of your energy system, in practical, down-to-earth language.

Try a Fate Cookie before you go!
Or I’ll tell your grandma you skipped dessert.

– Brandon

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